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SUSE the world’s largest independent open source company, helps customers, partners, and communities be the difference in their spheres of influence. Through open collaboration and agile, enterprise-grade open source solutions, customers, partners, and communities are empowered to simplify tasks, modernize environments and accelerate business innovation – ultimately reaping the benefits of measurable value and better futures. Our customer-obsessed operating model means exceptional service, value, flexibility, and customer choice, with no enforced lock-in.

SUSE’s open, open source approach helps our customers and partners move their businesses forward, transforming IT, delivering increased agility and faster innovation.

SUSE’s Engineering & Innovation (E&I) oversees the technology innovation, and product and solution development and delivery of SUSE’s global portfolio, built within various open source projects and communities.

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Core Labs Virtualization Engineering Manager

US, Provo or other locations, Virtual-Global-Home Office.

The objective of the role
The Sr. Software Engineer will work in Open Source communities and within the SUSE Labs (Core) Organization, Virtualization Team,

to develop and support our SUSE Linux Enterprise KVM Virtualization stack, including the convergence technologies between Virtual Machines and Containers (Kubevirt).

Focus Area

More specifically, you will:

Within the team

  • Develop and maintain virtualization components in collaboration with the team, including QEMU, libvirt, KVM, kubevirt
  • Implement new features for customers and partners
  • Adapt novel upstream changes to the production versions
  • Act quickly on resolving key premium customer support requests in collaboration with the support organization (L3)
  • Plan individual goals, upstream and downstream activities with the Engineering Manager.

Within Open Source

  • Pursue responsible participation and leadership in Open Source projects in the KVM stack.
  • Work collaboratively within the upstream communities to develop the next generation of virtualization technologies.
  • Publish results, discuss and incorporate new ideas in the major conferences and events.
  • Within the Engineering & Innovation Business Unit
  • Collaborate with product teams as needed, promote requirements, technology, and knowledge exchange between teams.
  • Work together with QA teams, acting on issues and performance regressions.


Maintain the highest possible standards for innovative products/solutions and professional relationships.

SUSE is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Prospective employees will receive consideration without discrimination because of race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, citizenship, or any other legally protected status


Are you ready for the world switch?

  • Must have Linux virtualization experience in the area of KVM virtualization and/or Container Virtualization Convergence projects.
  • Must be familiar with and able to work upstream, fully embedded in Open Source
  • Proficiency with Linux, git and at least one system programming language are required at a high professional level.
  • Additional proficiency or interest in languages (C, Go, Rust) constitutes a plus.
  • Must have strong general Software Engineering background
  • Knowledgeable about general IT industry trends and best practices
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Any experience with simplifying complex processes in order to scale efforts more efficiently constitutes a plus.
  • Must be able to pursue high level goals with autonomy, being responsible, dependable, adaptable and flexible
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