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In 2006, we saw the opportunity to do what some of the major consulting firms were doing, but with smaller, more specialized teams, with more knowledge, in shorter times and with better results. That is how Bluetab was born.

In 2021 IBM acquires Bluetab as a key piece in its strategy to promote migration to the cloud
of data solutions and bring more value to your customers.

What future do we face?

In addition to our offices in Madrid, we have brought the Bluetab brand to cities such as Barcelona, Bilbao and Alicante, and to countries such as Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

We didn’t think these past few years we could grow so much. Thanks to our more than 1000 bluetabers, cultivating their talent and with our "do it right first" approach they have provided us with the highest levels of trust, becoming a reference for the main market players in the banking sectors, Telco, Utilities, Education and Industry.

What makes your company unique?
  • Right First Time. We value the job well done at first, We do not like shortcuts, we do not like botched. The badly done is expensive.
  • We deliver continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. There is no option, this is not negotiated.
  • Small teams of experienced people. We tackle complex problems with expert teams of experienced people who face the most difficult things at the same time. We like challenges.

Technology at Bluetab, an IBM company


Culture at Bluetab, an IBM company

At Bluetab it's all about people and that's why we are particularly proud to have been certified as Great Place To Work 2020, thanks to our employee experience policies, transparency, equality, work-life balance, career development opportunities, learning environments and, of course, the good vibes of our teams!

We are passionate about what we do.


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