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PepsiCo brands can be found in just about every country on the planet, and globally we´re transforming how we make, move and sell our products. We´re in the midst of a digital transformation, defining what it means to be a CPG company in this digital age, by embracing emerging tech.

We´ve created centers of excellence, designed to inspire our people. These aren´t regular work environments: they´re incubators for inventive thinking and problem-solving. They´re where our teams come together to create brand new solutions from the ground up, to solve complex global challenges and disrupt the norm. So are you ready to join our team?

What makes your company unique?

We’re creating smiles and making a positive impact on the world

At PepsiCo, we celebrate diversity, reward entrepreneurial spirit and give you the freedom to help shape our future.

  • Flexible work policies -Flexible work environments boost engagement, work-life balance and all-around well-being. Work that Works is a new program for PepsiCo corporate associates that empowers associates and their managers to choose where and how work gets done. Because when associates are supported, they achieve even greater success.
  • A space for you to thrive - Our mission to create more smiles with every sip and every bite can only be truly realized in a world where equal opportunity, equity and inclusion are championed. We have set ambitious goals to increase diversity within our leadership, and we’ve also pledged to achieve gender parity in management roles by 2025.
  • Constant innovation - We’re accelerating our digital transformation and investing in talent development in a big way. For example, we’re establishing a network of Digital Hubs around the world. These centralized locations will help us strengthen our digital capabilities, attract top tech talent and drive innovation. If you’re ready to disrupt the CPG industry and make your mark, we’ve got the reach and resources to make it happen.
  • PepsiCo Positive - pep+ aims to inspire positive change for the planet and its people. We’re looking at our business end to end and setting sustainability goals that include addressing water scarcity, sourcing crops and ingredients that are better for the earth, and strengthening the global workforce, including our own, by providing meaningful jobs and opportunities while working to advance human rights and diversity, equity and inclusion.

We’ll help you be your best. With the right support, there’s nothing you can’t do. That’s why PepsiCo provides a package of programs, services and support to help you be your best.

Technology at PEPSICO

Tech Challenges
PepsiCo Digital Hub isn’t about maintaining legacy tech. It’s the chance to join new projects, solve complex problems, work with groundbreaking technology, and build something from the ground up. Truly global working means the chance to collaborate with diverse teams who think differently and spark inspiration through our many perspectives. Our size and stability mean we’re able to make the investments we want, and follow our inspirations.


Culture at PEPSICO

We support employees from all backgrounds to enjoy life inside and outside of work. You can be sure that what matters to you also matters to PepsiCo. 

You’ll feel our commitment to female tech talent when you meet with the many inspiring women who are already part of our teams. That includes the lead for our digital hubs, Athina, as well as Gayatri Narayan, Senior Vice President of Digital Products and Services and Teresa Reilly, Vice President of Global Data Governance. 

PepsiCo takes our responsibility as a global citizen seriously. We’re proud to be making significant steps towards a sustainable future. Your work to revolutionize our business and industry through technology will be key to unlocking that potential. 

Our digital hubs are designed to foster an inclusive community. While we hope you’ll share ideas and inspirations with those around you, we also hope you’ll consider your colleagues to be friends who champion your success. 


Our hubs are headed up by Dr Athina Kanioura – our Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer. Under her leadership, we’re already driving cross-functional synergies and meaningful, long-term innovation.

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