Guiding Lights: A Personal Journey In Mentorship

Celebrating International Mentoring Day

Hosted by WomenTech Network


January 17, 2024




Join us for a special event on International Mentoring Day (Jan 17th) featuring Alexandra Harris, a Mentor, Coach, Product Leader & Marketer and Pinar Oncu, Mentor, Co-Founder and COO of AtlasSpace. 

Alexandra and Pinar will share their personal mentoring journey, offering insights and stories to guide attendees in navigating their own paths. 

The event kicks off with a 30-minute keynote and Q&A, followed by 1:1 networking sessions.

Don't miss this chance to learn, share, and build lasting connections on International Mentoring Day!

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Keynotes and Q&A


Alexandra Harris

Mentor, Coach, Product Leader & Marketer

Alexandra Harris, a seasoned senior marketer and two-time award-winning Product Manager with 20 years of experience in FMCG, food, and tech, including roles at Unilever, Kellogg's, and Enel. Transitioning to tech in 2019, she specializes in product marketing and commercialization. Alexandra is also a strategy facilitator, tech talks host, and Computing advisory board member. As a speaker and executive coach, she guides tech leaders in reinventing themselves and embracing intuitive leadership for future success.

Pinar Oncu

Mentor, Co-Founder and COO of AtlasSpace

Pinar Oncu is the Co-Founder & COO of Atlas Space, a company revolutionizing business life by utilizing Metaverse as a Service. With a background in urban design, she pioneers the digital urbanization and architecture of 3D virtual spaces, providing companies with turnkey services to embrace the metaverse. Beyond her professional pursuits, Pinar is an avid researcher in space, cosmology, and neuroscience, a scout leader, and an enthusiast of sun, sea, yoga, archery, kickboxing, piano, and continuous learning.