Rangle_WomenTech Network

    On a cool November evening, the Start Well Coworking Space was buzzing with energy as over 80 tech enthusiasts gathered for an inspiring evening with WomenTech Network and Rangle. The event aimed to explore strategies that can help increase female and diverse representation in tech. After networking and drinks, Cindy, the moderator, opened the floor and introduced the panelists, Stephanie Zeng, Tara Wilson, Sanya Pecenovic, and Kai Algar. Cristiane Xavier, the Chapter leader of WomenTech Network in Toronto spoke briefly and introduced the organization's partnership with Rangle to inspire, connect, and empower women.

    The event kicked off with the moderator asking each panelist to share a personal experience or success story that highlights the importance of increasing women and diverse representation in tech. Stephanie talked about a mentor who taught her how to code, while Kai shared how she increased diversity in her company by changing the recruitment process.

    The conversation then transitioned to strategies that can help foster truly equitable workplaces. Tara stressed the importance of mentorship, and Stephanie highlighted how sponsorship relationships lead to professional development. The panel agreed that such relationships should flourish within and across organizations and should not be limited to personal networks.

    Shedding light on the prevalence of gender pay disparity in the tech industry, Kai discussed how innovative approaches and policies can help close the gap. The panel agreed that initiatives like transparent salaries, regular audits, and pay-equity discussions would help to bridge this gap.

    The focus later shifted to women's representation in leadership roles. Sanya shared how companies can cultivate a pipeline of diverse talent to provide them with equal opportunities to move up the leadership ladder. She also stressed the need to challenge age-related biases and provide measures to retain women's experience and expertise.

    Kai reinforced the importance of creating an inclusive culture that fosters equity and individual growth. The panel echoed similar opinions and highlighted initiatives like pay equity, mentorship programs, and building diverse teams as effective strategies.

    After the panel session, the floor was open for Q&A, and guests engaged with the panelists, asking thoughtful questions that sparked conversations. The night ended on a high note as guests caught up over drinks and snacks, fostering new connections and leaving attendees feeling enlightened and inspired.

    As the evening concluded, the attendees left the event with a sense of empowerment, emphasizing the idea that change and growth in tech are driven by a diverse and inclusive community. The event also showcased Rangle's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), providing attendees with a deeper understanding of their approach and dedication to this important cause.

    For those curious about job opportunities, that align with your values and aspirations, we encourage you to take a step forward and discover current job openings at Rangle to make a difference in the tech industry while working with a company that values and supports diversity and inclusion.

    A special thank you for everyone that joined this inspiring event. We look forward to seeing you continue your journey in the world of tech, empowered, informed, and ready to make a meaningful impact.