Based in a new state-of-the-art headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, we're a multi-billion dollar subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corp. Samsung Semiconductor designs the world’s most advanced technology solutions to empower the tools people use every day--including smartphones, electric vehicles, hyperscale data centers, IoT devices, and so much more. 

What makes your company unique?

We are the #1 employer in the world, a certified Great Place to work, and were recently honored to be recognized by Comparably’s awards for Best Company Outlook and Best Engineering Team. 

Our engineers build a wide range of industry-leading solutions that power the technology that shapes our future. We’re committed to continued investment in our teams and products for a brighter, more sustainable, high-performing tomorrow. 

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Technology at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Tech Challenges

With applications across nearly every industry--including smartphones, electric vehicles, hyperscale data centers, IoT devices, and so much more--we're constantly innovating. That means there's always something new--to learn, explore, attempt, and achieve. 

The high variety of work and projects will give you the opportunity to grow and showcase the breadth and depth of your abilities.


Culture at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

As part of One Samsung, we work alongside our global partners to advance the world's technology. We embrace continuous learning and never shy away from new challenges. It’s core to our company DNA, and to our Korean roots. 

Here, you’ll gain a global perspective through our diversity of cultures and thought as well as exposure to emerging technologies. We use this perspective to drive global impact, serving our customers around the world.

Diverse projects and challenges await!


At SSI, you’ll work on the most advanced technologies, contributing to breakthroughs in 5G, SOC, memory and display. We are the top patent-holder in the U.S and won 44 CES Awards in 2021. We are changing the future of our world.

When innovation is powered by Samsung semiconductors, dreams and wishes can come true. From mobiles to the metaverse, AI, and robots, semiconductors are behind significant innovations, making anything possible. 

Whatever you wish for, we're behind it. 

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