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At Energy Solutions, we focus on the big impacts. And we believe that market-based programs can be a powerful force to deliver large-scale energy, carbon and water-use savings. For 27 years, we’ve harnessed that power to offer proven, performance-based solutions for our utility, government, and institutional customers. 

How do we do it? We look at the market end-to-end to target the best new technologies, work with key partners in the supply chain for seamless adoption, and then help governments and our market partners set rules that require people to use these beneficial technologies. 

What makes your company unique?

Our turnkey products accelerate energy efficiency, enable distributed energy resources; promote market development for beneficial products, and provide technical and policy support to set smart energy standards at the local, state, and national levels. 


Culture at Energy Solutions

Our people are why we love to come to work every day, and why our clients love to work with us. 

We're mission-driven, not ego-driven (remember, we started in a home office). Our more than 240 employee-owners in Massachusetts, California, and across the country are bright, passionate people who are invested in our mission and our future success. 

Who do we hire? Our founders look for smart, motivated people with "good kindergarten skills" - curiosity, respect, teamwork, and a healthy sense of fun. 

We help our employees grown through mentorship, professional development, and countless opportunities to contribute to the team. Many of our senior leaders rose through the ranks because we invested in their potential. 

While shared values unify us, we also know that diverse experiences and points of view makes us stronger. We work hard, support each other, and don't take ourselves too seriously. 

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