Jean Alfonso-Decena Nurturing Sovereign Women in AI through Spiritual Technolog

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Nurturing Sovereign Women in AI through Spiritual Technology

Hello, and thank you for being here. My name is Jean Alfonso de Cena and I am the proud founder of a Spirit tech startup called In Silence. In this venture, we aim to blend spirituality and technology to help people upgrade their lives. Today, I'd like to explore the unique challenges and opportunities for women in technology and how we can harness spiritual technology to build a brighter future.

Understanding the Challenge

We are living amidst the rapid pace of Industry 4.0 where technological advancements are constantly evolving at breakneck speed. Information overload, lack of access to resources and tools, and the daunting prospect of keeping pace can lead to a fragmented existence. This is especially true for women, who often find themselves boxed into specific roles and facing resistance when they seek to break free.

Current State of Women in Tech

Despite making considerable strides, women are still grossly under-represented in the tech sector. The scarcity of women in technology, across all regions and countries, presents a global problem requiring immediate attention. Moreover, in the context of an evolving job landscape where soft skills and technological competence are critical, there is an urgent need for women empowerment.

Embracing the Potential - Sovereign Women in AI

  • The Shift: It's essential for women to change their paradigm, own their growth, and allow their evolution. We need to move with the times and embrace technological proficiency while nurturing our inherent soft skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Safe Space: Equally crucial is the need to create a nurturing and supportive environment for women in tech. This involves not just women supporting each other, but also the conscious support of men in our industry.

Does Spiritual Technology Have a Role?

Emerging as an infant sector, spiritual technology has immense potential to aid in the growth and development of women in the tech space. This is about using technology to nurture the spiritual efforts of a person and creating technological innovations that facilitate personal spiritual growth.

A Holistic Approach to Self-Care and Learning in Tech

For women to be successful in AI and other technological fields, it is paramount to foster a holistic self-care routine. This involves nourishing the mind, body, and soul and cultivating an attitude of continuous learning. It's time to step into your sovereignty. Remember that all you need is within you, waiting to be discovered.

In conclusion, striking a balance between inward self-care and outwardly acquiring technological skills can help us build a generation of sovereign women who contribute significantly to the tech world while maintaining their spiritual essence. As women in technology, let's step into our sovereignty and blaze new trails. Thank you for being here, and don't hesitate to reach out if you wish to continue this conversation.

Video Transcription

Thank you for being here. Welcome to nurturing Sovereign Women in A I through spiritual technology. Quick intro. My name is Jean Alfonso de Cena.I am founding a Spirit tech start up called In Silence, where we aim to build a media publishing and conversational A I platform to help people upgrade their lives through the marriage of spirituality and technology. I'm certified to teach hatha and trauma informed yoga. And I used to run an A I company that's based in Berkeley in California called Star Butter A I. I'm one of the few women who, who, who joined the conversational A I space when it was still very new. About three years ago. I'm also a mother, a wife, a volunteer, a mentor, a consultant and a speaker. So I've been around and I wanted you to understand the lens that I am looking at things so that you can understand where I'm coming from. So diving right straight into it, we are living in the middle of industry 4.0 It's very confusing. There's so many information out there. You don't know what's real, what's not, you don't know where to start. And once you find that there are resources and tools, you will easily find that they can be very inaccessible, they can be very expensive. You might not have the network, you might not know where to start and how to start.

And as these big technological advances are moving, it's it's moving really fast to the point of, you know, breakneck speed. It truly is really fast. One day you're talking about this advancement the following, It's completely changed radically. And because of all of these events, given the pandemic and, and all of these changes and the evolution of technology and us as people and, and as nations and as a as a species, there is um it's very easy to, to live a very fragmented life. What do I mean by that? It's um you know, we're living as, as one person when we're at work, when we're wearing a different hat. Um when we are playing our mother role or a different role in our life, it it feels very different, it feels like we have to wear different hats literally and become a different person. And there's a lot of big technology happening and rolling out and changing out there. Artificial intelligence, data, science, robotics Vrar Cryptocurrency, all of those big words, right? And, and through the years, you know, Sprinkle in that challenge as a woman that we have faced through the century, even that where we are playing so many roles, we've been typecast to play specific roles only.

We've been boxed and restricted to stay within a certain lane, within a certain space. We're quote unquote, not supposed to do or take on certain jobs or perform certain tasks. We are judged when we try to get away and get out of that box. And a lot of the essential conversation are remaining to be taboo when, when we really should be holding that safe space to, to have conversations about these things. So as women, we, we play the role of a daughter. Um and then we're, we, we are wives or lovers, we're a friend to other people. We are nurturer, nurturers of our homes, of our womb, of our bodies of so many people, beings and places. And in the process, we're also learners, you know, life didn't come with a handbook. So we are constantly learning, learning, learning as a human and as a woman and as a as whatever role we are playing in life, right? So in the middle of all of these crazy events in the world, in our bodies and in our lives. When and where and how do we create and build? And I ask this because as women, we are meant to create life goes through us. We are as an essential um ingredient within the life creation process. But what about our own personal path? What about the ideas and, and the things and the product and services that we want to create and build, right?

The current state of women in tech, we're still very un underrepresented, even though we have come a very long way from decades ago, there's obviously still a lot of work to do. We still need to pull a lot of other women and young girls start them early to, to join the tech bandwagon or get, get all of us started in taking care of our bodies so we can do anything and everything that we wanna, we wanna do, right? Regardless of the competition. And then globally, when you, when you look at the business uh landscape, women is, is still underrepresented as, as a gender, no matter which region, which country or continent you look at it. And then we are faced with the fact that the future of work is looking like this soft skills are very important, I believe as women, it's in it within us to have that communication skills. All of those um you know, um empathy, uh creativity, self-confidence could be a challenge sometimes. But a lot of the soft skills have to be nurtured and, and pushed forward along with that. A lot of the EQ or the emotional intelligence that have to evolve and strengthen and nurtured. And then we need to, we need to start studying and upgrade and improve our technological knowledge and experience and skills.

So there's a lot to do on top of what we're already doing as a mother, as a worker as whatever it is that we're playing in our lives, right? So as a, as a, as a gender, as women, we need to start rising and evolving. We need to change our paradigm, our headspace, we need to own our growth. We need to allow our own evolution and not wait for anyone else to tell us what to do when to do it, right? We need to be able to move with the times. We need to develop sovereignty. We need most importantly to hold s a safe space for us as individuals and for each other as, as a sisterhood, as a circle of women, as a community of women and including the men, the conscious men who, and there's so many out there who are consciously supporting, nurturing and backing up and, and holding us up high there.

So we can continuously transcend and evolve and uh and upgrade our skills and improve our lives as, as women. Now, how does spiritual technology get into the picture? Right? So spiritual technology is a very new, very infant stage um kind of space. Um So some of the definitions that you will find is that spiritual technology is any kind of technology or innovation or technological advancement that that is used to support or enable or move forward the spiritual efforts or pursuits of a person. It could also be taken as any kind of technological innovation that's created to allow individuals to further advance and grow and evolve within their spiritual journey. And I speak a lot about spiritual journey because I strongly believe that no matter what gender we are, if we are to advance as a human race, if you know, and go to Mars and produce all of these really cool big technological things, we need to first go within in the same way, in the same manner that we are going outwards so we can produce all of these cool products.

Otherwise, we're gonna lose our humanity. Otherwise, the robots are gonna take over. So how do we do that? We need to nurture our own, our own body, our own community, our own Children, our own sisters and brothers and colleagues. First of all, we need to practice a holistic self care and energy work, practice. What do I mean by that? Not just performing physical activities to take care of the body, but also take care of the mind and the soul and the heart and the digestive system. Because all of these things are what's anchoring us in helping us build a strong foundation for the body. Because if, if we're sick, if we're not taking care of us, there's nothing else that we can do. We might be, we might be great at technology. We might be a pioneer in A I, we might be the best software engineer. But if we are not taking care of this vessel, we won't be able to move forward in individually and as a community and as a gender because it's, it's cut throat out there. There's so many competition. Again, everything is moving really fast. And so we need to be able to just take care of our body so we can move forward beautifully. We need to study and research on our learning. Do it already and just do it. No need to wait for anybody. Go grab that free course, attend conferences like this one, find mentors who will truly push you and provide you all the resources that you need to, to build whatever it is that you want to build.

Because again, we are meant to build and create and design whatever it is, whether it's a business, it's a home, it's a, it's a product, whatever it is, you need to nurture that creative energy within you and let it out and express it and keep doing it. And as you go through all of these, you need to let go of the things that no longer serve, you let go of the people that, that don't help bring you to that destination that you're working towards and make space for, for the new things and the new learnings and the new people that you need to have in your life, right?

Easier said than done. But concepts that I would love for you to take away and explore, start anytime, start now, right? If we can go within, start taking care of our body starting with the body and then going further within and start exploring the workings of the mind, the brain, um our heart, our everything inside as we go forward and outward to learn A I to learn data science, machine learning, engineering, coding, everything else.

That's really big technology and big data. So we can get into the future jobs that pay us really well. If we can have that balanced and centered approach to learning both inward and outward, we can develop ourselves in our future generation to become sovereign women who, who are whole, self sufficient, abundant radiant in and out centered and a contributor to the world and not just, not just, you know, co dependent on other people and other things to, to build and live the life that we want so step into your sovereignty.

Um If there's anything that I would like for you to take away, if there's just one thing from today, start exploring that you have it within you connect with me. If you wanna continue chatting about this and remember that you are the one that you've been waiting for. No one else, you have it in you. Everything that you have, everything that you need is within you, you just need to explore and let it out, right? And thank you for being here. I know it's been, you know, I was going through that really fast. Um I wanted to make sure that I captured everything and shared everything that I wanted to share. We have one minute. Um Let me look at the chats. Yes. Yes. Yes. Michelle Rise and evolve. Thank you for being here, Simone, Michelle Jisa. Thank you so much, Simone. Thank you for the feedback, Elsa. Thank you for being here Jensen. Um Feel free to connect. Um You'll find me around here. Um I started late also Michelle, there was some technical challenges, but I'm happy to be here and I'm honored to have you within this space, all of you. Thank you for being here. Feel free to connect with me and I hope to see you um around the conference and enjoy the rest of the event um and keep blazing your trails. Ladies, keep at it. Bye.