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Welcome! We are excited to have you on board as a Community partner on our mission to bring 100 000 women in tech together to discuss things that matter! 

We truly believe in the power of collaboration, working together towards achieving a common goal - bringing more diversity to tech, closing the gender gap, and making sure women are part of the solution to our current and future challenges.

As part of this collaboration, we will provide complimentary tickets and visibility of your community to the WomenTech Network. In return, we kindly ask you to raise awareness about the Conference through active communication on your channels like website, blog, events calendar, internal message board, newsletter, and others.

Roles and Responsibilities

⭐️ What we provide:

  • 3 complimentary VIP tickets to the Women in Tech Global Conference 2024.
  • 20% discount for your community.
  • Featured on Community Partners banner
    • During conference announcements
    • Thank You email newsletter (+80k)
    • Social Media (+160k followers cumulative)
    • Conference Page
  • Your logo and link on the community partners page.
  • Marketing collateral and copy to promote the conference.

⭐️ What we ask for:

  • Add the event to your website calendar or blog with a link to the conference page
  • First Post: Announce the partnership to your community (Newsletter, Social Media 1-3 months before)
  • Second Post: Announce the Agenda of WTGC (Newsletter, Social Media / 4-8 weeks before)
  • Third Post: Get Ready for the Women in Tech Global Conference (2 weeks before)

If you'd like to propose anything else please provide a comment below.

Please list all the channels where you plan to announce the conference. 
This will also help us to send you relevant materials.

We will provide a short guide and specific posts for social media & newsletter features.


We will provide a short guide and specific posts for social media & newsletter features.

To share about the conference feel free to use the copy below or craft your own:

Due Date Responsible Task
ASAP Partner Complete and sign this form.
within two weeks WomenTech Network Confirm agreement, send tickets and announcement materials to partner.
Dec-Mar Partner Announce the conference on the agreed channels.
Mar 30 WomenTech Network Add partner logo to the conference page.