About iExec : 

iExec is developing a marketplace Web 3 for computing resources. iExecs’s marketplace connects providers and users, allowing each to monetize the usage of their applications, data and computing resources.

At iExec, the keyword is “decentralization” : iExec’s marketplace uses the Ethereum blockchain to organize exchanges on the marketplace, providing governance, trust and security. With iExec’s marketplace, everyone can make money by monetizing the use of their digital assets

The Company has its own cryptocurrency, RLC, which serves as a means of payment on the marketplace and is accessible from major global exchanges.

At iExec, we organize our activity around four core values:

  • Decentralization: working autonomously and being proactive in a trusted environment.
  • Innovation: implementing new approaches to develop our activity.
  • Cooperation: working collaboratively with all teams to maximize user satisfaction.
  • Excellence: striving to deliver the best possible quality of work on a daily basis.

Joining iExec means : 

  • Being part of an ambitious technological project centered around blockchain and cryptocurrencies, in a rapidly developing sector.
  • An opportunity to explore different fields of advanced technology : Blockchain, Distributed computing, Confidential Computing, Trusted Execution Environment…
  • Joining a team made up of people from all around the world,
  • Work in warm and friendly premises (a house with a pool, billiards, relaxation area and unlimited snack…)

iExec has been ranked as one of the best start-up employers of the year 2022 / 2023 by Capital Magazine, following an independent survey of 4,000 French Start-ups.

The Benefits of iExec:

  • Public transport (TCL) reimbursement (100% Reimbursement) ;
  • Tickets restaurant 9 € (60% refund) ;
  • Offices in Lyon with easy parking facilities ;
  • Company mutual health insurance (50% Reimbursement) ;
  • Company committee offering advantages/discounts in all areas of consumption ;
  • Financing of cultural and sports activities ;
  • Membership of a company crèche network ;
  • Familial communal areas are areas with swimming pool and billiards around a cozy and equipped kitchen, coffee and fresh drinks and snack offered ;
  • Incentive plan and bonuses based on objectives ;
  • Mobility assistance.


You’ll be the driving force behind developer acquisition, you'll be representing iExec and spreading the word about our platform to developer communities across the globe! Working closely with our Head of Adoption, you'll be responsible for overseeing three key areas of outreach:

Evangelism and Content Creation :

  • Lead technical presentations and workshops at online events and large-scale physical events,
  • Create articles, tutorials, videos and any other material that would facilitate adoption and understanding of the product stack and use cases,
  • Ensure in collaboration with the marketing team, the creation of developer materials and an educational content calendar aligned with the company's goals and strategy.

Onboarding of developers :

  • Welcoming new members on social networks and communication for developers,
  • Responding to potential users on features, use cases and possible integrations,
  • Guide current users regarding their technical requests and issues to the support ticket system or to access to educational and technical resources,
  • Welcome and follow up the Developer Rewards applications.

Animation and development of the developer community:

  • Moderate developer channels on Discord, ensuring server rules, roles, and permissions,
  • Collect and channel developer experiences and opinions on social networks,
  • Provide recommendations to optimize developer experience and their contributions,
  • Support in any initiatives related to acquisition, showcasing, rewards, collaborations or partnerships that are developer related.

Profile required :

You have a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent and have at least 3 years of experience in managing a community of developers, technology marketing successful experience in a similar position.

Skills/Qualities Required:

  • The crypto currency ecosystem and blockchain,
  • Communication channels for developers,
  • You are fluent in spoken and written English and have had experience related to the Ethereum blockchain and Web 3 technologies through work experience, hackathons or open source work or via projects.
  • You have several examples of technical content creation: documentation, blog articles, videos or presentationsYou rock at communicating - whether it's face-to-face, or online. 
  • You're a pro at breaking complex technical concepts into simple, easy-to-understand ideas. 
  • Plus, you've got a creative flair that makes your presentations totally killer. 
  • You love all things tech and Web3 and you're always on top of the latest developments in the field.
  • You share and communicate about your work,
  • You are able to measure your performance.

With a strong team spirit, you will be part of a dynamic team where mutual aid and cohesion will allow you to advance together towards a common goal.

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iExec has developed a Web3 marketplace for computing assets. The iExec Marketplace connects providers and users, allowing anyone to monetize the use of their applications, datasets and computing power...

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