Back Market by Laura Edwards

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Introduction to Back Market

Welcome and thank you so much for joining to engage in a discussion about Back Market, an innovative, eco-friendly company that has carved a unique space for itself by focusing exclusively on reconditioned products. I am Laura Edwards and today, I will give you a brief insight into our business model, our mission, and various opportunities available with us.

Understanding Back Market

Firstly, let me elaborate on what 'reconditioned market' signifies. Essentially, it embraces the industry of "pre-love". We acquire pre-love devices, such as a Dyson Hoover or an Apple iPhone, repair and overhaul them to provide them a second lease of life. This process is incredibly important to us as we regard it as a significant way to save the planet. There is a common and erroneous notion that we need to always buy new products, without realizing that a second-hand iPhone can function just as well as a new one.

Our mission goes beyond just retail, we are also champions of the 'right to repair' initiative, where we provide necessary resources and training for fixing your own device. In addition to this, we operate a 'buy back' scheme, therefore, not only can you buy from Back Market, but you can also sell your electronic device back to us and earn some money. It comes full circle!

A Look at our Beginnings

Back Market was initiated by the pioneering efforts of three founders, Vianni, Quentin, and Tho, each bringing unique expertise and backgrounds, in 2014. From that point on, we have been driven by our mission to save the planet and have steadily grown to become a leading name in the world of refurbished products.

Our Business Model and Current Status

At Back Market, we help merchants sell their products through us to you, the end consumer. We select only the best sellers, host reliable warranties and make the buying process simple and hassle-free for our customers. Currently, we have over 650 back makers stationed in 10 different offices, with a customer base of over 3 million and an impressive $884 million raised in funding.

A Snapshot of Our Impact

One of the key highlights of our work is the environmental impact we have made. In 2021 alone, we saved around 489,000 kg of raw materials, thanks to the people who opted for buying pre-love devices.

Our Vibrant Culture

Back Market operates on a unique culture, which we normally sum up as 'the heart of everything.' It's relaxed, non-hierarchical, inclusive, collaborative, and impact-led. As a tech company, everyone in our team aligns with our mission to save the planet and make a positive environmental impact. On top of this, diversity and inclusion hold prime importance in our organization. We run multiple diversity initiatives, support women in leadership positions, and ensure pay parity.

The Opportunity to Join Us

If being part of a mission-driven, eco-friendly tech company intrigues you, feel free to check out the positions available within our growing team. With exciting growth plans, interesting roles, and an inclusive and dynamic work culture, Back Market could be the ideal next stop in your professional journey.


Wrapping up, Back Market is no regular organization providing tech solutions; it's a tech-driven green revolution aiming to reduce the strain on our planet's resources. So, feel free to connect with us and explore opportunities to become a part of our story.

Video Transcription

So let's get started. I'm not sure how many people we we have here, but thank you so much for joining uh to come and hear about that market. Um I'm Laura Edwards. I'm going to share my um my, my presentation a little bit more with you one second.Um Good. So, so who is back market? Well, we're going to talk about that a little bit today. Um And I can tell you more about our business model and, and talk about the type of opportunities we have as well. Um Oh, that's not me. Um But, but first of all, um back market is really focusing on the reconditioned market. Um So what does that mean? Well, basically, um it's, it's the industry of pre love. So we're taking um pre love devices whether that's um uh you know, a Dyson Hoover or an Apple iphone and reconditioning it, um overhauling it, repairing it to give it a second life. Um It's really important to us. We, we uh we see this as a way to save the planet. Um We've been preconditioned uh as a, you know, as a group of people in the world to buy new and there's really no reason that we need to um a second hand iphone works just as well as a new one.

And in the meantime, too, we save the planet by buying it. So that's essentially the mission of black market. We also have something called the right to repair, which is, um which is where, you know, you can um get all of the things that you need to fix your own device um and training as well to do it. Um And then we have buy back as well, which is where you can actually um uh sell your iphone or, or your electronic device back to back market and make a bit of money from it too. I'll just double check that we have. Oh, ok. You don't see my slide in full screen. Hm. Ok. That's strange. Let me see if I can reshare it. Uh ok. That's probably better. I think you can probably see this now. Um ok. Yeah, so that, anyway that, that's the industry of pre love. That's who back market is. Um How do we join? Uh how do we start? What, what, what's the story? Uh Well, basically we were the first of our kind. Um These are the three founders you have Vianni, who's our Chief creative Officer, Quentin, who's our chief technology officer and tho who's our, he's our CEO um these three guys came together um each with their own speciality and background um to create this business back in 2014.

Um We uh we have a really great business model. I described it in brief a little earlier. But um but essentially um we help merchants sell their product through us to you the end consumer. Um We only choose the best sellers. Um We provide the um the guarantee period for your iphone or your device for 12 months as well. Um And um we, we basically make it easy for somebody to buy new um and giving the merchants a voice a platform to sell devices as well, all for the greater good of saving the planet, as I said. Um Now, uh this is us today. We have over 650 back makers as we call them in 10 offices. So we're based in um in London, New York, Paris bordeaux, uh Berlin Barcelona, uh Prague. Uh I think that's it anyway. And growing uh we have over 3 million clients um and $884 million raised in funding as well. Um And then just to show you the impact that this organization has. Um And you know that the work that we do um we saved around 489,000 kg of raw materials um into in 2021. So we're talking about all the little components that are used to create a device weren't used. Um Thanks to people buying um pre love devices.

Um So that's a really great figure. Um a little bit about our culture too. It's um I, I wanna say unique. I think everybody says that but it, but it really is. Um And the reason why is because we are coming together um with this mission in mind, this mission to save the planet. We, we're a tech uh company, of course, but um but everyone's there because they, they, they want to, to be green, they want to do things better um for the environment. Um It's a really great mission. Um It's very um non hierarchical. Um We have a lot of experts. Um But everyone's very approachable. Um The work really has impact. Um The teams are, are um you know, very collaborative, you work together. Um uh For those of you who work actually in the tech space as, as developers or, or product managers, you have a say in the tools that you use and how you create um the, you know, the, the platforms and, and different things that you're doing. Um So it really is a, it's a wonderful place to work um On top of that as the head of diversity and inclusion.

I'm, I'm pleased to ta to say as well that we have um amazing initiatives in place uh to really make the company more inclusive as well. So we have um affinity groups. Uh We have a, a women's uh group called the Ad Bonnie Club. Um where um every month you participate in, in different um networking events, different um uh trainings and uh and, and things to help um develop your leadership if, if that's the avenue that you want to go down um uh uh different conferences like women tech, of course. But um we actively encourage um underrepresented um demographics to attend external events as well. Um to really help uh develop um and make the company more diverse. Obviously, in our representation, we have amazing uh family benefits as well. Um Really great uh uh annual leave and uh and um and various bonuses as well. So it's, it's a great, it's a great company. Um a little bit of a summary, I guess about our culture. Um But our culture is, is the heart of everything, a back market. Um It's the pulse of our company and the warm sand between our toes and it's everywhere in every corner, like a warm little souvenir from your best beach days. But it's not the same as that annoying sand you can get in your swimsuit if you get the idea. Um And I think that this really sums up the culture of black market. It's a very relaxed place to work, but we actually get stuff done. Um We, uh you know, we, we come together, we collaborate, we, we build things, we celebrate.

Um uh It's, it's a really great uh a great place to work. I'm going to stop there, um, and head back to you. Um, great. Um, so, so there we are. I mean that, that's, uh, that's back market in a nutshell. Um, I'm just conscious that we have, um, quite a few people joining us now. Um, I'd love to hear from you. What, what do you want to know? Um, is there anything specific you'd like me to talk about and feel free to use the chat? Ok. While we're waiting for some messages, I can talk a little bit about the types of positions that we have available. Um Like any tech company, uh you know, we are expanding uh we have 650 back maker at the moment, but we have the goal of hiring another 100 and 70 by the end of the year. Um We are well on our way to that target, but the majority of those people will be working in the product, I suppose a fly in the product or the um or the tech space. Um Our tech um uh people can work for remote from anywhere that we have an entity. Uh So that can be France, Spain Germany.

Um Or if you were considering moving to any of the countries that we are um uh working in, we would sponsor um and, and support you with that move as well. Um So, um I think uh in terms of representation, that's always a nice, a nice figure to talk about too. Um currently at black market women make up 41% of our organization. Uh And as we look at leadership, um we have 100% of our um salaries, um salary parity as well. Um And I love talking about this cos I think it's really important. Um We have a policy uh where if, if a woman comes back from maternity leave her, um her salary is reviewed at that point to make sure she's aligned with her, with her, with her, with her colleagues. Um And we actually do reviews every year to make sure we are not dropping the ball in the space. Um What else can I talk to you about? Any, any questions coming through? Uh Yes, great question. Um Melinda, um we do, we are expanding uh exponentially actually. Um We don't have an entity in Albania at the moment. Um But if you were interested in moving to another comp uh country with us, then, then we would absolutely um you know, be able to support you on that.

Uh So we are your closest entity would probably be in the Czech Republic. But I, you know, I, I do appreciate that's a completely different country. Um But yeah, so we're in, we're in the US Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic. Um France, obviously, uh I in terms of actual entities where you could come and work and you can be remote in any of those countries as Well, wonderful, great question. Um Are we looking to expand to Africa? Yes, in the future? Um We don't have an entity at the moment there, but um we do, um we do, yeah, we do have plans to obviously sell uh there and, and potentially, um you know, set up in the future. Um But again, if you are looking uh to, to move as well, that that would definitely be something that we can um you know, we can, we can look at um what I'll do as well is just put my linked in um in the chat for you to connect with me. Um Feel free if you have any questions around the black market or you want to know more about um about the type of work we do. Uh We have some great linkedin Life pages as well, talking more about who we are and what we do. Um But um but we've also got a lot of positions advertised as well. Um If you have any questions around them or if you'd like me to put you in contact with any one of our recruiters. Um Oh, great. Oh, great, Melinda. That's nice to hear.

That's super interesting. Um Reach out to me and, and I'd love to, I'd love to chat to you, to you all. Um further good. Anything else, anything else that anybody would like to know? Wonderful. I deliberately left my uh my little overview short uh for questions So, um so, you know, feel free to, to keep them coming. Um But yeah, black market is, um you know, I've been there for almost a year. Um I moved from a large organization, Nike. You may have heard of it uh to move into a smaller tech space and, and, and it's a really, it's been a great, a great move. Um you know, having, having the company the size they are um back market is still very much in, in growth phase but, but big enough to have quite solid uh resources behind them. Um And um uh quite solid processes in place. But the cool thing is um because of the size, as I said, it's not hierarchical, the teams are fairly small and you do have massive impact in your role. Um I would say, you know, you're writing code and you're doing things that actually matter. Um It's true. Uh You, you are doing that um genuinely uh and you know, and we're really moving the needle in this space. Um There are only one or two other organizations globally who do the same work that black market do that we do.

Um But we were the first um so we do have the market share. Um And it is growing as I said. Um but uh but yeah, it's a really interesting and fun place to be nice. Ok. Well, um that's 15 minutes. I, I think we have another five left. Um but uh but yeah, I mean, if, if you, if you, uh if you don't have anything that you'd like me to talk about, then, then we can, you know, maybe take the five minutes back. Thank you to all of you for coming. It's uh I can't see you face to face, but it's always a pleasure meeting new people. Um And I'm more than happy to connect with you, as I said, thank you everyone and enjoy your day and enjoy the, enjoy the sessions.