Bringing Your Kids On Your Learning Journey With Stephanie Leblanc-godfrey

Nov 18th 2020 - 12:00 pm 📅

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🔥  💬 Have you considered how your upbringing or current season in life impacts how your children behave?

Join us to talk about bringing your kids on your learning journey. 

👪🏾  Parenting Backwards is an interactive session for parents in the fast-paced tech world who are always investing in themselves and their careers and want to bring that level of intentionality to their parenting. 

Have you heard your kids talking to a sibling or a toy and you watch in horror as they repeat something you've said when disciplining them? Kids will hold up a mirror to reflect how we are showing up for them and it's not always pretty. We'll discuss role modeling as an important foundation.

👩🏾 Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey is the Global Head of Inclusion Programs for Women of Color at Google and the founder of Parenting Backwards.

Stephanie has a deep passion for investing in the growth and success of women by intentionally building community in areas they don't naturally occur. This work includes the co-creation of a portfolio of women of color summits (Asian, Indigenous and Latinas), including the State of Black Women @Google Summit and Collective, an initiative designed for black women Googlers, globally, to have dedicated space for community, conversation, and connection.

Her career started in infrastructure engineering within the finance industry and shifted to digital media. Most notably she worked on the divestiture of NBC digital media properties from Microsoft, bringing their top digital media sites back under the NBC Universal umbrella.

Bringing Your Kids On Your Learning Journey With Stephanie Leblanc-godfrey