Join the Chief in Tech Book Journey

Ways to become part of the journey
I represent a group or Employee Resource Group and we are interested in pledging a bulk pre-order of the book. This will be for distribution among our members or employees, contributing significantly to the campaign's success.
I can leverage my social media presence to increase the campaign's visibility by sharing and promoting it on my platforms.
My company would like to host an event at our office welcoming the Chief in Tech team for a presentation and meet and greet as an opportunity for our employees and network to engage directly with the authors and book topics.
I represent a tech company and want to provide software or service subscriptions as a reward, catering to the tech-savvy backers of the book.
am an established leader in the tech industry and wish to donate my time for one-on-one coaching sessions, offering guidance to aspiring tech professionals.
I am involved in organizing tech events (conferences, workshops, etc.) and would like to donate tickets to these events as rewards, offering learning and networking opportunities to backers.
I am an author in the tech/leadership field and want to contribute copies of my book to help backers expand their industry knowledge and understanding.
I create online courses and would like to offer access to these as rewards, providing valuable learning opportunities for the book’s backers.
As a consultant, I would like to donate my services (website audit, marketing strategy session, career coaching, etc.) to support the campaign.
I would like to offer unique experiences, such as behind-the-scenes tours or exclusive dinners with industry leaders, as a high-value reward for backers.
My company is interested in matching donations for a certain period or up to a specific amount to encourage more pledges and amplify fundraising efforts.
I have expertise in tech and leadership and would like to write guest blog posts or appear on podcasts to discuss and promote the book and campaign.
I can organize and host virtual events, such as webinars or live sessions, focusing on topics related to the book to draw more attention to the campaign.
As an experienced professional in the tech field, I wish to offer mentorship sessions or programs as rewards, providing career guidance to backers.
I commit to donating to the Foundation
I am an artist and wish to contribute artwork inspired by the themes of the book, offering unique and appealing rewards for backers.
My company is interested in becoming a sponsor for the "Chief in Tech" book. We would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, which could include branding, co-marketing, and other collaborative possibilities.
Please provide more information about your planned contribution. This could include details like the type of merchandise for donations, specific topics for blogs or podcasts, preferred dates for virtual events or office hosting, themes for artwork, or any special features of the services you're offering. Your insights will help us tailor the campaign to better fit your contribution and maximize its impact.

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