WomenTech Network is one of the fastest-growing diversity communities in tech. We are on a mission to eliminate bias in hiring and close the gender gap in tech. Our team is looking for like-minded professionals who are passionate about creating a more inclusive tech world.

We work with leading companies like Twitter, Apple, VMware as well as innovative startups.

Our organization is making a difference by empowering women in tech through networking, leadership development, career growth & mentorship.

Besides organizing one of the largest virtual conferences for women in tech, we also organize local conferences, fireside chats, workshops, career networking, mentorship programs, and Global Ambassador programs. We also help companies find, hire, and retain female tech talent.

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21 Accelerators, Incubators, Programs and More for Female Founders

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In the US, only about 9 percent of venture-backed entrepreneurs are women. Less than 3 percent of the $130B+ given every year out of VC funding goes to female founders…