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Exploring TensorFlow with Abigail Reo

Hello everyone, thrilled to be with you today! My name is Abigail Reo, a proud Bolivian. Today, we're going to venture deep into the world of TensorFlow. This extensively useful tool, a product of Google, is a free and open source platform for machine learning. It is a go-to tool for training and influencing natural networks.

A Breakdown of TensorFlow

Primarily, TensorFlow operates based on data flow and different levels of programming. Its flexibility makes it a perfect match with Keras, enabling users to optimize their machine learning efforts. Be it panda images or tiger appearances, TensorFlow alongside Keras can classify and generate different neural networks. Stick around till the end for we'll be doing a classifying exercise!

Insider tip: For those who have mastered TensorFlow and are actively using it─ congratulations!

What makes TensorFlow special is it's adaptability to a myriad of tasks. In the world of E-commerce, for instance, it has proven invaluable. Internet marketplaces across the globe heavily deploy TensorFlow and Keras for classifying different products based on characteristics like price, color, pixels, etc.

The OpenCV and its role in AI

Venturing further, we'll touch on the OpenCV and its significance in AI. Powering image analysis and processing, the 'Computer Vision' is an indispensable tool for machine learning. Coupled with Python, it enables users to manipulate large multimedia vectors and matrices, opening a whole new world of possibilities. But that's not all, Python's 'os' module offers extensive functionalities like process management and file operations which simplify tasks in machine learning.

The Machine learning Exercise

Ladies and gentlemen, roll up your sleeves. It's time for our TensorFlow exercise! Misplace your worries if you find some terms daunting. We're here to define each one of them. First up, we have NumPy which is a package for Python that supports multidimensional arrays and matrices. Our second tool, PIL helps with opening, manipulating, and saving numerous image file formats. Both are integral to the exercise.

Continuing, there's Flatten, an essential in data processing for structuring data. We also utilize Adam, an optimizer for Gradient Descent with benefits like computational efficiency, less memory requirement, and invariance to diagonal rescale.

The Significance of Technology in Latin America

In the last five years, TensorFlow has experienced major growth and modifications. This mirrors the increasing importance of technology in digital businesses. Venturing into the Latin America scenario─ between 2015 and 2019, there was a 673% rise in venture capital investment, reaching a record $6 billion just last year. This paints a promising picture of the potential of digital businesses in the region.

Digital businesses powered by technology continue to grow and lead to the creation of new startups. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where TensorFlow and Keras come in. These tools offer businesses insights to make informed decisions, innovate, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Closing Remarks

Always remember, technology is an integral part of startups. It's constantly evolving and you have to keep up. Passion, knowledge, and a good team are essentials to success. Don’t forget to always innovate, otherwise someone else will beat you to it.

It’s a wrap, everyone. I trust that you'll leverage this knowledge in your machine learning journey and beyond. If you need any further assistance, you can find me on GitHub, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Thank you for joining us today!

Video Transcription

OK. Uh It was nice to meet you everyone. Uh My name is uh Abigail Reo. I live um in Bolivia. I'm from Bolivia. Nice to meet you everyone again. Uh But about, about today, um let's start with a ma classification with terms of flow. OK. Let's continue.But the first question is what is terms of law, terms of flow um is create by Google. Uh It's a free open source of price level for learning is very, very uh useful, these tools. Uh But um if you know, I've developed these skills with terms of flow and mature learning is cool. Congratulations. Uh That's um these, these tools uh they can be used across a run of tax but has a particular focus and train the influence of the natural networks. Uh For example, terms of flow, um it's a land based on data flow and different level programming. Um Just uh we could be used with Kas and you know what's very, very important and flexible to Kas with Terrazo. OK. Today um uh in this very uh big global conference 2021 in Goch uh tell, let's start with this picture. Uh Because you know, there are many uh picture about tiger and panda and there are animals and very interesting but it's very um um very interesting with users of flow and, and caras but trying different um ne ne neuro and trying to different machine, machine learning, you can see different pictures.

Uh If you know, there are many, you can, you can classify with different um bi you know what is very important. And that other, other example is if you know, uh there are that many ecommerce marketplace around the world on the internet. Uh you know, uh you can use this uh these skills, winter of law and cars. Um for example, uh there are many picture uh inside data, data set. Uh There are many picture about clothes, uh jeans, shoes, dress uh to shares um that you know what the internet you can sell also that these products, you know, what is different uh classified with price, different price categories, um colors, pixel, you know what's uh characteristics, colors, um clarify when, when this information to user final, you know.

Um So continue um I'll talk about about the open can by us. Mali listed listed grid. Why? Because um after that I I you uh a practice um on um collab uh from Google. Uh um I prepare, I practice and um Python is very interesting. OK. But, but before uh we need to understand what's, what's these words, what's concept, what's important about this? Practice. For example, um you know, the computer vision is increasingly being used for I imagine alys and processing using artifice in intelligence algorithms. Uh above of pi uh For example, um it's a, a literary for uh for the Python programming language that provides support for creating large multi meed vectors and matrices along with a larger collection and high level mathematical function to operate of them. Uh That's that's important on P on Python uh for the Python. So um the Python as a model allow you to performs u the pain uh operations such as creates of folders. Uh List is a content for a folders learning about the process, terminating a process and so on. It's very important uh what you implement uh the model and Python, for example, this one O OK. But in this practice, we uh we will male but what is male? OK. Uh What the question is very interesting uh Because um in this model leads uh you know what the correct figure and one more and set of fixes return and reference of the figure and the axis, it is very important when you implement uh many, many pictures uh you can graphic, you can show a very um important visual, you know what you get a cool information, for example, uh which generates graph according to your wishes.

OK. So um the next concept lister uh this one, what is a return list contains the names of rights pile of direction in the specific directory. The reason we will use uh list it, OK? But uh you know that uh you, you can, you can listen too much are right? But what is, what means, what is uh it's a structure that title of that allow to store an homogeneous set of data. OK? And all of them of the same type of relate it is very important. So another is uh for example, um R or ma float A and what is this concept uh concept to implement in this practice? Uh And I will show you this, it's a part uh of this practice. Um But radio is very important because you know uh when, when you implement this type of practice, you need basically given a value X. For example, if this value is less than zero, if you convert it to zero, I can be a greater, it returns the same value. This deep learning uh translate as whenever neural gives a negative output to now the neuro very important. Really. The next concept sub max. Uh what is um sub mass is mathematical function that converts a vector and number into a vector of probability where the probability of each value are professional to the relative scale of each value in the vector. That reason we implement soft max in, in, in this exercise. OK.

And the use of the P fusion uh flatten, flatten. What is flatten? I don't know, I don't understand OK. No problem because uh flatten use the scatter fusions withdrawing and match. Uh And you need some data, for example, you can first get the number of column and the required matrix in the then cover it to a single row matrix by calling uh the platinum fusion for example. And then called OK. Um Why Adam, why, what's the meaning? I don't know. OK. No problem because a uh um it's an extension of the gradient descent optimization algorithms and the reason we implement, OK. So uh continue, I'll show you my uh exercise this one. OK. For example, you know, uh you can see my screen. Uh I Yes. OK. Um So for example, uh we need to implement um data sets. OK. Very important. Implement data sets uh to the many, many, many, many picture, you know. But uh that's uh for example, for could be a close where the many uh what objects you know, but that in this, in this session, in this example, we um use picture about T and panda. OK. Uh OK. Uh I select the Z panda and tigers. So import C file, uh import your data. OK. But recognized in this exercise in part CV two NP I to I told you what meaning non P before uh Maple uh I imagine you can, you can, it's very important what um determinate these concepts. OK. Maple.

Uh what uh determinate in this exercise with um in this collab of uh Google. OK. Uh OK. In this, in this session, I I see the, the what uh order or, or position uh currency in, in this session about the matrix about the pictures, you know, it's very important and you know what's a position in that category and or select picture, you know what many picture of the said picture, you just require just one of tiger, what position uh what's uh select a number, you know?

But in this, in this decision, I I see this. OK. OK. Um This one you can see what uh for example, read because you know what's uh the category uh about the colors and you, you can see the picture, recognize the picture I select before OK? And classify uh I I see the number named with picture. Uh what the level with levels is very important with T panda tigers. Uh There are the many pictures, you know what is very, very beautiful because why, why implement this? OK. I'll return my presentations. Uh Let's continue, let's continue. Um you know, mm 100 billion in Latin America, for example, was already experiencing exponential growth and uh in commerce between the 2018 and 2019 spending online shopping, accepted. Uh the the start ups enterprises, there are many million millions around the world increasing incredible but the technology is for very important. Uh uh It's a factor very important around the world. Uh because you know, the COVID-19 uh there are the many opportunity, make different solution, um make different um get knowledge about the investigation when implements but continue uh new model business, uh business, uh digital business, you know what's very important. But if you, you know different skills, um I don't know, tool about the Microsoft, um I don't know, Google is very central because terms of flow um was elaborates. Um I don't know about five years ago.

Uh birth, continue modification, continue uh growing, you know what's about to implement this reality. Uh So between 2015 and 2019 matu capital investment in Latin America have grown, right? Uh 673% a stand at a record level and used uh for that 6 billion for the last years.

This information is very important mission, this uh conference because um there are a lot of many money. If you invest, you can learn, invest very good um good channel uh in around the world about the business digital. But if you get knowledge about implement this technology, but you know, use very good marketing and finance as you can do many things of other start ups, new start ups um growing uh start ups to implement all in digital. And I'm from, I'm from Bolivia. I live in Latin America. I I told you that uh that information because it's very important implement Latin America mm to match uh technology and it means very well about the business digital. I recommend the, the uh this one because um it's very important when implement start up with technology. Um But if you know, if you um I know different information about technology and trends around the world, you can see more uh more, more, get more uh opportunity in this challenge times. OK. Uh Start up is very important, you can change it every day. You know, the technology changes every day. Uh start ups is very important. Implement a woman and, and good team, you know, uh with different skills, different professional, different tools uh but always innovate uh where you um be OK. Technology uh you know, very important.

Uh always, always, always, um it's very important to show what implements the value about the uh enterprise. And in your start ups is the more and more most most important for me is the passions, passion is um is an element very important for you because if you break in your start up, um for many reasons, I don't know. But if you continue that in its passions and implements what uh whatever you um live, you can uh implement other start ups when you get knowledge before a about experience uh different start up, I don't know. But it's very important too is um get a good team. Uh very, very, very important. Uh There are many start ups implement uh in quarantine time and technology uh open the door are the many opportunity, get, you know, uh get knowledge, uh get knowledge about different technology and different language, you know, but if you prepare different um sessions but to continue a open mind in different uh aspects and you, and you start up, you can innovate more.

Mm because uh the technology um uh every, every country um have a close, very, very, very, very, very strong. OK. The passion is very important, not forget uh technologies always implementing your start ups. Um start up always is very important when a woman leader, a leader uh shapes another uh another woman. OK. So it's very important. The three recommendations for you. Uh not forget, please. The passion is the most important. Um OK. OK. I, I if we have better uh I could, I will come back in this exercise. Sorry. In my exercise about this is this a success we implement and marketplace ecommerce. You know uh you know what you there are many user uh it's important, see that products, these products price, tie weight, um colors. I don't know. II I need see to buy. It's very important. OK. So on others uh for me, it's a pleasure to be here. Uh because uh I can share this information with you. Uh But I want to motivate you uh because it's very important there are many enterprise um leaders by women. OK. So sorry. Mm OK. OK. Don't forget. OK. Um I repeat you uh birth is very important. It creates a, a start up in this challenge time. Um, technology, not forget, le, uh, get knowledge about, uh, technology. Um, it doesn't matter what coverage you studied before. Ok. Technology always, always, uh, is very important, uh, to get knowledge in you.

And I don't know, many person tell, uh, say, um, the technology is my hobby. I don't know. I, I heard of something like that. Ok. Is the most important is the pa, don't forget, please. Ok. Uh, ok. Um, my name is a Jeronimo. I ni nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry. My, about my English. Sorry. But my first language is Espanol Spanish. And you can find in this gig up Twitter, linkedin. Um, Abigail Jeronimo. Thank you, everyone. Thank you. The team, uh, women take congratulation about this global conference. 2021. Thank you so much.