NFT - The Next Investment Trend by Candyce Costa

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First of all, thank you so much women in tech Global Conference for having all of us here on the panel.And thank you, Candice for inviting and bringing on this incredible powerhouse and for everyone that is joining us live and on the recording, my name is Diana Co, I am the founder of DK advisors and we provide capital raising support and uh credibility in terms of public relations for all start ups.

So, over the last 14 years, we've supported over 2000 founders across multiple multiple sectors, primarily in uh tech and fintech and raised nearly 100 and $80 million in private equity and investor and angel funding. Um And now our main focus uh in our company is really supporting founders and projects that are transitioning and have transitioned into the web three space. So, again, Diana Co, thank you guys for having me and I'm excited to be here today.

Hello, and not just to jump to Christina introduction price.

Hello. Uh Welcome everybody. It's morning time here in Silicon Valley. I'm in the heart of Santa Clara, California. Um born and raised here and um I'm Christina Wyne, founder of CIA consulting and I am a strategist and advisor for precede web three start ups, um, as well as series A and leading into series B. Um My mission and crusade right now is leading 1 million Vietnamese people into uh the Metaverse and Web three for financial literacy and financial freedom. And um I love representing the underserved and underrepresented communities. And so please join me uh on this crusade.

Yeah, that's amazing. We are all with the four of us. We are working really hard to on boarding as much as people, especially focus on women and minorities to onboard metaverse as soon as possible. So today, I just wanted to uh say hello and welcome all of you to the session. Our session is NFT the next investment trend. And before we started, I wanted to remind you one that we are not offering financial advice. We are not investors, a advisors for this specific um sta uh space. We are not brokers. And I wanted to remind all of you that NFT is a high risk market. So as we say in the NFT community, do your research and follow specialists. So be careful with scam because we have a lot ar around, you know, we have a lot of things going on. So follow people that they know what they are doing and do your research. OK. Lots and lots of information there. If you are a little bit lost or you want more information, female tech leaders and NFT lab is my uh two umbrellas and co companies where we are working to not give educational informational but also running a couple of events where we can on board more people in the Met. So let's start it. So I just wanted to say that NFT at the moment is still very, very, very much um uh no space but the numbers are getting in increasing really, really quickly.

So NFT right now is a soup hot trending and more and more people want to know what it is. So let's start with Diana. Can you tell me what are you most excited about the NFT space?

So, one of the things that um really drew me into this uh community is that there is a lot more than meets the eye here, right? So the NFT market is um polarizing where a lot of people rightfully so are skeptical while we have a comp

No. Oh We lost her. Oh, sorry. Yeah, sorry, we lost her. But that is what happened when we have a lot. That was a sharp drop. Yeah. Yeah, I'm so sorry. And that happens. So let's uh let's jump to Christina. Christina. Would you mind? So when she's back, I will let her know that you jump. OK. So can you, can you let us know what are you most excited about Daniel? I was excited

about um I jumped into the NFT space. I jumped in actually Web three back in 2015. But the actual NFT space last fall in October when I joined Dapper Labs, and Dapper Labs is leading in NFTS on the Flos Blockchain. Um And so when I became part of the Biz ops strategy, I wanted to learn about what is the behavior and what is driving people in this community of wanting NFTS in the first place. And so I learned it's a very psychological space And so you have to learn the trends and, and the momentum that's going, what's the popularity, right? Um What's exciting for me currently at the moment is working with start ups and founders who have a mission behind their project.

And I'm gonna give a shout out to Angela Puy for Diamond handbags. She has a collection of handbags of luxury handbags that are 3d animated, amazing, amazing work. Um I've been working with her. Um We have a little obsession with handbag. So that is why if you have a passion and if you have an area that you enjoy collecting, basically, um that is perfectly the normal space to, to learn and to get to start learning.

Yes. Oh No. In your uh in your experience where what you are more excited about it but rogue, because I am so excited about rogue.

Yeah. No, I'm so excited about that for sure. Um I'm excited actually, I think the biggest thing here about NFTS, right is the idea of ownership that it goes back to the people that each and every single one of us is actually owning an asset. But again, this is not the financial advice, but the whole idea is that we finally, the consumers, we can own an asset, we can also own the RP that relates to this, whether it's an image of obviously a board A, whether it's an NFT in A, in a Blockchain game, like, like what we do, the idea is that the you as the end consumer, you can own something, you can choose to sell it for profit or not, right?

Or you can choose to hold it or you can even choose to, I don't know, create a business and put that NFT as a logo for your business, right? So finally, the ownership is down to us uh to the people and not, it's not about a big company that has the money to pay for designers and you know, big lawyers and stuff like that to, to profit. Um Finally, you uh you the the end user can profit and they, you can own. So for me, it's about profit and decentralization. That's really what gets me excited.

Yeah. Oh me too. Giving the power, isn't it to us? Like that wants to work that wants to work hard and put something, right? And then we can make money and then we can really grow our business. So yeah, that's super. We're still waiting Diana to join Diana. Are you there? Just let me check because I can see her like her like coming in entering the room but I cannot see her. I hope

she can connect by audio. Yeah. Yeah. Oh poor thing.

Yeah, we have, yeah, we have, we have to go, we have to move on because you know like yeah, we have to go. So now we are gonna talk a little bit about the investment, the side of the market. So just a short note before we go to the next question. Uh So the NFT market turnover jumped from 22 billion from 2021 to a hun from 200,000,020 20. So that is super big, big big jam. So, um what do you believe? Why do you believe Christina uh NFTS are in investment because a lot of people think that it is still not.

Well, um I did get some great advice um learning this is that uh NFTS don't treat it as a stock market. And so you do have to have your background checks, the background checks of the creator itself, um sales and revenue, right? Um Finding out if the project has been around um for a long period of time, you can't jump on a project um immediately until you know, who's involved, who's the advisors. Um where did they get their funding or are these actually people trustworthy? And so um a competitive analysis is extremely important to, to learn about and, and that's in any type of investment, right, whether you're investing in retirement funds and in mutual funds or um do your due diligence, that that's extremely powerful um areas for the Blockchain that you can look for collections rarities, open sea and Salana are just the top three at the moment.

And so buying an NFT is definitely in a space of um finding out what is your motivation, what is your motivation to, to purchase? And so when I purchased my, one of my first Nfts is because I love Disney. And so V uh Veve is uh is a great example of a brand, right? And so when you invest in a brand, it's already well known. It's, and um if you like Nike, right? They, they have an NFT uh collection, right? And so Disney is just a, a thing that my daughter and I have shared passion for since she was such a little girl. So I, I owned um a few animated nfts that are Marl minis and I just think I just let it sit there and just, oh, it's cute. And um and, and that was very straightforward because it's dollar for dollar. It's a Us dollar per gem. That's what, how their token is. And so um I, I would think that's my expertise in, in a little bit of learning what you're investing in.

Yeah. Uh now you mute Anna.

Yeah. Uh so I can answer that for sure it's think about it as an investment and there is a lot of misleading information online, so always do your own research. Uh This, this has to go without saying, but there is a lot of scams out there. So um I think there are few factors to look at. Um like Christina said, definitely you have to look at the team behind the project. Uh To that, I can say I, I wouldn't say that look, there are smaller projects, they are bigger projects. You know, I truly believe in giving chance to the smaller projects as well that may not have millions and you know, tens and mail in backing or celebrity backing. Um This is not financial advice, it's up to you, but those smaller projects, you can still vet the team, right? You can still go on the linkedin profile, look at their faces, look at what they've done and judge on that even if they don't have massive backing before you can, you can look at what they've done in the past. So that's one definitely team, I would say uh research into the quality of how the project is run what the road map is. Uh uh For me personally, evil, the quality of the art matters of the visuals.

If it's a uh image mnft or if it's a music NFT, you know, it's the audio, right? But you can still judge those factors even if they're not super famous or anything like that. Um So for me, the utility and the road map is the long term investment. Um just to say, of course, you can still invest in NFTS just for the, for the art and for the etic value, that's absolutely fine. But for longer term return of investment, you have to see. Ok, what is the road map and what they're actually delivering? So this NFT can actually go up in value and rather than a one off uh short term project, it delivers the value in the long term, it turns into something bigger. So the the value in the future in the next years to come is delivered back to you and you don't lose your money. So you have to be my piece there.

Great. We have Diana back. Diana. Let me just uh we jumped one question. I'm sorry, but we are now talking about NFTS as an investment. So what are your opinion? Your thoughts?

My wi fi is going crazy.

Oh, can I can hear you and I can see you. Well, can you hear us? Let me just, I don't think that she can hear us. We can hear you, Diana. I don't know if she can hear us. I don't think so.

Perhaps if you can chat her the question in the chat and then she'll respond because we were able to hear

her. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let me, let me just copy this. Let me type here really quickly. And then, and then I need to see us. Let's see if she can. Yeah, because she is mute. Like I don't know if she can hear us, but she's um she's on the, on the chat

may look like she has a little delay on her Wi Fi. That's why.

Yeah, I think so. Uh Greetings. We have someone from Silicon Valley Cristina Leslie Inzunza. I don't know if I said the right way.

She's actually, I'm going to be so proud to announce that she's actually my executive assistant intern. She started

this morning.

Great. Silently and

we have to shout, shout out to Derek as well, who is uh one of our community members and he's attending all the events that we ever do.

That's amazing. Hey Derek, how are you guys? We have to go to, to keep it moving because you know, like I'm so sorry, Diana, I would keep here and waiting if the event is mine, but it's not. So I need to go

sorry guys.

So we can hear us now. Can you hear us, Diana? 00 yeah, I'm with you. I'm sorry, I cannot hear you. I don't know what's happening with you.

OK. But we can hear

her. No, you can hear, I can hear you. Christina. I'm good.

OK. Why don't you go ahead? Because maybe there's some delays on every party parts. But could you actually answer the question? Do you believe NFTS are an investment? Let's go with your opinion.

Look, I, I come from the investment background. So, again, just to back what Candice is saying this is not any investment advice at all. I'm just saying from my own personal experience and having been in and worked on Wall Street for a number of years, you know, starting from.

Oh, no.

Yeah, she'll come back home. Oh, bummer. We were just listening to you very well. Ok. Candice, can you hear me? I guess

we can hear you.

Yeah, I think we'll have to move on because I, I was listening

to, I keep getting

but now I cannot hear, I cannot hear her anymore. Isn't now, I'm not speaking now. I know that you can, you just unmute it just for us to check your mic as well and is here. Yeah. Um yeah, so yeah, it's just Diana Mike that's not like working and I don't know what's happening here because you can hear me. Well, Christina. Yes, everybody is. Ok, everybody is working properly. So let's, I, I will send, uh while we are talking here, I will send an email to, to Tech Diana uh and try just to see what they are trying, you know, like, I don't know what's happening here. So I'm gonna jump for the next question. I'm so sorry. Um but let's go and uh right now we let's talk about the global market for NFTS that means non fungible tokens. And uh of course the, the the market at the moment uh uh has reached 22 billions in just one year. We I just mentioned that in 2020 it was oh just 100 million. And uh as this new investment that has been uh you know, like bulling on NFTS, um this is making a significant kind of assets. So why people buy NFTS, why people have these right now at the moment, this urge in the past year of buy nfts and the market has been just really, really crazy. And like here at home as a personal, my personal uh experience, we have been crazy.

In the past two years, we have a personal collection of almost 59 FTS. Very different. Some just more because we love the project and we wanna help. Some projects are because we love the brand because they are associated with some sort of cause uh some of them are just cute and I just love to buy it so very different ways. The, the mo the mo the probably the half of them are because we want to collect. So it's a collectible thing for us at home. So, Anna, in your perspective, why people buy NFTS?

Yeah. Um I think there is an overarching uh theme I would say because on the surface you probably have very different reasons to buy NFT, right? Let's, let's see what happened recently with the goblins, right? The Goblin town, a very anti counterculture project. That people minted for free.

But then they, they um started, started, they started to resell it to now reach, I don't know. I think the cheapest is probably uh tens of thousands of dollars a few if anyway. Um So for that one, people, I think people went in just for the community, just for the counter culture, just for the fun, just for the difference that they're part of something different that is taking off. And people feel the sense of belonging in that culture in that movement. Right. On the other hand, you have the much more measured approach where people are buying NFTS. After seeing that there is large potential for dare I say it investment, right? They look at utility, they look at the measured road map, they look at this, these measures for success, right? So these are very on, on the surface, they are very different reasons, right? On one hand, you have something that's absolutely crazy. Yeah. And people buying fts there, on the other hand, you have something that's very measured and it looks very professional and people also buy NFTS there. For me, what's uniting the two is the sense of belonging, right? The sense for the users of actually wanting to belong in that community, be part of it, you know, be there, enjoy belonging and having an NFT, putting it on a profile picture.

For example, whether it's something that's completely crazy and different or whether it's something more standard, like you said, like maybe more cute, maybe more kind of civilized, you know, maybe it's all about the, the, the sense of belonging and the ideals that these people have.

So I think for me, the number, the reason number one would be the sense of community belonging and just pure association with the movement that, that NFT is creating behind the scenes,

right? And Christina in your, in your thoughts.

Um Gosh, um What do I, so I have a lot of generational involvement in, in, in my world. So I'm Gen X. My daughter itself, uh her, she's Gen Z and my fiance. Um I'm not trying to say anything but he's a baby boomer. So that's what we call it um art collection. I it's, it's an art collection. Basically that, that's just 100% our art collection of NFTS at the moment. Um Two of his favorite um artists are Rodin and Matisse. And so I'm actually looking forward to if anyone's going, if the Rodin estate is going to create animated sculptures o on the Blockchain, right? So, hey, if anyone's out there um in France and I'm in this space, I'd love to help them out. Um Another thing why do people buy empty is because uh in the beginning, it's definitely was a get rich type of scheme. And how do you know that it wasn't a scam? And at that time, uh a lot of people with a lot of money had um a lot of time to invest and, and dump millions of dollars, thousands of dollars in projects and made out with billions of dollars as well. Um Great. But, and then at the same time, they lost a lot of money, millions and billions of dollars. And so certain projects didn't have or didn't do their due diligence on security and security is super key into every single project. Right?

And so making sure that you do know the background. Um I'm going to give you the best advice ever is find an engineer, find an engineer and find a cybersecurity person that knows exactly what they're doing. Coding, senior level, invest in them, they are not dead. Um A lot of people say that Web two is full of men um in the software development um area, but Web three is full of women who come out with their creativity and their art, interior design and marketing. Um But these two female and male do work very well together so please um invest in them. Um What I do just as mentioned. Um I love the cute stuff. Disney is one but my ultimate passion of why would I invest or why would other people invest is the cause and the mission behind it. I've seen some projects that support domestic violence survivors. I've seen projects that support um Africa where they want to send uh necessities and female feminine products that they don't have easy access to just the way that we do, right. Um I do see causes for Children and I am so on for projects that have a mission behind Children.

And so the women of web three now coming in and, and bursting into um the space while we are quiet, while the market, the NFT market is at pretty much at a low at the moment. Um But we're coming in with our projects and just wait, just wait until these women come in and um really shine through.

Yes, that's good now. Uh So I'm gonna keep moving. Uh You know, I cannot see Diana on the chat or here I sent her AAA message, she, she did not reply yet. So we have to keep going because we are, we just have another 10 minutes. So we are going to our uh next question is uh what are the like, what are the, your personal expertise related to the web three space? So, of course, this is um you know, you talk a little bit, what are you doing now that are in the web three space related with NFT? Of course, Anna, it's, you know, like the face of one of the super exciting uh NFT projects and she based in London. So, and uh here at home, we are really fans and uh she know that. So let's start with Anna, please.

Oh, thank you, Candice. Um uh Yeah, so, you know, I, I got distracted when you, when you started with the compliment. So I forgot what the question was.

So, talk a little bit about the expertise, like your expertise that you are putting on that because a lot of people right now and then every single day, I have tons of questions of people saying to me, I'm Web Two. How can I go? And how can I jump to Web three or where I can, you know, find like courses suffocate the skills. How can I do that? So of course, Web three is something that started really, really cute. Like really, really? Oh sorry, I say cute because I read Diana say, oh no, you're so cute. Sorry, Diana. Where are you? We're missing you here on the stage. So how you jump it from the Web two to the web three.

Good to say by the way here on this panel, obviously, Candice, I know you're from before we spoke to Diana yesterday. I didn't know she was coming on this panel. Christina messaged you the other day. So it's great to see everyone. It's a super small world out there. But let me tell you something. Yeah. So where I come from, I'm actually, I'm coming from, I'm a designer by background, but a digital and product designer, UXU I, right. So I'm also a design coach, implementing those design principles of like how you listen to users, right? Well, how to create a good product, product that people love finding a product market fit. These are the skill sets that I was working with on Web two, right. And most importantly, um, Rock Fox Guild is my third venture. So I've, I've, um, seen how to, and I've done two start ups as a co founder before and I've seen how to launch something off the ground. Right. Which in a start up environment is hard. Right? It's hard. It's quite fast in Web two, what they found about Web three, right? Like I like to say it's start up on steroids, right? You thought that getting start up is hard work and it's fast work.

So you do not see, you do not, you do not see what happened in Web three.

Exactly. And I love it. So this is the experience that they bring like basically getting things off the ground rather quickly launching things, launching a community iterating fast, you know, coming with creative solutions to a problem quite fast and you know, in a fast spinning world wide web like web three, it's a perfect opportunity for every single one here in the audience to if they want to decide to do something tomorrow, start, right?

You can start now, you can start today in our own community, rock folk guilt. We had two people from different parts of the world. Uh One from the US, one from Philippines, the Philippines person is great artist. The one on the US. Um you know, on business, they're both quite young in their twenties or earlier. So I would say, you know, Gen Z's right, they got together and they started their own NFT collection. Just meeting with is in our community. So anyone can do it really. And that's it. I really like that. It's giving opportunity for everyone to start. And I think that's, that's really what I'm all about, like just launching projects and, and of course developing them, but also just kind of utilizing those strategies of web two into the web three space.

Perfect. So let's, let's hear from Diana Diana. Did you get the the question?

Um I did not, I'm sorry, can you just repeat? I promise.

I'll, yes, we, we are talking really quickly uh because it's our last question. We have another five minutes. We are talking about people that are moving once you started in web three from web two. So we are talking a little bit like an a device or personal experience. So how did you make the change or started in web three?

So, um I mentioned this earlier. Um you know, I originally started trading stocks and then it gradually uh transitioned into me capital raising, being able to support family offices and then hedge funds and private equities. Um And then, you know, when, when, when you're trading stocks for a long time and then you see the transition of crypto and how quickly it goes, you can't help but just be mesmerized by number one, the transparency of everything, right? Because usually I come from a financial background and a financial space where everything is hush, hush. You can't say anything. We don't really put anything out in the media. And so you don't really know what's going on. So there's no level of accountability. And for me, I was just pushing and really inspired to um do something more. It was great that we have crypto now. It's great that we have the Blockchain. It's great that we have this accessibility and then everyone can see what's happening in real time. And now when you put put NFT as an additional layering, um for me, it was just such a natural transition similarly to how it was a natural transition going from capital raising, uh from stock uh trading stocks to capital raising. So I think this is just where we are evolving and guys keep in mind um Everyone in this NFT space is considered an early adopter. So, you know, we're all learning, we're all growing.


yeah, that's OK.

But she, she got in, she got

in a lot. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, like internet connection is sometimes just horrible. But don't worry. Um what she's saying is we are early adopters. So things move really, really fast in the web three. So get ready for this crazy roller coasters, you know that you know that big, big, big ones like the biggest in the park. So this is the Web 31 where we have a lot of present down, we meet a lot like great people around. Um Please be aware of the, please be aware of the scanning, you know, people that say stuff that they are not. Uh and you know, do your research is really, really, really important. So, Chris Tina, do you want to say uh in one minute, please, you your experience of moving from Web two to Web three?

Well, um my tenure at paypal um I, I worked there for five years between 2014 to 2019 and actually my engineering team, the ne shout out to next gen engineering team alum um I actually orchestrated and helped um a hackathon create a hackathon using Slack for Bitcoin mining. And so not only did we adopt Slack into our environment at paypal for our engineering team, we used it to Bitcoin mine as well as in the middle of it. Um I or organized an event um a brownback session to uh have a speaker, the first Coinbase employee Carl Olaf Carlson Wei. And so he was the first um employee of Coinbase and came to speak at our event and now he is the founder of a polychain capital. Um So he's definitely investing in Web three, but that is my personal experience and back in 2015. And um ever since then, um I'm gonna tell you I put $50 in my Coinbase wallet and I don't have my 12, uh, word phrase. So, um, that $50. Wow. You know, who knows where that is right now at the moment. So I have a little key that I still haven't been able to jail break yet. Um, but, um, sooner or later I'm gonna get my money.

Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. But this, this is about what we've been talking at and then I will remind all of you again, do your research NFT is still a high risk market. And at the moment, you know, like it's really hard for you to just jump on the wagon and say, OK, I'm going to learn everything and then you are in this journey for like six months trying to learn, you know. So do your research, find information from people that are, you know, in the, in, in the, in the space, you know, and are teaching people on, on board, you know, like create your wallet. Uh I think the best like advice I got and I give now is, you know, create your wallet with £100 100 dollars and just starting trading and have fun. Have a look if it's something that you really interested in doing it and uh look as fast as a collectible, you know, like look for things that you think that is interesting that will uh you know, like Christina said before I collected cute stuff, you know. So uh you know, we have all like um you know, buy uh Ernest Rogue NFT, you know, is a pay to earn. It's a game. It's super fun as well. I have one collection that I really love that is uh women Powers.

You know, it is beautiful because it's empowering women. Uh If you, you know, Q that has this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful digital handbags, it's just like, oh my goodness, I'm so obsessed with the whole fashion thing. You know, go to the central land, go to the open sea.

Try to understand what is this, you know, like female tech leaders and NFT lab, we have tons of information, you know, um this is glossary uh for jargons for his lens to know how to understand how to open, like how to create your uh wallet. So tons and tons of information. And uh we already have our first NFT uh lab in March, April and the next one is going to be July and August. And this time we are going to have uh on top of NFTS do uh discussions about metaverse building metasis. We are going to talk, we're gonna bring fashion and music as well. So it's going to be five days of amazing, amazing. Uh follow us, we left all of the information in our linkedin as well on the chat. You can have access on our um pads of that if you go back to sessions and you can see our names and our link in there, send us on a message, ask some questions, you know, connect with us. And of course, if you want be a member of female check leaders, you know, and you get uh invitation for NFT lab. And uh NFT lab actually, uh we hold on um Metaverse space. So we are in, we have a gallery and uh we have a conference hall where we have, you know, all of the people joining us is not female uh is female focused, but uh we are opening the events for allies as well.

So I don't know if Anna Casina wants to say something before we go. We have like a minute. Um um

So I am actually board advisor for uh one of the first um ready to go Silicon Valley uh Web Three Spaces, um which makes me the first female and Asian American on their board and it's LEXI A I, I've placed it in the chat and it's a shopping concierge um powered by Web three and you can, it started off as almost like a doordash and that's the food delivery in America.

Um doordash on Web three and into the Metaverse. Um We will expand into and start an audience of supporting pent restaurants, um mom and pop shops. Um because we feel like the commercial and like the pizza huts and Dominoes, they don't need any more marketing. We need our moms and our grandmothers and, and our grandfathers do exposed as well as, um, market for them as well as create a very live experience on the metaverse. And so that's like the A I, um, and thank you for having me on board. And then as well as I'm board advisor for Extremely, and I've, um, placed that on the chat to extremely dot IO and amazing founder. She's actually part of, um, the women's group that I'm a part of in Candice. You may know her soul Malek and she is an amazing, brilliant young lady and I've been advising um the last couple of months for just had a session with her yesterday. Um, my tech advisor has been doing some real work with her and she's bringing almost like vine vibes, almost like bringing tiktok to the metaverse to web three. So take a look on that, follow along. And um you know me, I'm, I'm a huge support. So that's my

Anna you have, have like 20 seconds, more girls and more than gaming.

Yes guys there. OK. Just listen to this right. There are 3 billion gamers on the planet. 3 billion people. That's almost half of the word play games. How many of these are women? There are quite a lot of them actually, I don't know the exact stuff. So I'm not gonna say a figure, but a lot of moms, a lot of casual gamers, I play on my mobile phone a lot as well. So there are a lot of gamers, how many women are actually in game production, how many games um women are actually creating games, right? Think about that. Games is like, it's like movies, right? You're creating the Super Marios of this world, you're creating stereotypes, you're role models, right?

There are very few female led teams on this planet that create games and rogue Fox guilt is one of them. That's the truth. We are primarily female led in crypto and gaming. We are in unicorn in terms of there isn't much more like us and this is what keeps be going, right? We, we can now have the change, we can change, we can create games that are really uh including everyone, think differently. No more masculine heroes, right? Include everyone.

And this is what gets gets me uh up, up up every day, you know, changing that whole industry that is as influential if not more uh like movies, you know, this is the future games are gonna stay and we need

more females. Let's connect with Anna Christina and just be before we go. Uh If your company is looking for preceed funding consultancy, connect with Diana Cole. So on DK, her link as well. So you have on the sessions had you can connect with her, send them uh uh uh uh um a quick info just saying, oh I watch you. I saw you on the panel. I wanted to talk about something blah bla bla bla et cetera, et cetera. So now we have to go and thank you very much, women tech. Thank you very much tech woman. Thank you very much AA for having us. And I hope everybody here had a lot of fun because I had, but we miss you, Diana. This is

Diana. Great chat with you yesterday. I would definitely recommend Diana. She's so switched on and obviously raised investment. So let's all women get Diana to help us. She

knows what she's doing. And we have more women in game. More women in web three. Let's build this meta brus. Let's buy, let's make this NFT this crypto space more inclusive, more women, more minorities. This is what I want to do. And maybe in 2030 we have 100 million people on board in the whole world. Let's do that. Let's just get, yes, let's do that. You take care. Thank you so much for being here and for accepting our invitation. And I see you very, very soon. Follow female tech leaders, follow Neft lab, go on linked and go on Twitter, find us and get, you know, like do your work, you know, do your research find what's quite crypto, what is a wallet? What is NFT should I buy? Now? We are going to invest in land in metaverse land. So do jump in the wagon. Do your research find information and start investing and think about your future, your wealth. OK. This is important women. We have a really, really problem with the lack of uh wealth when we're starting getting older and older and older. So right now it's time for us to think about it and you know, be educated and find the right places to invest our money. Ok. Thank you so much. Take care girl. Bye bye.