Alexandria Agresta - The Wrecking Ball: How Purpose Ignites Unstoppable Growth in the New Normal

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Finding the Sweet Spot Between Purpose and Profit in the New Normal

Greetings to the beautiful ladies all across the globe! How incredible it is to be able to connect in a virtual setting, to learn and grow together. Today, I want to share with you some words of wisdom that can help us navigate this new normal that we're facing.

The Power of Excitement and Vibrant Energy

As we begin, I want you all to ponder on a questions: "How do I feel today?" Let's energize the room with vibrant energy and excitement. Why? Because similar energies attract; your positive energy can attract others who are just as excited and vibrant.

Striving for the Integration Point Between Purpose and Profit

My name is Alexandria Re Agresta, the co-founder at Purpose pioneers. My belief is in a world where people can perfectly align their professional and personal lives. We named this integration point the "sweet spot between purpose and profit." It's the stage where you make the most of what is valuable to you and your team, as well as to your customer. When work no longer feels like a burden but a joy, that's when you know you've made it to the sweet spot.

Assessing Our Current State - Trust is Down, Feelings are Up

Nonetheless, the recent unexpected events of 2020, which compelled us to adapt our lives and businesses, made it harder for us trust in the marketplace. Amidst this climate of low trust and heightened emotional awareness, one concept made its way to the surface - purpose. Purpose can be the foundation on which we rebuild our trust, and it directly appeals to our heightened feelings.

Finding and Articulating Your Purpose

So, how do we set out on this path? By taking three steps:

  1. Getting clear about the feeling you want to empower in others: Reflect on the feeling you want to invoke in your team and your customers. Remember, people are buying not just your product or service, but the feeling it provides.
  2. Articulating your purpose: Once that feeling is clear to you, you need to articulate it. Start with a "power statement" that describes the world as you wish it to be. Then, formulate a "purpose statement" about how you are working towards that ideal.
  3. Sharing your purpose: Build a stronger connection with your team by sharing your purpose. Make them feel a part of something bigger. The way to get buy in from your team and your customers is simply to stand up, be courageous, and speak your truth passionately.

Final Words of Encouragement

In the end, remember that it's not really about how much time we take but how much courage we muster up. Let courage lead your steps as you navigate through this rewarding journey of purpose and profit. So go ahead, and embrace the field of possibilities with an open heart and a strong will.

Video Transcription

Beautiful. Well, what is up? All of the beautiful ladies out there. Oh my goodness, all over the world. How fun is it that we get to do virtual summits, virtual conferences? Because we get to connect with people from all over the world, all walks of life.So I just want to thank everyone for having me today. Uh I know 20 minutes go by really fast, but we're going to jam pack it with a lot of fun, a lot of excitement, a lot of wisdom. So I, I'm gonna just hop over to the stage chat. So uh I would love to get some energy flow. And so for everyone that's here, uh Let's drop one feeling word in the chat below. Uh How you feeling? Let's get the energy pumping. If you can't already tell energy is my thing. I really believe that excited and vibrant energy uh really attracts other excited, vibrant energy. So let's pick up that energy. Uh Anna said, excited uh Josie already vibing with his energy. I see a like energy vibes with a like energy. So I love this. Let's get those feeling words in the chats, Nicole high vibes. Uh super excited jazz. What's up Erica? One of my amazing clients who's also a speaker. Maggie said, Ready Marilyn Curious Willie C oh my goodness. We have so many amazing people in here. Oh, my goodness. Interested, grateful in inspired, inspired, beautiful my feeling word. I feel, I feel abundant.

I also feel very cute because I just got this romper and I want to wear it for the rest of my life. So I was like, this is just the perfect speaking outfit. Oh my goodness. So anyway, without further ado, let's dive in. My name is Alexandria Re Agresta. I am the co-founder at Purpose pioneers where we believe in a world where people fully align what they do to make money with what they do to experience meaning and fulfillment in their lives. And we call that the sweet spot between purpose and profit, this beautiful integration point between what is meaningful to you, what is meaningful to your team, what it lights you up, the real impact you wanna make in the world and what is valuable, what is valuable to your customer when you can be in that beautiful sweet spot of sharing your gifts and your genius, whether it's just you or it's a whole team in a way that needs in the marketplace, these these pains, these challenges that people are yearning to be solved.

What happens in that sweet spot, you become unstoppable and really this beautiful thing starts to happen where work doesn't really feel like work anymore, whether it's your own company or whether you work for a company. So that sweet spot of purpose and profit is really what lights me up. It's what gets me out of bed every single morning and in this new normal that we're navigating. Right. I, I call that 2021 post, 2020. Anyone want to take that? Oh, that's what I, you know, 2020 threw us for a loop. It was something that we could have. Uh we, we couldn't see it coming, it happened and we had to go through it, we had to navigate it. And you know, what makes me feel very connected and hopeful is we, we're on the other side, right? We're here, we're here together and we want to learn and we want to grow and we want to know how to navigate this new normal. And I have, you know, on my journey through my trials and tribulations, I've uncovered a couple of things and it kept coming back to this concept of purpose. So before we dive in, I would love to, to, to get some, some thoughts in the chat. What does purpose mean to you when you hear that word? What does it do to your body? What thoughts come to mind? What's that sensation in your heart? What, what comes to mind when you hear this word purpose? I want to find that sweet spot. Yes.

Oh Thank you ladies. I'm seeing lots of comments on my necklace. Thank you. Me and my got matching necklaces and matching rob. So I'm gonna be like this fact to her. Beautiful. So I, I would love to hear what his purpose mean. We'll just get that goal, chat, life goal. I love that. So as that's going in the chat, you know, for me, there was once a time where I was not when I gotta plug my computer and there was once a time where I was not as it related to not only my personal life, but also my leadership and my professional life. There was once a time where, you know, I started my business. It was incredible. I wasn't doing it in a way that felt good for me. I wasn't honoring my gifts. I wasn't making the real impact that I wanted to make in the world. And really, you know, for anyone who's an entrepreneur here and runs your own business, I just manifested what I ran away from. It's like, wait, I wasn't happy there. So now I'm doing my own thing and now I'm not happy here. So like what, what's going on here and you know how to right now, I think 2020 made a lot of us more acutely aware of our pains, right? When chaos happens, it forces us into awareness, it forces us into, it forces us to go. Oh my goodness.

Tomorrow is not promised I don't know what's gonna hurl at me next. So here are great questions. I'd love for everyone to jot this down in your journal. These are great reflection questions. Who do I want to be now? Not later, not now. After another chaotic event happens, who do I want to be now? What do I want to do now? How do I want to show up with family, with my team, with my business? How do I wanna show up now? So that's the beauty of this new normal or navigating these beautiful reflection? Questions the core of the decisions that we make, we take, how we behave with ourselves with others. So I actually believe in this new normal. We have all of the golden opportunity that we have ever had ever to get back into alignment with our truest high self to let those gifts shine in our roles, with our team, with our customers, with our business. And ladies, I know it can be scary in the new normal, right? What do I do? This is new, that's why we call it the new normal. I know it can be scary. I know it can be overwhelming, but there's a secret sauce to help you navigate in a way that goes with the flow and the current of life instead of against it, right? Like who wants that?

I, I know I, I wanna just go with the current of life instead of always be going against it. My business partner, he said this earlier today and I just love that. He said this because now it's coming to mind for this talk. Life is like ride the wave, right? Hide the wave, the wave. It's beautiful and we see the sun and we see the water, we might see a little fishy in the wave and then we brush up on shore. But imagine if we're going against it, things become tough, things become challenging. We beg confuses. Maybe we get passive aggressive a bit. You know, when your relationships aren't thriving. So I really that our secret sauce here purpose can be the thing that helps us flow with the current of life and what comes with life, everything, our business, our families, our team that we lead the team that we are on. So what I wanna share with you today is three super simple yet very actionable because that's my thing, right? I love dropping bombs. I love sharing wisdom. I love saying those things that make you go. Oh Damn al you did something to me, girl. And when we feel that I wanna share with you actionable things that can then invite you into what I you're all gonna love this. I know you're all gonna love this, what I call the field of possibility. So that's what we're gonna do today.

I'm gonna share wisdom in a way where you can take action on it so you can start to invite yourself into the field of possibility, this place where anything is possible, where purpose can be, that thing that allows you to have a thriving successful business that allows you to run your team in a way that feels like a dream that allows you to attract more abundance, more clients and customers than you can even fathom right now in this moment.

So before I share those three simple steps, it's really important that I lay this foundation that in this new normal that we are in because chaotic events happen because you know, there were times where instead of all of us being on the same team, we were fighting each other, right?

All these things happened and that has a direct effect on business and teams, right? So when chaotic event happens, what can happen is trust can go down in the marketplace, right? I'm weary. I don't know, I might, I I get it. I'm not, I don't get the best vibe here, right? So it's important to recognize that in this chaos. What happened? What I saw happen is trust is going a bit down in the marketplace. I don't know if I trust that company to work for it. I don't know if I trust that person to buy from it. And the other thing is all those reflection questions, who do I wanna be now, what do I wanna do now? It actually invites people to be more in touch with their feelings. So we have two really beautiful things going on. Trust is down and feelings are up. Write that down, trust is down, feelings are up. So what's in that beautiful middle ground between trust is down? Feelings are up? Can anyone guess begins with a P purpose? How do we get people to trust us more? How do we get people to feel something when they come in contact with me? How do I get my team to be bought into our mission and our movement? How do I turn my team, my message, my business into do something bigger, right? All these seemingly ambiguous pie in the sky, questions. They're no longer in the sky. My ladies because I bring that right down to the earth sky to soil.

Purpose is one of the most logical tangible frontal lobe, right? All of our logic is right up here, right? In our frontal lobe, purpose is the least lofty thing and the most tactical practical tangible thing I've ever seen put into practice. So if you are wanting to trust yourself more, if you are wanting your team and your leaders to trust yourself to trust you more, if you're wanting your clients and customers to trust you more, if you're ready to do things differently and you want people to freaking feel something the way that you feel about what you're doing.

And if you want people to feel that purpose, purpose in action, purpose integrated into your leadership into your business. So step number one, get clear. Step number one, you gotta sit down and hold space to talk through this stuff. I have so many people come to me, business leaders, speakers like I want these things, I wanna walk down this road of purpose. I want to do these things. I wanna make people feel something like I wanna have impact be the thing that makes me money, but they don't hold space to talk through it. So number one is asking yourself, write this bad boy down, asking yourself what is the deeper feeling that I ignite within both my team and my clients and customers. I'd love to get that in the chat. What's the feeling that you ignite within your people? Because guess what? People don't buy products, they buy feelings, people don't buy products, they buy feelings. There is a feeling associated with every single thing we buy every single thing we see in the material world even like chapstick. This isn't chapstick. This make when I put this on it makes me feel tingly. It makes me feel nourish. It makes me feel like my lips are a little bit moisture because they were dry. There is a feeling, a feeling associated with every single thing that we transact with.

So what is the feeling that you ignite? OK. So, so that first step, you gotta get clear on this, my invitation to you, book some time in your calendar. No more doing for just a moment. More being, let's start to reflect. Let's hold space for ourselves for our team. Let's start to talk through this step. Number two, articulating it. Does anyone remember the first? I know I was like, you know, warming up introducing myself when I said, let's get started. I said my name is Alexandria Agresta. And does anyone remember what I said? I started with, I believe in a world where people fully align what they do to make money with what they do to experience meaning and fulfillment in their lives. We call it the sweet spot of purpose and profit. And I looked over to the chat and I saw a couple of people go, I want to live in that sweet spot. I feel that I want that, that right there ladies, every single talk that I do, every marketing material, my website, I mean, you name it, you will see that statement on there. I call that your power statement. It begins with, I believe in a world where this is the first step that you can start to articulate your purpose. What's this world you want to live in? There's a reason you're doing the things that you're doing.

You're not just working for that company just because you didn't just start that business just because what's this world that you're working towards? So that's one step that you can start articulating it, bringing it to life. The second thing, I didn't say this, but this is what I would say. I bring that belief to life by turning entrepreneurs into thought, leaders and businesses into movements. Did anyone feel something when I said that was anyone intrigued? Maybe curious? Like what hold on, what's going on here? That's the purpose statement. And if you notice I didn't talk about the products I sell and the services that I sell, I didn't say I'm a speaker and yada yada. That's, that's your products and services. That's not what people buy first. People buy a feeling when I say that to the right audience, they go, I wanna be a thought leader on a further movement. You made me feel something, Alex, I'm listening. This is how you start to get people to trust you, to listen to you, to believe in you and to take action with you. So step two is start to articulate this. I know we only had 20 minutes here but you can put this into motion after the session. Write this down, write out your power statement, I believe in a world where the second thing write out your purpose statement.

I bring this belief to life by what is it that you do? That's not your products and services. I don't wanna hear about that yet. I don't care about that yet. Make me feel something. Make me go. I wanna talk to you over all of the other options that I have and the last step. Oh my God, we are just perfect on time. Oh my goodness. So the last step. So for those that work for a company and lead a team or for those that run a company and lead a team, even if it's one person, I don't care if it's 110, 100 1000 it doesn't matter. This last step is sharing about these revelations and these things that you're hearing and learning and feeling with your team so they can start to be bought in. I think the biggest uh miscommunication if you will and, and lack of connection between teams is someone's thinking about the purpose and feeling it inside of them, but no one else is and it's not that they don't want to, it's just they don't know, right? They don't have the, the, the words or the structure. So it's so important to stand all the way up and be courageous and speak your truth to yourself, to your team.

And most importantly, those customers and clients start to get that buy in and you might be thinking, well, Alex, how do I get people to buy into what I'm saying? You gotta say it. That's, that's how you do it. You gotta stand up, you gotta say it and you gotta say it like you freaking mean it. Has anyone been feeling the, the, the this like I have, I don't even know the words. I have a physical reaction. Have you been feeling that this in every single word that I say? Because I believe so deeply in what it is that I'm talking about so quick recap and we'll wrap up your purpose. Is this beautiful thing that can allow our marketplace, our team to start to trust us. And it's this thing that can allow people to start to feel something, feel something in a way that inspires them to say yes to you and buy from you and work for you. So step number one, set some time in your calendar. Was it only Tuesday? Set aside one hour, set aside one hour this week, block off that time. Start to think about this. Step two, start to articulate it. That power statement, purpose statement and step three get up, speak your damn truth. You got nothing to lose and you'll start to get that buy in. So my last little nugget for all of you today, this is a mantra that I live by.

If anything inspired you, if you feel moved to action, just know that things don't take time. They take courage. Thank you, ladies.