The Importance of No Code Tools for Founders in Tech

Anju Sharma
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Empowering Tech Founders with No-Code Tools

Hello everyone, my name is Anju Sharma. As a top 40 under 40 professional, I’m delighted to bring you insights drawn from 15 years of product management, entrepreneurship, and a keen drive to serve through social causes. Our topic today, at this informative session of the Women in Tech conference, is the Power of No-Code Tools for Founders in Technology.

No-Code Development: Breaking Down Barriers in Tech Creation

A phenomenon that's proven priceless for my startup, Enlightened Energy, is the groundbreaking concept of no-code development. You may wonder, "what is this notion of no-code tools?" This innovative development process enables startups to build, test, and launch mobile and web applications with minimal or no coding. No-code tools deploy drag-and-drop methods, prebuilt templates, or even artificial intelligence to fuel digital product development.

The primary vision behind the advent of no-code development is to facilitate technological creation, rather than letting it be a barrier for founders. Feeling stuck while developing an app for Enlightened Energy, I found a no-code platform called Adao. It was instrumental in rapidly executing and delivering the mobile app at a fraction of the conventional costs. My intent in discussing no-code development today is to share my experiences so you, too, can reap the benefits.

Transforming Tech Startups with No-Code Tools: Five Key Benefits

No-code development can drastically transform startup journeys, driving the creation and launch of digital products more rapidly and economically. Here are five key advantages of adopting no-code tools:

  1. Efficiency: These tools let you create prototypes and MVPS faster, aiding in quick product-market fit validation.
  2. Cost Savings: With minimal need for developers, startups can save on significant development costs.
  3. Accessibility: No-code tools make it easy even for founders with minimal technical experience to quickly build an app.
  4. Flexibility: Founders can make real-time app changes, responding quickly to user needs and staying ahead of the competition.
  5. Innovation: By providing a space for experimentation, these tools fuel innovation, empowering founders to turn their product ideas into reality.

Learn, Leverage, Launch: How to Deliver an MVP App in 60 Days

With no-code tools, you can learn, leverage, and launch an MVP mobile app in just 60 days. Here's how you can progress in three stages:

  • Learning Stage (Week 1): Research your options and select the right no-code platform for your product. Then, learn the fundamentals of your chosen tool.
  • Leverage Stage (Week 2-6): Build and test essential features that your users desire.
  • Launch Stage (Week 7-8): Submit and launch your mobile app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Leverage social media and ads to build anticipation for your release.


No-code tools are unmistakably transforming the startup landscape, offering a wealth of benefits like efficiency, cost-saving, accessibility, flexibility, and innovation. They ease the process of learning and leveraging no-code platforms, facilitating rapid and dynamic launch of digital products. Experience the power of no-code tools by bringing your product ideas to life and adding unique value to your users.

For more on my no-code experiences and how they can benefit your startup journey, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. Thanks for joining us at the Women in Tech conference!

Video Transcription

Welcome everyone to this lightning talk at the Women in Tech conference where we will explore the importance of no code tools for founders in technology.My name is Anju Sharma and I'm a top 40 under 40 professional with over 15 years of experience in product management and entrepreneurship along with the passionate dedication to serve humanity through social services. I'm extremely honored to be part of this conference and I'm excited to share my insights with you all here as well. If you have any questions, please add them to the chat section and I will address them in a follow up communication. So let's get started. The agenda for this session is first, what we're gonna do is understand the basic concept of no code development. Then we'll discuss the benefits of no code tools for founders. And last, what we'll do is outline the process of learning leveraging and launching an MVP mobile app in 60 days with no code platform. Before I proceed with this agenda, you may be wondering why I'm exploring this topic of no-code development for tech founders. For my start up Enlightened Energy. I utilized a no-code platform that played a pivotal role in accelerating the execution and delivery of the mobile app. Therefore, I wanted to share my no code experience with you all so that you can benefit from it.

You may have heard the term no code or code less tools and noticed that they are transforming the way start up, are developing and launching digital products. However, you may ask yourself what is a no-code tool and how is it beneficial for a start up? No code development is a type of development that allows start up to create test and launch mobile and web application with no or minimal lines of code. These tools use a drag and drop method or prebuilt templates or artificial intelligence to help build the digital product.

The vision behind the no-code development is to facilitate technology creation rather than be a barrier for founders for a long time. The app development was the only missing critical part for my enlightened energy start up until I came across a no code platform called Adao to make my product vision come true in a rapid manner with a fraction of the cost. So how many of you have used no code tools in the past share? Which tools you've used in the chat section? There are multiple benefits for tech founders to use no code tools for their start up first efficiency in the process of building and growing a tech start up validating and delivering the product vision rapidly to the target market is very important. No code tool allow founders to quickly create prototypes and mvps for funding reading reasons and product market fit validation without spending too much time on development process to cost savings. Since no code tools can either eliminate or minimize the need of developers.

Founders with limited funding can save money on this type of development. Comparing to the high cost of traditional development, accessibility, no code tools allow founders with limited or no technical experience to quickly learn to build an app due to the large online resources available and the ease of using a no-code tool. Fourth flexibility founders can make app changes and updates real time for quick iteration with the no code platform thus responding faster to user needs and staying ahead of competition last but not the least innovation. These no-code tools can increase innovation by providing a space to experiment and explore new and creative ideas. This empowers founders to bring their product ideas to life and validate them with users. Thus leading to higher growth and impact for the start up. Founders can learn leverage and launch their MVP mobile app in 60 days to build a solid user base and get additional investments from venture capitalists. Let's take a look at the process that I used to develop the Enlightened Energy mobile app with Ada first stage is known as the learning stage during the week one. What you're gonna do is research and select a no code platform that meets the product needs.

Then you're gonna learn the basic functionality of the no code tool through various resources such as online tutorial and experts of the no-code tool. Just keep in mind that it is very important to use the right no code tool so that the founders have a massive advantage over their competitors as well depending on the which no code tool is used for the start up. Some of these tools may not have certain functionality that is needed for the product such as integration with an external system. So really do the research and speak to others about their experience with no code tools. The second stage is to leverage. So during week 2 to 6, you're going to build the critical features such as registration home and other features that your users have been requesting. Then what you're gonna do is test it up with these potential users to ensure that there's no bugs. And then the last stage is known as the launch stage. So during week seven and week eight, what you're gonna do is submit and launch the mobile app to the Google and Apple App store and then use social media and ads to notify the target users that the app will be launching soon to build that anticipation.

One thing just to keep in mind is that for the Google and Apple Store, they do ask for a lot of assets, marketing assets and information. So if you can prepare that ahead of time, that'll save you some time. So now that I presented this process to learn leverage and launch a mobile app in 60 days, what is your app idea that you wanna develop with a no code platform? Share your idea in the chat section. As you can see, no code tool are a game changer by transforming the start up journey, making it easy to learn, leverage a no code platform and launch rapidly the digital product to the target market. No code tool offers numerous benefits for the founders such as efficiency, cost saving, accessibility, flexibility and innovation. As the popularity of no code tool continues to grow, start up in tech are increasingly turning to these tools to bring their product ideas to life and to add value to their users. Thank you very much for joining me in today's talk at the Women in Tech conference. Please connect with me on linkedin so I can share more of my insights from my no-code experience with you.