By agreeing to the Membership Terms of Services and Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"), You ("You" or "Your") are legally bound with WomenTech Network, a Delaware Network ("We" or the "Network"). This agreement covers access and use of the closed site,, and related mobile applications for Community users (all collectively known as “the Platform”). This Agreement in connection with the Policies encompasses all terms and conditions pertaining to your membership in the Community, access to the platform, Member Benefits outlined under Section 2.1, Additional Services specified under Section 2.5 as well as any other advantages of being a part of this community. To ensure your messages get to us, please direct all notices and inquiries to [email protected] or feel free to call us directly at 650-603-0080 for any additional questions regarding this Agreement. The contact information specified above is referred to collectively as the “Platform Contact.” All regulations associated with the platform can be found at (the “Policies Site").

Before accessing the platform, Additional Services, and the various other features provided by Membership in this Community, please take a moment to read through this agreement. It outlines your membership rights while also containing very important information concerning your legal remedies if something should go wrong. Furthermore, you'll notice that it contains provisions dealing with dispute resolution between yourself and The Network which include waiving jury trials as well as class action lawsuits - opting instead for arbitration of any claims or disputes.

Please note that this Agreement includes a clause in Section 4.1 which sets the framework for your Membership's automatic renewal process.

By accessing and utilizing the platform, Member Benefits, and Additional Services, you are accepting this Agreement as well as any specific Community Terms. We advise that you regularly review both this Agreement and applicable Community Terms to stay informed on all conditions of your membership in the Community. If at any time you disagree with said terms or policies, we ask that immediately cease using the platform, Member Benefits or Additional Services.

In case of any discrepancies between the Community Terms and this Agreement, the former will take precedence.

To become a Member of the Community, You must fulfill all requirements set forth in the membership application process and be accepted by the Network. This acceptance is at the sole discretion of the Network. Additionally, You must pay any applicable initiation, membership, and/or other fees to remain part of the Community. And lastly, it is required that You continue to follow this Agreement, the Community Terms, the Privacy Policy, and all other Policies that may apply to Your membership.

To be able to make use of the platform, Member Benefits, and/or Additional Services, You must agree to the Policies. Failure to comply with the Policies will result in You being unable to access these services. By using any of the aforementioned resources, You are confirming that You have accepted and understand the terms of this Agreement and all associated Policies. Additionally, no other third parties shall acquire any rights or benefits from this Agreement.

NOTICE REGARDING MEMBERSHIP TRANSFERS: You must apply and become a member in your own right, and no other individual or entity will be held liable for the payment of any related membership fees. It is prohibited to transfer your membership privileges, benefits, or Additional Services to anyone else. All associated costs are solely your responsibility.

Article 1. Alterations to this Agreement

The Network has the right to amend or revise this Agreement, Member Benefits, Additional Services, Community Terms and/or Policies whenever they choose and without warning. These changes will be posted on the Policies Site as well as an effective date and list of modified sections. By utilizing these features after changes have been made, You agree to abide by this revised version of the Agreement and its amendments. To ensure You remain up-to-date with any modifications, Your account information must be updated appropriately as outlined in Section 6. The Network is not obligated to provide email notifications; however, if one is sent out, it does not guarantee future emails of a similar nature. In addition, the Network reserves the right to edit or terminate membership at any time; only a signed waiver from an authorized representative shall be valid for waiving terms or other rules. You will not be able to hold the Network liable for any failure to receive email notifications. The Network is not required to provide You with email notifications of modifications to the Policies, and any notification sent at any time does not imply an expectation from them to do so in the future. The Network has the right to change, alter or cease any membership component at any time. To waive any term or policy, a written agreement signed by a representative of the Network must be provided.


2.1 To join the Community, you must apply and be approved. This is explained in more detail in section 3. Members of the Community are entitled to the current benefits outlined in the Community Terms (the "Member Benefits"), which may include, but are not limited to: access to a Personalized Marketplace (see Section 2.2.1), Networking Opportunities (as mentioned in Section 2.2.2), Media Presence and Personal Branding (refer to Section 2.2.3), access to the Community Exchange Platform (details in Section 2.2.4), Premium Support (outlined in Section 2.2.5) and Additional Services that can be purchased for an additional cost when available (mentioned in Section 2.5).

Your membership fee guarantees you access to the Member Benefits, which we will regularly evaluate and modify if needed. We are committed to maintaining these benefits during your term of membership; however, they may change without prior notice depending on their perceived value for our Community's benefit. Member Benefits are exclusively for the Member and cannot be transferred or resold to any third party, unless otherwise permitted in writing by the Network. If policies are broken, including not paying amounts due to the Network, membership and/or access to these benefits can be temporarily suspended or even canceled completely.

2.2 As further outlined within the Community Terms, your membership will be granted access to various Member Benefits with a general description as provided in Sections 2.2.1 through 2.2.5 below. Any specifications or additional terms associated with these particular benefits is also detailed therein for you to review and make use of:

2.2.1 Personalized Marketplace: Members can take advantage of a personalized marketplace of direct providers, retailers, wholesalers, group purchasing organizations and other third-party entities that provide products, services, experiences and discounted offerings (each referred to as “Marketplace Provider”). All the deals found in this Personalized Marketplace are provided by the listed Marketplace Providers -- not by the Network or its licensors or their employees, contractors, or agents!

Third-party products and services may be sold or featured by Marketplace Providers, who each have their own eligibility guidelines. Additional agreements or other conditions for use of these offerings must also be agreed upon prior to purchase. In the event that you do not meet the requirements set forth by any Provider, they reserve the right to deny access to their product, service, or experience offering. You are fully responsible for settling any products, services and/or subscriptions purchased through a Marketplace Provider as well as adhering to the terms or agreements You accept when engaging with a Marketplace Offering. As a participant in Marketplace Offerings, you must guarantee that all confidential information received from any Marketplace Provider and their vendors including pricing data, agreements, organizational records, software programs, or contract catalogs (whether digital or printed) is held securely. All information should remain strictly private and not be disclosed to any third party. You are responsible for preserving the confidentiality of all confidential information acquired while utilizing a Marketplace Offering, and this commitment extends three years beyond the expiration or termination of your use. Upon the conclusion of your membership, you may have your access to Marketplace Offerings revoked without prior warning. The Network does not guarantee any Member’s initial or constant access to these offerings and cannot provide representations or warranties concerning them. The Network may gain financial or other advantages by making Marketplace Offerings accessible to its Members and/or engaging in the Community, but neither the Network nor its licensors assume any liability or responsibility related to administering, redeeming, providing for marketing of such Marketplace Offerings as well as the products and services purchased by those offerings.

If you wish to access certain Marketplace Offerings, the Network may be required to register an account with a Marketplace Provider on your behalf. However, if you do not want this registration process and would rather opt-out of it, simply send an email notification with the subject line “MARKETPLACE PROGRAM OPT-OUT” addressed to the Community Contact. By giving consent without opting out through such method mentioned above, you hereby give permission for use of your name, Network details like work phone number and email address in order for us to make these potential offerings available as part of your Membership privileges. If you choose to opt-out of the Marketplace Offerings, there may be certain benefits that become unavailable to you. The Personalized Marketplace is exclusively for your use, and should not be shared with any other members.

2.2.2 Networking Opportunities: As Members, we are given the chance to connect with each other in a secure setting or at networking events for knowledge exchange and/or personal relationships growth. We highly recommend utilizing these opportunities, yet kindly ask that all communications respect others' privacy, time commitments and wishes in professional way possible. Every Member of the Community must adhere to the standards laid forth in Section 10's Member Code of Conduct. This includes

  1. refraining from sending out generic messages or attempting to contact all members, as this may be perceived as an aggressive "spam" solicitation.;
  2. Attempt to persuade, either directly or indirectly, other Members into buying products, services, investments, employment opportunities or any other offers.;
  3. You are prohibited from collecting any information, including but not limited to contact details, from Members for the intent of either offering them goods or services or for commercial gain.; and
  4. Refrain from disregarding the privacy preferences of other Members or initiating contact without their consent, which may be seen as harassing by the Network and your fellow members. Network users should take note that no guarantee of connecting with another member or resource is in place. All connections between members are dependent solely on the discretion of each individual involved and may be subject to additional terms, fees, conditions or charges when certain events require it.

2.2.3 Media Presence and Personal Branding: You have the exclusive opportunity to showcase your personal brand and expand your reach through various media marketing opportunities. This can include writing articles, creating editorial content, contributing to thought pieces, giving expert interviews and hosting webinars. Collectively referred to as "Media Presence and Personal Branding." With Media Presence and Personal Branding, you have the potential to be involved in media opportunities. However, just signing up for a membership doesn't guarantee your involvement or results from any opportunity. Understandably, being accepted into one opportunity does not guarantee involvement in future opportunities either. The determination of whether you can join and whether your submission is published or used by the third-party organization that controls such an opportunity, and/or the Network, will be determined without any commitment from our end, You may be asked to comply with additional requirements, such as agreeing to editorial revisions, conditions and/or agreements prior to participating in any Media Presence and Personal Branding opportunity. Additionally, you must disclose any potential conflicts of interest related to the publication or presence on media for your personal branding. Opportunities for Media Presence and Personal Branding may only be accessible to a select group of members who meet predetermined requirements, instead of all Network participants. Instructions related to publishing Member Content or obtaining a such an opportunity are determined by either the organization in control or the Network itself - this includes any applicable deadlines, terms, and conditions. The Network does not promise any specific timeframe, viewership rate, publicity outcome or success resulting from marketing or promotional material including Member Content and Media Presence and Personal Branding opportunities.

All content submitted in connection with a Media Presence and Personal Branding opportunity is the sole responsibility of each Member, as detailed in Section 11.3. Please be aware that once you have published or posted your member content on the Network, it may not be possible to remove it. The Network has no obligation or liability if they are unable to do so.

By agreeing to this, you accept and understand that Network reserves the right to publish your content from any Media or Personal Building opportunities as "Native Advertisements" on Third-Party Web Platforms or Platforms. Your published content should not contain any endorsements, advertisements, promotions, recommendations, or testimonials regarding any brand product or service unless it meets all disclosure requirements set by relevant governmental regulatory authorities and regulations, In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Act, Section 5 of Part 255 and the FTC Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, as well as State Unfair and Deceptive Acts & Practices Laws, required disclosures must be made if you or any relatives/affiliates have obtained compensation or free products/services for publishing such content. It is essential to note that this applies not only to those individuals who own 25%+ interest in companies associated with said content, If you have any affiliation with brands, products or services featured in your submitted content, please make sure to notify Network before submitting any materials. You must express these affiliations explicitly by sending us a written notice or an email referencing this section. It is strictly prohibited to use the Community, its members, or any Member Benefits or Additional Services for solicitation of third parties. This includes offering services and/or products related to a third party as part of your own content in exchange for payment or providing positive promotion on behalf of a third-party product or service with an incentive.

2.2.4 Community Exchange Platform: As part of the membership, our Network will provide a platform for Members to access information, videos and materials that may be beneficial to them. The Network provides information, videos, and materials solely for informational and opinion-based purposes. We cannot guarantee its accuracy or usefulness; therefore, any dependence on this material is strictly at your own risk. The Network will not be held responsible for any actions based on information and materials that are accessed through the Site, either by You or other users. The Site may also contain content sourced from third-party sources such as Members, bloggers, licensors, syndicators, aggregators and reporting services. Thus it is essential to take proper precaution while browsing this website. The views and opinions expressed in these materials, as well as any articles or responses to questions, are solely those of the individual providing them. They may not reflect the Network’s opinion nor that of its licensees. The Network is neither accountable nor liable for third-party content accuracy.

2.2.5 Premium Support: From 9 AM to 5 PM every Monday - Friday (excluding national holidays), the Network may provide premium-level resource support through email, social media or other digital means as laid out in the Community Terms. By agreeing to this, you provide the Network with full permission and authorization to record all calls or communications in which support is utilized for training, quality assurance, or other reasons. Regardless of whether or not The Network requests to record a particular call or conversation, this consent remains valid.

2.3 Product Benefits: Depending on the nature of Member Benefits associated with Your Community, certain terms and conditions may be applicable to particular products or activities that are offered in connection with membership or through the platform. In order for you to purchase or benefit from these Member Benefits, you must agree to any special Product Terms associated with them. When you make a purchase or access a particular Member Benefit, the Product Terms may include additional costs that are non-refundable. You can find these terms at the time of your purchase or request them through the Platform Contact by providing Your username along with the name of the specific Member Benefit in your subject line. Before making a purchase, please familiarize yourself with the Product Terms. Your continued use of any given Member Benefit is contingent upon your acceptance and agreement to follow said terms. Thus, we recommend regularly reviewing these conditions as they are subject to periodic alterations without notice. Unless otherwise stated in the Product Terms document itself, the Membership Benefits supplement but do not replace this Agreement or any other respective policies and Community Terms.

The Network may occasionally provide innovative Member Benefits or distinctive features in a pre-release version or limited preview (“Trial Releases”). Should You choose to participate, then the following terms and conditions will apply:

  1. You agree that Trial Releases are provided “as-is" with no guarantee of error-free performance.;
  2. Please note that Trial Releases may differ significantly from the final versions released commercially;
  3. We reserve the right to limit both participant numbers and customer service/support time dedicated specifically to supporting these Trial Releases;
  4. Your feedback on using and experiencing may be required in order for to continue using the Trial Releases;
  5.  Additionally, all information related to your use of the Trial Releases, including your experience and opinion therein must be kept confidential by you. This data may only be utilized for providing feedback to the Network.

Network hereby waives any and all warranties, whether statutory, express or implied that may apply to the Trial Releases. This includes but is not limited to any warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement as permitted by law.

2.5 Additional Services. The Network reserves the right to offer extra services that are not included in your Annual Membership Fee for an additional cost. The details of these Additional Services, such as their duration and unit of measure, will be outlined clearly in writing. As the Network may choose, Additional Service offerings can be modified without warning. In order to gain access to these services, you must remain a respected member of the Community and not violate this Agreement or any other Policies. Our Additional Services are uniquely tailored for our Members and may not be resold, assigned or transferred to any other individual. For more information on the particular services we offer, please refer to Sections 2.5.1 & 2.5.2, 2.5.3 of the Community Terms - unless otherwise specified in writing, every purchase you make will expire one year after your membership has been terminated - whichever comes first and regardless of the reason. At the conclusion of your Additional Service term, whatever the reason may be - including termination of membership - you will not receive any reimbursement for unused portions.

2.5.1 Advanced Council Membership. With "Advanced Council Membership," you gain access to our team of experienced professionals who will work with you in order to craft unique content. Our services are offered in a variety of packages, and the number of articles you get will depend on which one you select. Furthermore, these pieces could be broadcasted over diverse media websites as laid out in our Community Terms. If you do not submit any article for publication prior to the timeline set in the Community Terms, your membership expiration date or Expiration Date, whichever comes first, then you will forfeit any unused portion of the bundle. When you purchase an Advanced Council Membership, the "Expiration Date" is calculated by multiplying the number of articles purchased with sixty (60) days. For example, a six-article membership will have two hundred fourty (240) days to submit all content before its expiration date. The Advanced Council Membership bundle is strictly non-refundable, and any unused parts will not be able to transfer over or be carried out into a future period. Even though the Network pledges to do its utmost best in order to honor timing conditions including publication dates, it cannot guarantee that your articles are going to come out within the requested time frame. Consequently, no warranties can be made with regards to these timelines. In order to fulfill the requested timeline, you must supply a comprehensive and carefully crafted response for the content creator. This includes but is not limited to an inventory of article ideas as well as answers to any queries by the content creator.

2.5.2 With our Coaching Services, executives and their teams get the benefit of regular one-on-one assistance across various types of sessions. Our packages are designed to provide flexibility in terms of duration and coverage, while additional Core Group Services can be requested if needed.

2.5.3 “Core Group Services” are dedicated regularly occurring digital peer group meetings facilitated by a moderator consisting of a selected group of individuals with shared interests, professions, or other business activities to provide results-based support and accountability. You acknowledge and agree that

  1. the Coaching Services and Core Group Services are performed by third-party service providers with no affiliation to the Network,
  2. Your purchase and participation in the Coaching Services and Core Group Services are subject to the third-party’s terms and conditions,
  3. the Network has not made any representations or warranties about the Coaching Services or Core Group Services or the results thereof, and
  4. the Network is not responsible or liable for the Member’s engagement with the third party providers or the Coaching Services or Core Group Services.


3.1 Eligibility. To access the Member Benefits, Additional Services and use of our platform, you must have the legal capacity and ability to enter into this Agreement. Additionally, you affirm that:

  1. You are a member in good standing with the Community;
  2. You are at least eighteen years (18) old or above if not otherwise stated hereunder;
  3. According to applicable law, your contractual obligations will be legally binding;
  4. otherwise recognized as being able to form legally binding contracts under applicable law;
  5. are not legally prohibited from acquiring or obtaining any Member Benefits and Additional Services under US laws;
  6. are located in the United States.

To join the esteemed Community, you must meet all eligibility criteria set by the Network and approved for membership in its sole discretion. To be considered as a Member of this exclusive group, applicants must

  1. satisfy age requirements and other conditions based on the selection process;
  2. submit your Application and pay the necessary fees - including the non-refundable initiation fee (if applicable);
  3. comply with any background checks and provide true answers to due diligence questions;
  4. have any other qualifications for membership within the Community as stipulated in the Community Terms or as mandated by the Network at its sole discretion. When you submit your application, and with continued use of the Member Benefits or Additional Services, you must guarantee that you satisfy all eligibility requirements for membership. Furthermore, any information included in Your Application as well as during registration- both personal/professional- must be accurate and up to date. The Network will let you know that your application has been approved via the email address provided in your application. In some cases, a rejection may be delivered; however, it is not an obligation for the network to provide one.Upon approval of your membership, you must finish the registration process by establishing a username and password, providing all relevant account information (as specified in Section 6), and submitting payment details for any Membership Fees, Additional Services fees or other charges required to access the Community and start using Member Benefits or Additional Services. If you don't provide your credit card information within fifteen (15) days of receiving an Application Announcement, then your acceptance will be revoked. The Network is not obligated to approve any Applications or explain their decisions regarding membership to applicants or other third parties. Even if the Community does not necessitate an Application, it is still necessary to complete Your registration as indicated in this Section.

4. Membership Duration, Termination, And Annual Fee

4.1 Membership Duration: Your membership will become active on the day that your application is accepted by the Network or they receive payment of any applicable initiation fee, whichever comes later. The initial term length for each membership can be found in their corresponding applications (e.g., one year or two years) and this period is referred to as "Initial Membership Duration". After the Initial Membership Duration ends, your membership will automatically renew for an equal term (such as one or two years) unless you or the Network notify in writing before 15 days of that Renewal Term. If You terminate the Renewal Term before it expires, Your advanced Annual Membership Fees will be reimbursed by the Network. This period of time including the Initial Membership Duration and any Renewal Terms are referred to as the "Term". If you are not satisfied with your membership within the first 30 days of its duration, and have not utilized any of the available Member Benefits in that period, then simply send a written or email notice to the Platform Contact or select cancelation through your dashboard on the platform. You will receive a refund for all Annual Membership Fees paid during this time provided that: Our support service was not used for any questions beyond general Platform use and Member Benefits inquiries, nor should the platform have been utilized to:

  1. redeem or attempt redemption of Marketplace Offerings;
  2. contact a Marketplace Provider about purchasing a product/service;
  3. publish marketing/promotional materials; or
  4. connecting with another Member. Regardless of any other clauses or specifications, any initiation fee paid after your membership application is approved by the Network will not be refunded under any circumstance once it has been processed - including in cases where a membership is terminated prematurely for whatever reason.

4.2 Termination: If you breach this Agreement, the Community Terms or any Policies (including but not limited to the Member Code of Conduct), as determined by The Network in its sole discretion,

  1. your membership and all associated rights will be immediately terminated upon notice from The Network;
  2. Additionally, if fifteen days pass after written/electronic notification with unpaid fees still owing - termination is also actionable;
  3. Are delinquent on payments beyond two (2) times in any twelve-month period;
  4. Redistribute confidential Member information without the explicit, written consent of all involved parties;
  5. Become subject to complaints from Members due to Your conduct, which will be assessed at the Network's discretion;
  6. Supply incomplete or false data during the Application or registration process;
  7. Disregard any professional standards which you may be required to adhere to;
  8. Become the subject of a federal criminal investigation or civil suit due to actions that are deemed felonies, unethical acts, and dishonesty;
  9. Be accused or convicted of any felony as well as misdemeanors involving immoral behavior and deceit;
  10. Engage in behavior which, if revealed publicly, could negatively impact the reputation of the Community, regardless of whether or not such action is unlawful;
  11. Become a Member in any part of the Community for any reason other than to enjoy Member Benefits (in full discretion by the Network);
  12. Offer, market, or sell access to Community or any Member Benefits to third parties, including but not limited to: presenting a third party’s services, products and links in Member Content for compensation; promoting the positive portrayal of a third party’s products or services for payment; offering and promoting introductions or access to any other Members;
  13. Request other Members to buy products, services or investments that are within Platforms or outside them;
  14. Do anything else which could hurt the Network's image as reasonably judged by it.

4.3 Annual Membership Fee: As a Member, you are required to pay an annual membership fee in accordance with the then-current rate for each year of your term. Also, all additional fees from any Purchased Products or Additional Services connected to the Member Benefits and Marketplace Offerings should be settled by you if applicable.It is important to note that your annual membership fee does not guarantee any results or benefits associated with the membership. The fees for member benefits are non-refundable, except where expressly stated in the product terms; this remains true even if access to the platform or member benefit is terminated before completion of an annual period. The Network reserves the right to alter or modify its Annual Membership Fee for the upcoming year and any Product Terms with a minimum of thirty (30) days' electronic notice. Such changes will be posted online on the Platform or as mentioned in the Community Terms and take effect without needing further communication or notice to You. All changes to prices and fees will apply when you renew your subscription, however if the membership is not for a specified length of time, then the new change will become effective no later than 30 days after being announced.The Annual Membership Fee is due in its entirety on the beginning of both the Initial Membership Duration and each Renewal Term, unless otherwise mentioned in the Community Terms. Regardless of whether the Community terms allow monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual installment payments for annual membership fees, the Membership duration remains at one year. Therefore, regardless of payment plan option chosen for initial purchase consideration, a full Annual membership fee is due. To ensure that the applicable Annual Membership Fee and any other fees connected to your Member Benefits are paid, you must provide a valid credit card (the "Payment Method"). All payments due must be made using the stored payment method, unless otherwise stated in the Community or Product Terms. You authorize the Network to charge Your Payment Method for any fees associated with Member Benefits when they are due without further notification. By joining as an Annual Member, you agree to all the terms and conditions laid out here. Make sure that if your payment method is associated with a third-party such as your employer, you are indeed authorized to use it. Additionally, in case of any revocation from their part, you shall still be held liable for payments due under this agreement. To protect the Network against any claims by said third party that they had no authorization to utilize Your Payment Method or have done so on Your behalf; You hereby undertake full responsibility and indemnify the Network fully should such occur.

If an automatic renewal option is available and you do not choose to opt-out of it, as stated in Section 4.1, the Network will store your payment method information on file. You hereby give permission for Network to charge your payment method when the membership period or another fee associated with a product term needs renewal - thus automatically renewing it for the same length as before. Should the Network fail to charge Your Payment Method for any outstanding fee or receive notification of a payment dispute, reversal, or penalty charges on an earlier transaction;

  1. You explicitly consent that the Network is permitted to take all available legal action in order to reclaim said payments. Such measures may include but are not limited to prompt cancellation of your membership and all ensuing Member Benefits without prior warning.
  2. suspend Your account; and
  3. in the event that the Network executes legal action to reclaim any monies owed by You, the Network is entitled to reimbursement of associated costs including attorneys' or arbitrator fees. In case you have doubts about any suspicious activity or wrong charges related to your account and/or payment method, immediately reach out to the Platform Contact via email with "Suspected Fraudulent Activity" or "Erroneous Charges" as the subject line.

4.4 Should your membership be terminated for any purpose, you will not receive a refund of the Annual Membership Fee; however, in certain conditions, the Network may grant all or partial reimbursement. These circumstances include: This Agreement outlines the circumstances under which a refund is warranted:

  1. at the end of an Initial Membership Duration or any Renewal Term;
  2. within 15 days of a Renewal Term as per Section 4.1; and
  3. within 30 days of the Initial Membership Duration, specified in Section 4.1. Initiation fees are excluded from refunds according to section 4.1., and no refunds will be granted if Your membership was unsatisfactory or did not meet Your expectations. Should a refund be issued for your purchase, the receipt you receive will only signify that the Network has submitted this reimbursement to the original Payment Method and it's entirely up to your Payment Method provider how quickly they reflect this balance in regards to your available funds. Depending on the payment provider and/or issuing bank associated with your Payment Method, a refund may be credited to you within five (5) business days or it could take an entire billing cycle, or longer.

4.5 Free/Discounted Trial: During the first duration of membership, You or other Members may receive Your Member Benefits free of charge or at a discounted rate (“Trial Pricing"). Upon sign-up, We will only verify your payment method but won't collect any charges for this trial period. The Network reserves the right to grant some or all Members with Trial Pricing; one member's eligibility does not guarantee you also are eligible for such pricing. In its own discretion, the Network will decide all Trial Pricing and awards. Whenever accepted by you, billing of your payment method for renewal terms will start unless you cancel before the end of the Initial Membership Duration. Once the trial pricing period ends, your annual membership fees will increase according to current rates for your community. To get exact information regarding your subscription, including applicable yearly fees and the expiration date of a Trial Pricing offer, please contact Platform Contact using "Membership Details" as the email subject line.

You will not be alerted when your trial pricing period ends, nor will you receive a notification that you are being charged upon the commencement of the Renewal Term. The Network reserves its right to change or withdraw any Trial Pricing or promotions without notice and with no liability at any time.

4.6 By providing the Network with your credit card information, you authorize it to store and charge your full payment amount. The Network may test its validity by assessing a small fee at any time during your membership or prior to charging against it; however, once verification has been approved this sum will be reimbursed back onto the same card.


Your membership, access to the Platform, Member Benefits and Additional Services obtained in accordance with this Agreement are exclusively for you alone. No other individual or organisation will assume an interest in your membership privileges, use of the platform nor any benefits or additional services acquired through either your own volition or on another's behalf.Your membership belongs to you and not your employer or network - even if someone else paid for it on your behalf. Therefore, no matter what happens with your job or who pays for it, the community will remain unaffected by those changes. If anything related to yourself (contact info / employment status) varies during the term of membership, please remember that you must alert the network immediately.

Your membership to the Network is not transferable. If applicable, at its own discretion and without any requirement or obligation to do so, the Network may provide you with the option of transferring your membership, access to their platform or additional services/benefits provided by them to another individual.


6.1 To access the Member Benefits, Additional Services and other features on our Platform, you must create an account containing certain information. This includes your username and password as well as contact details such as a mailing address or email address. Additionally, we will need to know how you plan to pay for services (referred to hereinafter as “Payment Method”). These credentials make up what is referred to hereinafter as "Account Information." By creating an account with the Network, you affirm that all information provided is accurate and current. 6.2 Furthermore, you are solely responsible for keeping your Account Information up-to-date at all times and to promptly inform the Network of any changes. Additionally, when setting up Your profile or account You pledge not to impersonate or utilize a third party's data without their expressed permission in writing. The Network reserves the right to suspend or terminate Your membership, as well as prohibit your use of the Platform and any Member Benefits or Additional Services if we discover that Your Account information is untrue, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete. To ensure security at all times, You must keep your profile/account personal and not allow a third party access to it; this includes all Account Information.All new users must create and maintain an updated profile on the Platform within 30 days of registering. If a member fails to complete their profile by then, they grant the Network permission to fill out their information according to data available from other public sources like social media profiles. The Network will do its best to ensure the accuracy of all information provided by Members in their profiles. However, it is ultimately up to you as a Member to update and correct any inaccuracies that may appear on your profile. You understand that the Network shall not be held accountable for any misrepresentations or wrong details featured on Your profile and hereby agree to release the Network from liability.

You are entirely responsible for any activity associated with your account, no matter if it is authorized by you or not. It is vital to keep your Account Information secure and confidential at all times - including but not limited to user name and password. If there ever happens a breach of security or an unapproved use of Your Account, immediately contact the Network via email writing “Unauthorized Use of Account Information” as the subject line.Should any third party misuse Your Account Information, the Network won't be accountable for any losses incurred by You. Nonetheless, You may be responsible and liable for financial damages caused to our Network or other entities through the access of Your Account Information, whether it's done intentionally or without your authorization.

6.4 By agreeing to this clause, you accept that the Network may contact you via phone, email or other means in regards to your account. Furthermore, you acknowledge and consent that all of these interactions can be recorded by the Network at their discretion even if they do not explicitly ask for permission beforehand. You are hereby agreeing that, in accordance with applicable law, any and all recordings or communications associated with this Network may be submitted as evidence should the Network become party to a legal proceeding.

6.5 Privacy Policy: The Network's privacy policy, which can be found on the Polices Site (the "Privacy Policy"), governs your submission of personal information through the Platform and its use by the Network.

Article 7. Platform Accessibility and Member Rewards

Except as indicated in our Policies, we will make every effort to provide consistent access to the Platform and Member Benefits each day. At times, though, due to circumstances beyond our control such as maintenance or repairs; updates or upgrades - even equipment malfunctions - you may not be able to use the Platform or its benefits. Further limitations can arise from interruptions of telecommunication links, congestion on networks and other issues that are hard for us to predict. We cannot guarantee the constant or uninterrupted availability of the Platform or Member Benefits, and therefore accept no liability as regards You or any other party. Furthermore, unless stated otherwise in writing in the Product Terms relating to a particular Member Benefit, You are not eligible for any refund, credits or set-offs related to Your Annual Membership Fee or other fees incurred from interruptions to the Platform or Member Benefits, suspension of Your membership, lack of availability of Member Benefits, or for any other reason.


In its advertisements, offerings, and sales of any Member Benefits—including Marketplace Offerings or Additional Services—the Network endeavors to provide the most accurate description possible.However, the Network does not guarantee that information pertaining to Member Benefits or Additional Services, including descriptions, pricing and availability; as well as marketing materials such as promotional flyers, advertisements or other printed/electronic materials (referred to collectively as “Benefits Materials”) is always accurate and error-free. Despite our best efforts, there is still a chance that Benefits Materials may be mispriced or inaccurately described. There are also instances where these materials will not be available due to jurisdictional restrictions and/or if offered by third parties. In some cases, the availability of materials can also depend on the Marketplace Provider's terms at such moment in time. In the event that an inaccuracy in price, description or availability of a Member Benefit and/or Additional Service is detected by the Network, it reserves its right to take any action deemed necessary for rectifying such error without prior notice. This may include canceling Your purchase or other use of said Member Benefit as well as refunding You a proportionate part of what was initially paid. You pledge to promptly inform the Network in case of any pricing or descriptive errors or disparities concerning Member Benefits and Additional Services you ordered, as well as comply with whatever corrective action may be taken by the Network. No matter what is stated in this document, the Network will never be obligated to refund any part of the Annual Membership Fee or other fees, even if Member Benefits and Additional Services were mispriced, inaccurately described, or unavailable for any reason.


The Network may periodically provide free or fee-based Promotional Services by sending You marketing materials through electronic transmission, e-mail, mail, etc. If at any point you wish to opt out of these communications, simply notify us in accordance with our Privacy Policy or email the Platform Contact and specify "Unsubscribe to Marketing Materials" as the subject line.

The Network reserves the right to adjust the range of services offered without giving notice. Furthermore, only new or selected members based on criteria solely determined by The Network may be eligible for these promotions--these offerings might not be open to all members.If you are offered promotional or discounted pricing for any of the Member Benefits, it is your duty to keep this information confidential and under no circumstances should you share it with anyone without receiving written consent from the Network. Please note that fees related to Promotional Services may be non-refundable depending on agreement terms made between yourself and the Network regarding these services.


Memberships in the Community, as well as the use of Member Benefits, Additional Services and the Platform are subject to and must comply with the Community Terms including this Agreement. Additionally, Members must adhere to the here linked Community Code of Conduct and the following (the “Member Code of Conduct”):

  1. Comply with all terms of this Agreement and Policies;
  2. Comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations;
  3. Not be used for any illegal purposes or promotion or encouragement of any illegal activity such as acts of terrorism or violence against people or property;
  4. Not be used for any libelous, defamatory, unlawful, illegal, pornographic, indecent, offensive, obscene, bigoted, hateful or discriminatory purposes;
  5. Not infringe upon the intellectual property or other right of any person or entity nor violate any privacy rights or impersonate another person;
  6. Not breach a duty of confidentiality owed to another person or entity;
  7. Not be used for anti-social purposes such as spamming, trolling, flooding or bullying nor harvested (or allow someone else to harvest) content from the Platform or non-public/personally identifiable information about other users/entities.
  8. Not include direct/indirect general solicitations for selling products/services/employment/investment opportunities.
  9. Not interfere with operation of Platform/Member Benefits nor introduce viruses/worms/bugs.
  10. Not produce false claims about Community/Member Benefits/Marketplace Providers.
  11. Not unreasonably harass/demean others' personal/professional reputation.
  12. refrain from sharing passwords for use of the Platform;
  13. act in a positive manner that does not reflect negatively on the Community, Network or its service providers;
  14. not attempt to disable or circumvent any security mechanisms used by the Network nor gain unauthorized access to any portion of the Platform, or any other systems or networks connected to it, by hacking, password “mining” or any other illegal means;
  15. not use any “deep-link,” “page-scrape,” “robot,” “spider,” or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology to access and acquire content from the Platform.
  16. will not employ or persuade any third party to utilize any software, device, or routine that could disrupt the normal functioning of the Platform; nor interfere with anyone's use of it.
  17. Furthermore, they will never track or try to monitor information about visitors on the Platform and refrain from encouraging others from doing so as well.
  18. will not, and shall likewise prevent any third parties from using the Platform for any illegal activity under state or federal law;
  19. will not, nor induce any person to copy, alter, generate a spin-off of, break down through reverse engineering methods or otherwise attempt to acquire access to the source code behind proprietary software used in connection with providing Member Content on the Network Content as well as other services.
  20. will not share any screenshots with any information that could be used to personally identify a representative or employee of the Network;
  21. will refrain from reproducing, publishing, or discussing in detail regarding Member Benefits, Additional Services connected to membership and all relevant communications received from the Network.
  22. agrees to not utilize the Platform for the purpose of forming or managing a product/service that would compete with, or otherwise undermine, what is provided within the Network. This includes any attempts at soliciting present Members from discontinuing their membership.

10.2 By using the Platform or Member Benefits with Your Account Information, you acknowledge and agree that

  1. You are responsible for any activities arising from such use;
  2. You will not reproduce or share in any form whatsoever parts of the Platform, including Network Content without prior authorization by the Network.
  3. You will not re-sell, provide any part or portion of, or otherwise advertise access to the Community or Members, the Member Benefits, or the Additional Services to third parties for a fee or otherwise to compete with the Network, including, but not limited, offering to include a third party’s services, products or links in Member Content, to positively portray a third party’s products or services for a fee; and
  4. You agree not to circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with the security-related features of the Platform, including without limitation those features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any content or enforce limitations on the use of the Platform.

10.3 The Network cannot ensure that all other Members abide by the Member Code of Conduct or any other part of our Policies. Therefore, use the Platform and its Benefits with caution at your own risk. If you suspect a member is in violation of their code, don't hesitate to contact us - just make sure to include "Code Of Conduct" in the subject line for easy reference.

10.4 The Network retains the right to suspend or terminate your membership if it believes you have broken the Member Code of Conduct or the Community Code of Conduct, whether through interactions with other Members, third parties or even within The Network itself. In addition to any legal remedies available.

Article 11, Regulations concerning the use of content from our Network and Member Content.

11.1 The Platform, Member Benefits, and Additional Services can all offer users the opportunity to submit, post, publish, share store or manage various text-based works such as stories artwork images photographs videos messages ideas concepts opinions musical compositions audio/visual pieces and more (referred to herein as "Member Content"). Submitting any type of material or content using your account information will be regarded as Member Content. By sharing this Member Content on the Platform, you guarantee and declare that

  1. offering such content is a voluntary action; As the exclusive creator of Member Content, you have full authority to distribute it through the Platform or otherwise.
  2. Alternatively, if applicable, you must possess valid written permission from copyright holders and other owners for any content that is not your own so as to be able to freely share the content without restrictions.
  3. All Member Content is original and has not been published before;
  4. The Member Content will never contain any false statements or intentionally misleading information, and all claims made as facts are true to the best of our knowledge after conducting thorough research.
  5. The Member Content is completely compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, while also respecting individual privacy rights and not infringing on any legally recognized copyright.;
  6. To abide by this Section and the Member Code of Conduct, you are prohibited from reproducing, republishing or utilizing any public communications between yourself and another member on the Platform without permission.
  7. When incorporating any third-party content within Member Content, you are solely responsible for gaining all necessary approvals and grants at your own cost. If such permission is not acquired prior to using the third-party material in a post or article, it must not be included under any circumstances. Nonetheless, the Network reserves complete discretion to erase posted Member Content whenever they so choose.

If you would like to publish Member Content on certain online websites, media channels, or other platforms, it is imperative that you adhere to any additional guidelines and terms of approval established by the third-party. You may even need to sign off on extra agreements in order for your content to be published successfully.

Moreover, if You choose to submit, post or publish Member Content, please be mindful that it is done at Your own peril. Additionally, the Network keeps a right of refusal in their sole discretion and reserves the power to:

  1. review, modify, delete or reject any Member Content for whatever cause;
  2. We reserve the right to take action regarding any Member Content when deemed necessary, including if We believe said content violates these Terms, infringes upon intellectual property rights or threatens the personal safety of other Members, users of the Platform and/or public in general.
  3. disclose Your identity or any other information to a third party who claims that material posted by You infringes on their rights, including but not limited to intellectual property and privacy;
  4. In the event of a violation, we reserve the right to pursue appropriate legal action - which may include referral to law enforcement.
  5. We reserve the right to revoke or suspend Your access to any part of our Platform and Member Benefits for any reason we deem necessary, including - but not limited to - violations of these terms and Policies.

We promise to fully cooperate with any law enforcement officials or court orders requiring us to disclose the identity of anyone who posts material on our platform. In addition, we reserve all other rights as stated in this agreement.By utilizing this platform, you waive and exonerate Network, its affiliates, licensors and service providers from any claims arising out of actions taken as a result of investigations by either these parties or law enforcement authority.

By agreeing to this agreement, you pledge your cooperation in the defense of any legal action against the Network due to publishing members' content. Additionally, you must keep all notes, drafts and copies related to said content for three years after it has been published.

11.2 In order to avoid any potential misunderstandings or disputes that may arise from the development of products, services, projects, or creative ideas similar to third party materials by the Network and its licensors in future; it is imperative for us to not accept nor consider unsolicited pieces (ideas, proposals, suggestions etc.) sent by you. The only way we can acknowledge such communication is through a written request made previously by our organization.

Consequently, we request that you refrain from providing any Unsolicited Materials through Member Content or in any other way while using the Network. Furthermore, no obligation to review or provide consideration of payment exists for submitting Member Content. Additionally, The Network and its licensors are constantly developing services and products — regardless of how similar they may be to your submitted materials - which will not entitle you to compensation whatsoever.

By submitting Unsolicited Materials to the Network, You acknowledge that they will become the property of the Network without any compensation, accreditation or notice. The Network reserves the right to use or redistribute these materials in their original or altered form, with no obligation to keep them. If these materials are subject to a confidentiality agreement with a third party, You understand that submitting them may violate said agreement, and that You are solely responsible for any resulting legal action against the Network. Furthermore, You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Network from any legal repercussions arising from Your disclosure of Unsolicited Materials and/or its subsequent unrestricted use.

11.3 License in Member Content:

By providing, sending or posting your Member Content to the Platform, or to any Platform associated with Media Presence and Personal Branding, Community Exchange Platform, or any other Member Benefit that allows for the publication of content, You grant the Network and its licensees an unrestricted, worldwide, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, perform, and modify Your Member Content without payment or notification. This includes sub-licensable rights and a permanent transferable allowance. The Network retains the exclusive right to utilize Your Member Content in any way they choose, without restrictions or the need for compensation of any kind. This includes utilizing it without permission from You or notification to You or anyone else.

By granting the above licenses for Your Member Content, You provide perpetual and irrevocable access to all such content regardless of whether or not You remain a part of the Community. The Network nor any other media platform it publishes on will never be called upon to remove this material even if requested by an individual Member, and are absolved from responsibility should they choose not to do so. Despite any other stipulations outlined in this agreement, the Network shall not use any Member Content that has been labeled either “private” or “password protected.” For all other content, however, the Network can take full advantage of its rights to utilize, reproduce, display and modify it for their own purposes.

11.4 The Network Content, except for Member-generated content, is the property of or licensed to the Network and falls under copyright protection. This includes but is not limited to text, stories, artwork, images, photographs videos messages ideas concepts opinions musical compositions audio-visual works interactive features as well as trademarks service marks and logos in accordance with United States laws. You are authorized to use the Network Content "as-is" and exclusively for non-commercial and informative purposes. The Network must authorize any form of usage, such as downloading, copying, reproducing, distributing or selling in writing before it can be put into practice. The Network Content is provided for informative and artistic reasons only. The accuracy, completeness or effectiveness of this content cannot be guaranteed by us. Any reliance You place on the Network Content shall be taken at Your own risk; therefore, we disclaim all liability arising from any dependence placed on the relevant information by You or other Platform visitors.This Agreement does not grant you any rights or licenses under copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary right. The Network retains all the unreferenced rights and your membership in this Community nor this Agreement do not bring forth a transfer of ownership over these claims.

11.5 The Network may choose in its sole discretion to publish Member Content in the form of a “Native Advertisement” on a third-party Web Platform or on the Platform, any such content must not contain endorsements, advertisements, promotions, recommendations or testimonials in connection with any brand, product or service without first including all disclosures required by relevant government regulatory authorities and regulations (including but not limited to Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, Part 255 of the Federal Trade Commission Guides and Trade Practice Rules, and State Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices Laws). Necessary disclosures include information regarding whether You (or any of Your relatives, affiliates or companies in which You hold more than 25% interest) have received or will receive compensation (monetary or otherwise), free/discounted products/services or any other consideration for the publication of Member Content; as well as details pertaining to any material relationship You may have with brands, products/services endorsed within such content. Additionally, You must notify the Network at the time of submitting Member Content should You have any material connection with brands, products/services endorsed therein.


Although the Network doesn't usually pre-screen Member Content, it reserves the right to do so at any time. The Network's decisions on whether a certain item of Member Content is appropriate and in compliance with this Agreement or relevant policies will be definitive.The Network reserves the right to remove any material posted by a Member that violates this Agreement or Policies, without prior notice. Additionally, The Network may terminate or suspend a Member's access if it believes they have repeatedly broken the terms of this agreement. Should the Network terminate or suspend your membership or access to their Platform, they reserve the right to delete and destroy any data stored by you on their servers.


The Network reserves the right to deny, cancel, terminate, suspend, lock or modify access to the Platform at any time and for any reason in its complete discretion. This includes (but is not limited to):

  1. correcting errors made by The Network when offering Member Benefits
  2. aiding with fraud prevention efforts
  3. upholding court orders pertaining to You and other Members of The Network as well as local state, federal laws rules and regulations.
  4. to meet the demands of law enforcement, including a mandate for documentation
  5. in support of any dispute resolution endeavor.
  6. To protect against any suit or potential legal action, with no regard for whether it proves to be meritorious or not.
  7. To protect the Network, its officers, directors, employees, licensors or partners from any potential civil and criminal liability should You file a lawsuit against them or make threats of filing one.
  8. Should the Network learn that any account is being utilized or planned to be used for activities in violation of the Member Code of Conduct, it maintains its right to immediately terminate all privileges and membership within the Community without providing warning or refunding Your Annual Membership Fee. Additionally, if You are found harassing the Network staff, licensors, Members or otherwise breaking this Agreement's terms - again at their sole discretion- Your benefits will also cease with no reimbursement.


The entirety of the Platform and Member Benefits, including but not limited to all software, images, videos and audio content as well as their arrangement are owned exclusively by the Network. This material is subject to copyright laws at a national level (United States) in addition to international trademark, patent trade secret and other intellectual property rights protection.

As a member, you are granted access to the Platform and Member Benefits solely for your own non-commercial use. You must not make copies of, republish, publicly display or perform any material found on the platform; nor can you store or transmit it in any way, except as follows:

  • Your machine may store temporary copies of these resources in RAM as you access and view them.
  • To improve your browsing experience, you can store certain files that will be saved to the cache on your web browser.
  • You are welcome to print or download a reasonable number of pages from the Platform for your own personal use. Any further reproduction, publication, and distribution is strictly prohibited.
  • If you wish to download one of our desktop, mobile or other applications for your own personal use, we grant permission on the condition that you comply with any end-user license agreement associated with those specific applications. This single copy must be downloaded exclusively onto your computer or mobile device and is not intended for commercial purposes.
  • When we offer social media functionality with our content, you can take advantage of the full capabilities these features have to offer.
  • According to the Policy, you may use specific authorized badges or digital promotional materials provided by the Network which denote Your belonging in the Community. However, bear in mind that any of these cannot be modified, nor should your affiliation with this organization be misinterpreted as anything other than a Member at only this moment; additionally, never attempt to commercialize them for personal gain.


  • You are strictly prohibited from altering any material found on the Platform.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences separately from the accompanying text that was originally published on the Platform.
  • You must not tamper with any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices from copies of materials found on the Site.

The Network and Community identities, logotypes, as well any associated names, logos, product or service designs or mottos are all legally protected trademarks of the Network and/or its licensors. Reproducing or altering these marks without prior written consent from the Network is absolutely forbidden and exceptions solely apply to situations expressly listed within this document. You are not given the right to use any logos, product and service names, designs or slogans found on this Platform that belong to other entities. All trademarks pertaining to these items remain solely owned by their respective owners.By printing, copying, modifying, downloading or providing others with access to any part of the Platform, Member Benefits or Additional Services in contradiction of our Policies will cause Your right to use the Platform and its services to be immediately terminated. Additionally, you are required at our discretion either return or destroy all copies of said materials that have been made by You. You do not acquire any exclusive rights, titles, or interests in the Network's Platform, Member Benefits and Additional Services. All rights that are not explicitly granted to you remain reserved by the Network. Should you choose to use these services for purposes outside of what is outlined in this agreement will be considered a breach of terms and may lead to legal repercussions such as copyright infringement or trademark violations.


The Network is committed to the protection of intellectual property and will adhere to procedures established by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) in order to take down any content reported as infringing on U.S. copyrights laws. If you genuinely believe that your work has been used without permission, or if any Member Content, Network Content, Member Benefits, or Additional Services violate your copyright and trademark rights, please send the following information to the Platform Contact with a subject line of "Intellectual Property Claims":

  • provide an accurate description of the infringing material/activity along with sufficient details on its location in relation to the Platform.
  • Please provide the exact details of the trademark or copyrighted work that you allege has been infringed.
  • Your personal details, such as your name, address, contact number and email;
  • I hereby declare that I have a genuine belief, based on good faith, that the use complained of is not authorized by either the trademark/copyright owner or their agent.
  • By signing this statement, I swear under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this notification is accurate and true. Furthermore, I declare on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right being infringed upon that I am authorized to act as their representative for legal recourse.
  • An electronic or physical signature from someone who is legally authorized to act on behalf of the rightful owner of a trademark/copyright must be present.

If you wish to submit a claim for trademark or copyright infringement on our Platform, please direct it to the attention of our designated agent - the Platform Contact. For your convenience, all claims can be sent through other methods by simply contacting us directly and typing "ATTN: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS" in the subject line.

If you do not meet the requirements stated above, your notification will likely be ineffective.

Be aware that if you deliberately misrepresent content on the Platform as infringing your copyright, you may be liable for damages under Section 512(f) of the DMCA, including expenses and legal fees. If any of your Member Content is taken off the Platform, you may be notified in one or more ways. The Network might give notice by way of a general notification on the Platform, an email to your registered email address, or even regular mail to your physical address that they have removed/disabled access to certain content.

If you are presented with this type of notice, you may put forth a counter-notification in writing within the set time frame to the Network's Platform Contact that contains:

  • an identification of the Member Content or material that has been blocked or removed along with its prior location.
  • A declaration under penalty of perjury, that You are the rightful owner or licensee of a trademark or copyright and that any material removed by mistake must be restored to its original form.
  • To make sure we have the correct information for you, please provide us with your full name, mailing address, contact number and email.
  • A statement, that you are consenting to the Court jurisdiction of Delaware. Additionally, you will accept service from whoever has notified You about alleged infringements or an agent thereof related with these claims.
  • Your signature, whether digital or handwritten.

Only submit a counter-notification if the content was removed due to an error or misidentification. When we get your effective DMCA response, we'll forward it along with any contact info you provided in the notification over to the party that reported your member content. They would then use this information to get in touch with you directly. Under the right conditions, we reserve the right to suspend or discontinue memberships of those who violate another's intellectual property rights.


The content and information provided through the Platform and Member Benefits is only intended for general reference purposes. We can't guarantee its accuracy, completeness or usefulness. You agree that any reliance you place on this data will be solely at your own risk. We reject any responsibility for claims or damages that may result from relying on the content of this Platform, regardless if done by you as a visitor to our platform, or by anyone else who has access to it.Our Platform features content from various sources, such as our Members' contributions, other users', bloggers', and third-party licensors', syndicators', aggregators' or reporting services'. The views expressed in these materials, and all the articles and responses to questions or other content excluding those provided by us, are solely the responsibility of the individual or entity providing them. Not only that but they do not always replicate our opinion. We cannot be held responsible for any third-party material accuracy issues you may come across while navigating through our site.

Section 17. LINKS TO THIRD-PARTY Websites

The Platform and corresponding Member Benefits may direct to third-party websites that are not governed or regulated by the Network. The Network is not responsible for any material, stipulations, privacy policies or practices of external sites. Therefore, we urge you to review the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy when accessing these pages outside our domain.Furthermore, the Network has no authority or responsibility to review or censor any third-party website, including that of Marketplace Providers. By taking advantage of Platform access and Member Benefits available through this platform, you accept all risks related to your use of websites not managed by the Network. Therefore, You agree to release the Network from liability resulting from Your utilization of such sites. The Network encourages You to be vigilant when leaving the Platform and to take the time to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions, privacy policies, and any other documents that govern each website You visit.


By joining our community, using the Platform, and availing of Member Benefits or Additional Services you are aware that these services may come with certain risks. Additionally, we provide no guarantee on the Platform's accuracy, availability, or quality as it is provided “as-is”, "as-available", and "with all errors" to all members.

The Network, its personnel and all third parties including partners explicitly renounce any warranty; be it explicit, implied or legal. This includes guarantees of title, saleability for a given purpose and non-violation of the law in question. The Network, its officers, directors, employees, licensors, partners and agents are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of content on the Platform. Additionally this includes any third-party websites linked to through hyperlinks or banner advertising. The services found at such sites is also not guaranteed by Network. Therefore no representations or warranties about these sites will be made and the Network cannot assume any liability regarding them either.

Furthermore, any verbal or written information and advice given by Network representatives—including officers, directors, employees, partners, and agents—cannot override the disclaimers previously mentioned in this document.

This disclaimer of representations and warranties shall be upheld to the highest possible extent allowed by law, and will survive any termination or expiration of this agreement, membership, use of the Platform, or the Member Benefits found on it.


Network, its officers, directors, employees, agents and any Network partner cannot be held liable for damages of any kind which may arise from the accuracy or content of the Platform. Additionally, no liability can exist for third-party websites linked to the Platform through hyperlinks banner advertising or other means as allowed under applicable law.The Platform provides members with a range of benefits, as well as links to third-party websites. However, the Platform is not liable for any personal injury or property damage caused by such third-party conduct and/or unauthorized access to our servers. Furthermore, should there be an interruption or cessation of services provided through the Platform or associated member benefits, no liabilities shall arise from this either. The Network is not liable for any malicious viruses, worms, bugs, Trojan horses or other similar content that may be transmitted from external sources. Furthermore, the Network is not liable and condones any user-generated content which can be deemed offensive and/or potentially harmful - such as that of a pornographic nature or with inflammatory language. Any found material fitting this description will result in the suspension of an offender's account per our terms and conditions outlined herein.Network will be allowed to terminate your membership if it finds that you have violated this Agreement or the Policies as determined by Network, and also holds no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by using their Platforms or Member Benefits. The damages includes but not limited to Warranty, Contract, Tort, Legal Claim and Equity Theory regardless of whether Network is aware of such Damages in advance. Furthermore, if Network is found to be liable for any damages in excess of the total annual membership fees paid by you to them, this limitation on liability will still apply and endure even after termination or expiration of your use of their platform and services.

Despite the preceding, if any of Network's directors, officers, employees or agents is held accountable for any economic damage resulting from your use of the Platform, Member Benefits or other services; their collective liability shall not exceed what you have paid to the Network annually during the 12 months prior to such claim. This limitation specifically applies to the economic damages caused by using the Platform, Member Services, and your Membership; it does not cover any personal injury resulting from intentional actions or claimed fraud.

Section 21. INDEMNITY

You agree to safeguard, defend, indemnify and absolve the Network and its affiliated entities, subsidiaries, affiliates, related companies and their officers, directors, members, managers, employees, agents, successors and assigns as well as the Network licensors (collectively referred to hereinafter as “Network Parties”) from and against any disputes of every kind and nature (including without limitation reasonable outside attorneys’ fees) arising out of or associated with Your use of the Platform or Member Benefits; Your violation of any term found in this Agreement or any Policies; or Your infringement on any third-party right including but not limited to intellectual property rights. These indemnification obligations will remain binding even after Your termination from the Platform or the expiration of this Agreement.


This Agreement shall remain valid and in effect for the parties herein, as well as their respective heirs, successors, and assigns.

Section 22. U.S. EXPORT LAWS

The Platform and its associated Member Benefits are bound by the export laws, regulations and administrative acts of U.S authorities, such as the Department of Commerce, Treasury Office OFAC and State Department (collectively referred to as “U.S. Export Laws”). Those using the Platform or taking advantage of Member Benefits agree not to use them for collecting, storing or transmitting any technical information that is restricted under these export laws. It is strictly prohibited for users to export or re-export any portion of the Platform and associated Member Benefits if it violates United States Export Laws. Additionally, downloading or exporting content related to the Platform in embargoed countries as well as those on U.S Treasury Department's Specially Designated Nationals list, US Commerce Department Denied Persons List and all other denied parties lists under U.S Export laws are also banned practices that should not be carried out by our users. By submitting your application and utilizing the Platform, you confirm that: 1) You are not a national or resident of any restricted country; 2) Your name is not found on a denied parties list; 3) You acknowledge and agree to comply with all U.S Export Laws (including “anti-boycott”, “deemed export” and “deemed re-export” regulations). By accessing the Platform or taking advantage of Member Benefits from foreign countries and jurisdictions, you do so at your own risk. Ensure that any relevant local lawsin those areas adhere to U.S Export Laws; if not, it is forbidden for you to access the Platform, member benefits or additional services under these Policies. This clause will remain applicable even after any termination or expiration of this document as well as when ceasing use of the platform altogether.


Our Platform and Community membership are specifically for residents of the United States. If you live in the European Union, we do not intend to monitor your activities or behaviors within that region as we are based outside of it and hence, exempt from any GDPR provisions. Thus, if you reside in Europe, we strongly advise against using our Platform or services.


The Network cannot guarantee that all content available on the Platform or any of the Member Benefits are legally permissible in every country and state. Therefore, access to these services from areas where they may be prohibited is strictly forbidden. Should a Member choose to utilize them regardless, they will assume full responsibility for any legal implications associated with their decision and the Network shall not bear liability should said services prove illegal in certain jurisdictions.

Article 25: Utilization of the Platform by Minors

Membership and the Platform are specifically designed for people 18 years of age or older, so we will never knowingly collect personal information from children under 13. Furthermore, you must be at least 18 to apply for membership registration on our platform or take advantage of Member Benefits. We kindly request that you abide by these restrictions and not assist anyone in bypassing them in any way.

To protect your children from potential dangers on the internet, we recommend that parents routinely engage with their child’s online activities and utilize parental controls within web browsers to restrict access to certain areas of the web.


26.1 All terms outlined within this Agreement and the Policies, excluding conflicting or preempted federal laws, shall be governed by the laws of Delaware State. If any disputes arise between you and the Network that cannot be resolved internally with our stated policies they will also fall under the jurisdiction of said state.

26.2 Commitment to Arbitration: Any and all conflicts that have or may arise between You and the Network, regarding this Agreement or any previous versions of it, Your access to Member Benefits or Additional Services, must be settled exclusively through binding arbitration. This shall adhere by the rules stated in The Federal Arbitration Act. Emergency injunctive relief is an exception to this policy.

26.3 Restriction on Class and Representative Actions: You and the Network acknowledge that you can only bring claims against each other as an individual; not in any purported class or representative action nor as a private attorney general. Unless both Network and yourself mutually agree to the contrary, it is within the arbitrator's power to not consolidate or join claims from more than one person. Furthermore, they are also unable to preside over any form of a representative class action, consolidated proceedings or private attorney general actions. Furthermore, the arbitrator can only grant relief (which could include monetary, injunctive or declaratory) to the specific individual who requested it and appropriate for their case. No other members will be affected by this decision. If a court ascertains that particular laws restrain enforcement of any portion of this Section, then only that claim can be removed from arbitration and brought to the court. You and the Network will possess the right to appeal against the decision made by the court. All other claims must still go through arbitration proceedings.

The arbitration process is less formal than taking a case to court. An arbitrator, rather than a judge or jury, will make the readings and rulings, and courts have minimal power when it comes to reviewing an arbitration award. It should be noted that an arbitrator has the same power as a court in delivering damages and relief on an individual basis. The arbitrator is obligated to adhere to the terms of this Agreement and/or Policies as a court would. The arbitrator shall make all decisions concerning issues related to this Agreement to Arbitrate, with the exception of questions related to its scope or enforceability or interpretation of Section 26.3 which shall be decided by a competent court of jurisdiction.

The American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) will oversee the arbitration process, adhering to their rules and procedures, as well as any modifications in accordance with this Agreement. Further information can be found on or by calling AAA at 1-800-778-7879. Notably, an arbitrator is not limited to one—the number of arbitrators presiding over the proceedings shall adhere to whichever rule designates such criteria set forth by the AAA's regulations.

You can access the form to commence arbitration proceedings at, provided by the AAA in line with their protocols and regulations. You must dispatch a copy of this completed form to your opposing party once it's been filled out; conversely, if the Network is initiating arbitration against you, they will send a complete version of said document to whatever physical address on record corresponds with your membership status. Nobody should divulge any settlement offers made between either party or network and yourself - including the arbitrator themselves!

If the relief sought is valued up to $10,000 or less, either You or the Network may decide that the arbitration will be conducted via telephone calls or written submissions only. Such choice shall be binding on both parties under consideration for an in-person hearing by the arbitrator if deemed necessary. Even when a physical gathering takes place, You and/or your partner have permission to attend remotely unless otherwise instructed by the third-party mediator. The primary site of this session lies within Delaware's jurisdiction.

The arbitrator will take into account applicable law and established concepts of equity when making any claim judgments. They must abide by all legal privilege laws, but are not legally obligated to conform with decisions from other arbitration cases that involve different parties. The judgment made by the arbitrator is considered absolute, without exception; it may be officially documented in a court of jurisdiction if necessary.

26.5 Except for any provisions in Section 26.3 of this Agreement, if an arbitrator or court declares that a segment of this Agreement is unenforceable or invalid, the remaining parts shall remain valid and be upheld by all parties involved.

If you would prefer to not agree to this arbitration agreement, you can choose to opt-out within thirty days of the start of your initial membership. To do so, mail a written Opt-Out Notice via certified mail, return receipt requested to The Community Contact. Failing to opt out confirms that you are giving up your right for any claims related matters from being adjudicated by a court of law.

In order to successfully opt-out, you must fill out the Opt-Out Notice with your full name, physical address (which should include street number and name, city, state and zip code), as well as any user ID(s) or email addresses related to the membership in question. Additionally, you will need to sign the form for it be effective.The only way to opt-out from the Agreement to Arbitrate is through this procedure. Even if you choose to opt-out, the other components of our mutual agreement will remain applicable and valid for you. Additionally, opting out of the Agreement does not affect any arbitration agreements that have been made in past or are planned for future between us.

26.7 Should the Agreement to Arbitrate become voided as a result of Your decision to opt-out or due to any other related factor, You agree that all disputes are required by law to be solved exclusively through state and federal court systems located in Delaware. You and the Network hereby agree to submit any claims for emergency injunctive relief to the jurisdiction of courts located within Delaware. Furthermore, you waive all defenses regarding lack of personal jurisdiction or forum non-conveniens that could be raised against litigating such disputes in this location. By agreeing to this agreement, you agree to waive any right that may be provided by law in taking the matter before a jury trial. This applies to all actions and proceedings arising out of or related to this Agreement.


This Agreement, along with the Policies therein, is our exclusive understanding between You and the Network regarding membership on this Site. All previous written or verbal understandings concerning Your use of this Platform and its associated services are nullified by these documents.


The headings and titles of this Agreement are just to make it easier to read; they should not be used in any way to interpret the agreement between both parties. Furthermore, each covenant and agreement must be interpreted as separate entities which are independent from one another.If a court of appropriate jurisdiction determines that any provision (or part of a provision) in this Agreement is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the rest of the provisions (or parts thereof) shall be unaffected and remain valid and enforceable according to the highest level of legal authority.


If you have inquiries regarding the Platform, this Agreement, Your membership, Policies and Member Benefits, payments and refunds; opt-out matters; copyright/trademark infringement or any other topic, don't hesitate to contact the Platform Contact. We are here to help!


By accessing the Platform or sending emails to the Network, You are communicating electronically with us. Therefore, You agree that all notices and other communications sent from us will be done so electronically as well.The Network will reach out to you at the email address specified when enrolling as a Member, or via notifications on your dashboard within the Platform. You consent that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other correspondences we provide electronically meet any legal condition for written communications under applicable law.


For New Jersey residents, the following provisions of this Agreement shall not apply: (i) limitations on Network liability for any tortious action or breach of contract; (ii) caps placed on potential damages from a tortious action or breach of contract; and (iii) requirements that claims against the Network must be brought within an abbreviated period compared to what is mandated by New Jersey law.