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May 09-12

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May 09

May 10

According to TechTarget, about 60% of organizations will consider cyber security risk as a primary basis when considering third-party interactions. What are the ways to deal with cyber security vulnerabilities like phishing, spam, and ransomware attacks? How to avoid data breaches and protect your organization from malicious acts? This track will throw light on the future of cyber security and threat detection.  The Cyber Security Track will cover topics like security best practices, the latest threat detection tools, and strategies for mitigating cyber threats. Attendees can learn about the various aspects of cyber security such as network security, cloud security, application security, and more. The speakers in this track will discuss the current state of cybersecurity and emerging trends in the industry. They will also provide insights on how to secure the organization’s infrastructure and data. In addition, they will discuss strategies for responding to cyber-attacks and techniques to protect against malicious actors. 

May 11

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