Impact of Surroundings on Mindset

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The Impact of Surrounding on Mindset

All throughout life, a variety of factors shape our mindset and overall well-being. One central factor that influences our psychological disposition is the surrounding environment. Understanding the effect can aid us on the road to discovering and adapting to a more forward-looking mindset.

Factors that Shape Our Mindset

The surmounting factors that impact how we think, feel, and behave significantly fall into three categories:

  1. Environment
  2. Family
  3. Community

Environment influences people's behavior and mood, compelling them to act or not. That's why modern workplaces focus immensely on creating an appealing infrastructure. The right environment induces productivity and positivity, facilitating productive interactions among individuals.

Similarly, our family plays a vital role in shaping our perspectives, especially on failure. Parents' responses to a child's difficulties directly impact that child's mindset. A supportive and encouraging family environment fosters a positive outlook and resilience.

Finally, a supportive community can significantly boost a person's confidence and aspirations. Surrounding yourself with positive people pushes you to become the best version of yourself and reach your set goals.

Men versus Women Mindsets

Men and women, owing to their varying physiological structures and societal experiences, face different psychological problems. Specifically, for women, it is more challenging because of the societal norms and expectations that have long been ingrained in our communities. Unlike men, women tend to feel the impact of criticism more severely. Therefore, it's crucial to create an environment that encourages and supports women and promotes equality.

Solutions: Supporting Each Other and Creating a Positive Environment

Why Unity Matters

Supporting each other, particularly for women, plays a significant role in fostering a healthy and balanced mindset. Women, when united, can bring about influential changes. Nevertheless, providing genuine support is often more straightforward said than done.

It's essential to walk the talk, support the women around you, mentor them, and let your voice be heard. Women should encourage one another rather than resort to jealousy or discouragement. When women unite, they can accomplish much more at a quicker pace than when working alone.

Importance of Positive Environment

Surrounding yourself with positive individuals has a significant influence on your mindset, goals, and overall life. Strive to spend time with ambitious, positive-natured individuals who are continuously aiming for growth. As they push themselves toward achievement, you'll find yourself doing the same. Surrounding yourself with positivity yields extraordinary results.

Networking - A Vital Key

Networking carries massive potential for accelerating personal and professional growth. Interacting with different people improves communication skills, sharpens perspectives, and opens up opportunities. Engaging in activities or events that facilitate networking—like being an ambassador—can result in significant self-improvement.

There's no one-size-fits-all strategy to networking; it's a personal journey that depends on your experiences and interactions. The basic advice is to step out, seize every chance you get to network, and continuously learn and grow.

To wrap up, understanding the impact of our surroundings on our mindset is essential for self-improvement. It's crucial to create an environment that fosters growth, unity, and positivity. And finally, grab every networking opportunity to continue the journey of self-discovery, development, and empowerment.

Video Transcription

Let's get started.So uh guys, um you can see like there is a lot of, you know, a lot of things which impacts our mindset, you know, in surrounding in our environment, there are many more things which used to impact us, which used to, you know, which plays a crucial role in our life. And what here we can do is to the sea impact of surrounding on mindset, you know, uh our surrounding impacts us in three types. First, that is environment, your environment can facilitate or discourage interaction among people. The environment can influence people's behavior and motivate to act, the environment can influence the mood. So guys, why today of today's, you know, working areas focus so much on environment, a pleasant structure, a good infrastructure. Why the reason is this because environment plays a great role.

When we are working, we need a good environment. If the conditions are not good, if environment you know is not of a good kind, it will directly impact on your progress. Yeah, the second one is your family, your family, your parents, yes, their perspectives on failure affect the way they respond to the difficulties of their child, Children is facing, you know, like if a person, if a parent is motivating their child instead of their failures, then, you know, it plays a positive role in their life.

If parents are not supporting their Children, if they are not, you know, encouraging them to go forward, then yeah, it also having a great impact on our mindset. Also your community with which you are hanging out surrounding yourself with positive people throughout your life will provide you exactly what you need. They'll compliment you, they'll push you, they'll encourage you and they'll motivate you to be the best version of yourself.

You know, they will inject a confidence in you to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams. And these three things affect everyone. But what is the difference between men and women? Why, why we are focusing on women's mental health? Yeah, as women have a different body structure than men. Their psychological problems are also different from men. Like if you are discouraging of men and if you are discouraging a women, you know, it plays a different role in their psychology. There are actual difference in the way women and men's brain are structured and wired, the way they process, you know, each and everything. But what happens like we are living in a male, dominating society from the past years. But right now, you know, we are equal, we are saying that we are equal, but it is very difficult for a woman. When as a woman, I can say like if someone is criticizing me, it will you know, impact more than that a man can be impacted by the same comment. Yes. So yeah, how we can solve this problem now how by supporting them, you know, we have seen a single women, you know, is a power but a group of women can make an impact. This single sentence is everything in it.

If we are supporting each other, if we are encouraging each other, you know, saying such things is one thing and how we are following all these sentences is another thing. Many women used to say, yeah, we should support each other. But you know, in turn, they don't do that. So this is the main problem why we are not doing it. You know, if you are alone, you can, you are, you know, you are power. A single woman. I'm not saying a single woman is weak. A single woman is also a powerhouse. But if you are working in a group, if you are working in an organization, then you can make an impact. You know, always if there is a girl around you, mentor her, use your voice, you know, make your voice for them, you know, mentor a girl, support a girl, support a woman who is around you who want support from. You never uh always support in their, you know uh situation in their uh in their problems. This by doing this, we can support women. And also it is not from the men's side, it is also from the women's side. Just support each other. Don't discourage, don't feel jealous from each other. You know, we can together make a difference which we cannot make alone, we can make alone, but it will take very much time, but we can make a difference very soon if we are united. Next is the positive environment.

You know, as I said, like surrounding yourself with positive people throughout your life will provide you exactly what you want. What I mean here though, like if you are hanging out with a community who is, you know, really good uh like who are having some ambitions, who are continuously working, you know, they will uh they will give you an impact on your mind. You will be like if they are doing something I I should do that also. But on the same time, if you are surrounded with some people who are saying lot lot much negative things who are not happy in their life and who are not doing anything, so you will be, you will start thinking in their way then. So you know, if try to surround yourself with the people who are, you know, who are uh who are ambitious, who are good neck natured, who used to talk positively. Your positive surrounding will definitely impact your mindset, your goals, your achievements, everything you will notice it yourself, like how you are getting influenced by them, they will push you, you know, to achieve your goals. Yeah, the next part is networking.

So you know, like networking is communicating, communicating, approaching these, this all things comes in the networking. I don't know, like why, what I should say here, like for networking, I have only one advice from my experiences. Like, you know, we have seen many much events which are coming up with us uh which have, which are already done or which are upcoming events. Many events used to uh say that we are calling some ambassadors so that uh to create a hype for our event. So you know, such kind of events are bag of opportunities for you don't miss them, you know, go for them, apply for ambassador and network with the people as much as you can, it will, you know, after doing it for one or two months, you will definitely find a change in yourself.

Like how you uh how your communication is getting improved, how you are doing better networking, you can use social platforms, you can use other platforms as well. You know, you can uh go for it. Like this is my personal experience which I have achieved from, you know, my like what what I am now is my experience. II I have experienced this from the last year. Like yeah, by doing this, these things like by doing ambassador for the uh various events, I've achieved a lot. Like now I'm confident now I'm careless. I can talk everywhere I can talk, you know, in every event. So you can do this basic thing and you can achieve a lot of, you know, your experience will be new in that. There is no uh particular steps for networking. There is no particular formula for networking. You can make your own formula, you can make your own steps. So, you know, from my side, this was, this was the advice for networking. And um yeah, so that's it from my side, from impact of surrounding on mindset to networking. I hope you guys enjoyed this session. If you guys like uh want to know more about networking, you can contact me on linkedin on Twitter. I'm always there to help you out. Thank you everyone for listening to me so patiently.