Harnessing the Green and Digital transition for your career

Giulia Marzetti
Senior consultant
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How to Harness the Green and Digital Transition for Your Career

Hello, I'm Julie Martti, a senior sustainability consultant, engineer and policymaker. In this blog, we'll discuss how you can leverage the current green and digital transition to advance your career.

Understanding Green & Digital Transition

Green and digital transition refers to an economic transition designed to achieve net zero and sustainability, addressing our planet's requirements while decreasing carbon emissions. This transition involves the efficient use of digital technologies to shape a sustainable future.

Imagine waking up in 2050 and using your augmented reality device to check real time pollution data. Your breakfast purchase is influenced by an environmental score. Farmers produce your food efficiently due to the knowledge of what and when to plant, thanks to big data and open source platforms. This is how a greener digital future may look like.

Green & Digital Transition in the Job Market

Recognizing the potential of this green and digital revolution, the United Nations predicted 400 million green and digital jobs by 2030. Shortly after the Inflation reduction Act was signed into law in the United States, more than 100,000 green jobs were created in under six months.

Many of these job vacancies require both green and digital skills, sometimes quite technical. For instance, a Scientific Software Developer for the digital twin of the ocean by the Center for Mediterranean Climate Change Foundation needs to develop a digital twin of the ocean and analyze changes due to climate change.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center often requires postgraduates, postdocs, and software engineers to model different weather patterns. There's also a surge in project management roles for climate protection projects and consultant jobs that combine sustainability, analytics, data, and artificial intelligence.

What are Green Jobs?

Green jobs primarily involve contributing to the sustainable transition. These can range from engineering and consulting roles in circular economy, renewable energy, sustainable transport, to name a few.

Transitional jobs or "Greening Jobs" could be performed without green skills, but typically require at least one green skill. LinkedIn's green job report last year outlined that between 2020-2022 there was a 38% growth rate of green jobs. Demand for workers with green skills is outstripping supply, creating a huge opportunity for individuals seeking a career in green and digital transition.

Transferable Skills for the Green & Digital Jobs

There are many transferable skills that can greatly benefit you in securing a job in the green and digital transition. These include:

  • Numerical skills
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Financial management
  • Business development strategy
  • Marketing

How to Get Started

To get started on a sustainable career path, consider upskilling yourself with free climate change and sustainability courses. Earning qualifications in retrofitting buildings, for example, is also a good way to build your green skills.

Another way to gain experience is to transition to different departments within your organization or take on outside projects related to sustainability.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter if you're seeking guidance on transitioning from your current sector to the sustainability sector. Let's converse on the future of green and digital careers!

Video Transcription

Hello, everyone. Just going to wait a couple of minutes until. Um yeah, maybe some more participants are going to join us and then just going to get started. Um In the meantime, um I'm Julie Martti, I'm a senior stability consultant. Um I'm an engineer and also a policymaker.

And today we're just going to uh we'll talk to you about how to harness the green and digital transition for your career. I think we can just get started. Um I've worked in sustainability pretty much my whole career. Um I have um started as an engineer working in the fields as well in the field of um hydrogen and um and uh um sustainable transportation, um electric vehicles um and also um major infrastructures and then, and move on to uh working as a project manager and policymakers um in, in Europe to um mainstream sustainability in major um some major um uh sectors as a transport, but also buildings, for example.

Um So, first of all, I'm going to give you a brief overview of what we uh what we mean by green and digital transition. Um If you are based our work in, in, in Europe let's say you may have heard this term. But if you're not, I'm just, I'm going to explain it a little bit. Um This is not a lecture by the way, but just to give a bit of context. So as green and digital um transition, we mean um uh an economic transition that works towards net zero and sustainability. So meeting our planet's requirements and bringing down carbon emissions um to uh to help achieve a carbon neutral economy. And by doing so, um we harness the potential of digital technologies. Um So I'm going to give you an example of how I actually agree on digital future looks like as you wake up in 2050 you may begin your day by looking out of the of your window with your augmented reality device showing your real time pollution data. You don't have breakfast and what you bought, it's you, you, you bought whatever you have for breakfast first in in by is an environmental score um which was clearly visible at the time of the purchase.

Thanks to digital data, the food itself that you're eating is produced by farmers in a resource efficient manner because they know what to plant and which crop to plant because they have access to big data. And thanks to open source platform, gathering public en environmental information, weather forecast data through on farm sensor or even better. And this is already happening in some parts of the world and we don't have to wait for 2050. Artificial intelligence is being used for selected use of fertilizers and pesticides, mapping the areas that, uh, where, um, we need fertilizer and pesticides and which areas are better for which crops drones are also being used to pollinate plants since SBS are declining. And before you turn on your washing machine, you check the electricity price at the moment to incentivize consumption appears when renewable energy is abundant, the price varies and Gamification is making the hunt for good time slots. A fun experience, you know, only consume but also produce energy than install of your roof, which is connected to a mesh micro grid. And if you think about it, we already have plenty of these technologies today who who can enable our lives to be a bit more sustainable. Now, I've just given you just a few examples of how digital um technologies are enabling a great future for.

So I'm going to give you one more right now and um I'm pretty sure that everyone here has played a bit with cha TT P and um it has been a new collaboration which is called Chat IPCC, which is a chatbot based on the most recent IPCC reports. The IPCC reports are um is the United Nations Intergovernmental panel on climate change and there are periodically reports that um highlight the states of our climates based on uh tho scientific research. Um So if you um have played a bit with chat climate. Um you can ask uh you can ask questions and um the chatbot is going to reply based on accurate and reliable information on climate change. Drawing from the robust and comprehensive scientific literature assessed by the IPCC report. This is just an example, of course, a prime example of say of how um green and digital goes together nowadays. But today I want to uh talk about how you can use um everything that's happening in green and digital um to harness um to um actually advance your career. So what does this mean if you're looking to, to for a job or a career in the green transition in the digital transition or in both?

Actually, um the United Nation last year announced that there will be 400 million screen job and digital jobs by 2013 and more than 100,000 green jobs were created in the United States in less than six months after the Inflation reduction Act was signed into law. So here I'm just giving you an example of some green vacancies that they are out there. Um And some of the newsletters that I'm signed up to some of the um and some of the job ads that I keep getting. And as you see these uh this job vacancy, they all require both green and digital skills, but they're also quite um quite technical. So here we have a scientific software developer for the digital twin of the ocean by the uh climate by the Center for Mediterranean Climate Change Foundation. Um In this job, for example, you have to develop a digital twin of the ocean and how uh the ocean is uh changing due to climate change. It's a prime prime example of how green and digital skills can go together if you're looking for a new career. Similarly, uh the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is constantly looking for post um postgraduate postdocs, also engineers, software engineers to uh model different weather patterns, weather environments in these cases, uh air quality um Also uh more general, plenty plenty of um uh vacancies in project management uh for uh climate uh protection projects, climate change projects, um renewable energy and um consultants, consultant jobs as well that match both sustainability analytics data and artificial intelligence.

And um many more so um green jobs, I think if uh if maybe the audience is not familiar, we're just going to uh give a little bit of uh of that girl, what we used to call uh what we can call green jobs. Um There are jobs who primarily uh work in the um in the sustainable transition. They can be engineering jobs. Um They can be uh of course consulting jobs in, for example, um circle economy or renewable energy um sustainable transport um et cetera. Uh But the definition of green jobs of course is expanding to also encompass all the the jobs that would use uh primarily digital skills to have a positive outcome for the environment and the society, of course. So some statistics here um this based on the uh linked in green job reports that was issued last year at the end of last year. So these are really uh they are quite fresh statistics um between 2020 2021 and 2022. Um There was a 38% growth rate of green jobs. Um In the past years, 10% of a job was still required as hill and workers are increasingly skilling in green and to transition into green and green jobs. Um A current pace demand for workers with green skills will power supplies. Um And um green and green jobs. This is a bit of a distinction that I like to make um green job. It's a personal already.

It's a job that is already quite um already uh into uh the carbon management, car accounting, climate change and resilience, uh sustainable design, renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy. Uh and so on. Also like a type of regenerative, regenerative agriculture, et cetera. Greening.

Potential jobs are the ones that could be performed without green skills, but typical requires at least one green skills. And um linkedin finds that is not enough workers are transitioning into the green jobs and we are just going to delve deeper into um some of the greening jobs that um you could potentially uh be working um in or if you are looking for uh to pivot or um change, this could be a good um stepping stone.

So, uh project management, uh management in general, um It's a quite good one to as the eye greening potential job. So, um and these are two screenshots of um ads that I um I received. So in the left hand side of the screen, you see a project manager uh specifically for um um a sustainability uh consulting group. And if you look deeper into the responsibilities, um you will see that you are gonna be required to work with internal and external stakeholders, um conduct research and analysis, um both task base and also like interviews with experts, et cetera, uh internal engagement and external engagement, of course, communication of your findings and these are sort of like pretty broad skills.

Um They still haven't had the responsibility or skills that they are specifically looking for someone with experience in climate change. Um On the right hand side, I've put um another uh project management management role which is specifically um targeted at digital uh co web is um um digital agency um that creates web and mobile app designs. They do the development of the apps, analytical, uh the analytics and also marketing um for this digital project manager job, they are looking for um again stakeholder engagement, both internal and external. Um but uh a bit of product specification and, and uh um user design this a bit more specific to digital. But in general also, um someone who is gating and has had client facing roles. So if you see these two description are um sort of aligning, even though one is for a primarily climate research um consultancy and the other one is for a digital agency. Another example that I want to give you on um different type of skill set, but they could, they can be both applied to um either uh green um transition or digital.

Um So, on the left hand side, um I've, I have a research software engineer position for the climate sustainability branch of uh IBM. Um This is a prime, prime example of like green and digital transition jobs. Um Of course, they want someone with a demonstrator software development experience, um professional experiencing Cober nets, um development experience and solid knowledge of public cloud. And uh working with HPC, this will be applied to a primarily climate and sustainability.

On the right hand side, I put two ads which are um similar require similar experience, but they are for digital um uh digital consulting. Um So again, um they both require high level of development, ops, mythology, understanding um knowledge of um Coerts C I CD, um Scripting automation OS and um other coding abilities. Um If you are lucky enough already to have coding abilities and like being a software engineers or like an engineer, it is quite possible that you have already some green skills that can be easily repurposed uh to um to make your transition into sustainability or like green jobs.

So let's have a look at some useful transferable skills. Um number crunching for sure. Uh But excels or even more advanced tools like pivot table um or um going straight into coding, those are really, really good skills that you can both apply for um carbon accounting. Um Any uh uh any um software developer, software developing is skills and task that you need to do when you work in stability project management, um can be applied for any type of projects for digital or green um stakeholder management that we've seen in one of the vacancies that um uh we saw earlier financial management as well, like how you manage budget are you if you can manage projects uh in, in under budget and financial control and business development strategy.

Um So as well, marketing, I haven't put it down, but that's definitely one of the um skills that can help you to be but will be uh good in both uh in both worlds of like sustainability and digital and how to get your foot in the dorm. So if you'd like to transition to sustainability, um But you feel that you still need some skills or maybe just one skill, you can upscale with some free courses. There are a plethora of free climate change courses and sustainability courses out there. So a message, we need to find out some suggestion if you want um learn the basic of climate change and sustainability. Again, you can do this through free courses or for example, by earning a qualification, there are few. Uh one is A E A. Um There are also others. So for example, you could uh work towards a qualification for retrofitting buildings. Um And you can try and get some work experience by moving the department with your company. Um say that you work in a primarily uh no green job and you would like to experience um to work in sustainability for, but you can try and do a rotation in your department of your company. Of course, try and take uh um a side project outside work, for example, to try and build up those skills. Um So I'll open it up to the floor. Um Do you know um you can just pop question in the chat?

I hope you this was useful and I'm looking forward to seeing your successes. So keep in touch, let me know. Um if um if you end up looking for, for a job in the, in the sustainability or in the green and digital sectors, and of course, we can continue the conversation on uh linkedin or Twitter and feel free to reach out in case you're looking to pivot from uh from one specific sector to the sustainability sectors.

Thank you. Mhm Any question at this point. Then I'll leave you to uh follow the rest of the conference. Thank you again.