WomenTech Global Awards 2021 Winners: Global Technology Leadership Award

    🚀 These women have what it takes to be a leader. Here are the ones who won the WomenTech Network Global Technology Leadership Award 2021!

    🏅 Shelli Brunswick, Chief Operating Officer at Space Foundation 
    🏅 Vivian Shen, Co-Founder & CEO at Juni Learning 
    🏅 Asha Keddy, Corporate VP, General Manager, Next Generation and Standards at Intel Corporation 

    Congratulations, winners! 👏 🎉🤩

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    Congratulations to the finalists as well:

    ⭐️ , Director, Customer Success at Couchbase
    ⭐️ Laura Major, CTO at Motional
    ⭐️ Mary Spio, Founder/CEO at CeekVR
    ⭐️ Monique Morrow (she/her), Senior Distinguished Architect Emerging Technologies at Syniverse
    ⭐️ Tina Chakrabarty, Director - Financial Services - Insights and Data at Capgemini
    ⭐️ Virginia Mijes Martin, President at Blockchain Association Catalonia