LLVM/Clang Toolchain and Compiler Developer


Job Description:


We are seeking a new team member for maintaining and developing
the LLVM-based compilers and infrastructure for our enterprise

You are a (llvm/clang) toolchain developer for the real world :-)

As SUSE Labs toolchain developer you will be working with the
community and our team to improve the CLANG and LLVM toolchain.
Your responsibilities will include fixing implementation problems,
discussing design ideas and implementing them when concluded as
viable and feasible.  You will also be maintaining the llvm and
clang packages for our products, and help to stabilize that part of
the toolchain for upcoming product releases by debugging reported
problems, fixing, documenting, reviewing, and testing the fixes. The

direction of your work will be driven by customers, product strategy,

upstream community wants and your own imagination.

As part of our team, you will be responsible to provide back-up
assistance to the support department on escalated issues (L3) from
enterprise customers that need experienced expertise to solve.  You
will help to integrate solutions and fixes back into SUSE products,
both for current releases (maintenance) and future ones.

You represent yourself actively and share your knowledge and further
develop it in special interest groups, professional organizations
and specialized conferences.  You will be using your expertise to
advise SUSE product and project managers regarding the technologies
to enable and the strategic directions to take.

The work has several aspects: knowledge of the llvm and clang
toolchain, knowledge of the low-level linux user space system at
large and quickly gaining knowledge on unknown sources that might
expose bugs in the compiler (or might turn out to be bugs in those

We provide a cozy home for toolchain developers: largely self-directed work

on a most interesting piece of software affected by real-world needs

together with a bunch of like-minded talented team members.

Key responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and developing llvm and clang in a commercial setting
  • Provide clang and toolchain improvements (design and performance)
  • Technical analysis of problems, providing backup for L3 support
  • Active participation on relevant mailing lists and upstream forums
  • Retrieving feedback from users, partners, and customers
  • Activities connected with participation in professional organizations and specialized conferences
  • Direct contact with representatives of numerous free/open-source software projects from all over the world

Knowledge and skills:

  • deep on userspace toolchain (compilers, linkers, libraries)
  • deep on LLVM and/or CLANG
  • C and/or C++
  • open-source community principles
  • some scripting language(s)
  • assembly language for "mainstream" architectures
  • Linux debugging tools
  • Good spoken and written English




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