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Samsung Semiconductor Inc. (SSI) is advancing the world’s technology. As a leader in Memory, System, LSI, and LCD technologies, our US teams contribute to breakthroughs in 5G, SOC, memory, and display. With our global perspective and diversity of thought, we proudly serve our customers around the world. We are looking for team members who share our commitment to learning and growth and excel when collaborating within and across teams.

SSI is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and is a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. - the #1 employer in the world (Forbes, Oct 2021 & 2020) and #2 patent-holder in the U.S.

Together with our parent company, Samsung Electronics, we are transforming the worlds of TVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs, cameras, home appliances, printers, LTE systems, medical devices, semiconductors, and LED solutions.


Our mission is to inspire the world with innovative technologies, products and designs that enrich people’s lives and contribute to a socially responsible, sustainable future. Located at the very center of Silicon Valley, Samsung’s Device Solutions headquarters is a state-of-the-art facility that is home to the company’s North America Sales and Marketing, Strategy Innovation Center and R&D. Here are some important things to know about us:

  • #1 Employer in the world (Forbes, 2021 & 2020)
  • #5 Brand rank globally (Interbrand, 2020)
  • 44 CES Awards (CES 2021)
  • #2 Patent Holder in U.S.
  • $300M State-of-the-Ar Campus
  • #1 DRAM and SSD
  • #1 Exynos SoCs manufactured on 14nm FinFET
  • 14 and 10nm FinFET mass production
  • OLED and Flexible OLED supplier



  • Driving Progress, Always. We build on our successes (and failures), trying new approaches, and stretching for growth. With each step, or goal achieved, we rise to the next challenge.
  • Humble Expertise. While we may be experts in our fields, we do not claim to know it all. We remain curious and look to the data to prove our hypotheses.
  • Think Big, Think Global. To advance the world’s technology, we must think BIG. We seek perspective and insights through cross-functional and cross-cultural interactions.
  • High Caliber Collaboration. Working with the best to deliver the best, requires thoughtful communication and strong relationships.  We build on each other’s ideas and offer support.

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Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL)- dependent on the amount of time the person is disabled due to pregnancy. As little as 8 weeks and up to 26 weeks. Typical is 4 weeks before birth and 6-8 weeks after birth (dependent on c-section or not). Pay is comprised of combination SDI and SSI salary continuation (dependent on years of service- 66 2/3 up to 100%).

Parental Leave- 6 weeks after PDL (doctor's release from disability). Paid through SSI parental leave pay at 100% regardless of years of service. 

FMLA/CFRA - eligibility starts 1 year after employment with SSI. If you are eligible leave is continued up to 12 weeks after birth- unpaid (can use PTO).

Carrot- family formation benefits up to $10K lifetime benefit 

Family Formation with Carrot. Through Carrot, SSI offers a $10,000 financial stipend for fertility-related care or other family formation options. The program includes everything from egg-freezing to IVF, male factor infertility services, surrogacy services, adoption, prescriptions, and pregnancy support- and more.

Pediatric Behavioral Health Support with Brightline. For children up to age 18, Brightline offers care from expert therapists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists for everything from anxiety and depression to school stress, ADHD, or behavior challenges. For children who do not need clinical care, there are also skills-based programs with expert behavioral health coaches. Brightline makes it easy to get support from anywhere with on-demand chat, video visits, and digital exercises in their mobile app.


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