As the Director of the Israel Edison Data development team, you will Build a world class software development team to consistently deliver complex software services and R&D projects of varying size and duration.

  • Deliver high quality software products and services
  • Quickly learn, internalize and develop a strong understanding of key priorities related to healthcare data and customers needs for use and control of this data.
  • Design and execute on a well thought out strategy for the organization
  • Manage a team responsible for front end and back end development using the latest technologies and methodologies adopted from industry wide practices.
  • Experience in a software leadership role
  • Recognizes patterns and complexity in problems.
  • Extracts decomposition algorithms, and strategically plans how to execute programs by understanding how
  • Thorough understanding of Cloud Technologies  best to decompose to expose / protect against risk
  • Thorough knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle principles
  • Through working knowledge of CI/CD concepts and best practices
  • Understanding of full stack platform concepts and technologies
Technical Skills