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Infinicept helps software companies get all the advantages of embedded payments—including more revenue and more control of the merchant experience—without the disadvantages of DIY approaches or off-the-shelf solutions. 

Infinicept tools and services simplify everything from underwriting and onboarding to risk monitoring and payouts. Customers can count on more control, more choice and more cash and get payments going their way.

It all started in 2011 when two of the industry’s most respected payments experts joined forces. 

Deana Rich had spent the last two decades helping some of the biggest brands in payments figure out risk management, underwriting, and compliance. Todd Ablowitz had spent the same time period consulting with companies on all things payment technology, while serving as a trusted specialist on payment trends for investors, media, analysts, and others.

While helping clients of all shapes and sizes navigate the complexities of embedded payments, they identified a gap in the marketplace. No one had built a platform that would enable software companies to gain the advantages of the payment facilitator model without all the usual trade-offs that come with the DIY and off-the-shelf approaches. So, they set out to build the solution themselves. And in 2014, Infinicept was born.

Today, software companies in more than 25 countries have turned to Infinicept to get payments going their way. Some of the world’s leading processors, sponsors and others are leveraging the platform to streamline everything from underwriting to back-office administration. And Infinicept has been ranked #95 out of the 5,000 fastest growing businesses in the nation by Inc Magazine.

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