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Pragati Solanki
Technical Recruiter
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The Journey and Innovation of Full Script With Pragati: Journey of a Tech Recruiter

Attending the Woman in Tech Global Conference 2022, Pragati, a technical recruiter at Full Script, shared insightful details about the company's growth, opportunities, and company culture.

About Full Script

Full Script is a game-changing health tech company revolutionizing the way health is prescribed. Our online prescribing platform has empowered more than 70,000 health practitioners and over 5 million patients by enabling the use of top-notch supplements all in one place. In Pragati's words, "Full Script is about making it easy for practitioners to prescribe and manage the use of top-notch supplements."

Why Choose Full Script?

Full Script focuses on quality and convenience. Our B2B2C business model offers practitioners a platform to create personalized health plans for their patients, simplifying the journey to lifelong wellness. We take pride in positively impacting the health and wellness journey of many.

Growth of Full Script

Exponential growth in a nutshell

Full Script has seen immense growth in the past few years – from gaining funding to acquisitions which have boosted our capabilities and reach. We have closed three rounds of funding to date, with our last investment amounting to $240 million. Thanks to our team's dedication, in 2022, we generated over $600 million in revenue and are on track to hit an annual revenue of 1 billion.

Team Behind the Success

We're a diverse team of more than 780 skilled individuals spread across North America. Our flexibility with work arrangements including hybrid, remote, and fully on-site work helps us attract and retain the best talent.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values at Full Script

  • Mission: Helping people get better.
  • Vision: Becoming the trusted care delivery platform that simplifies integrative medicine.

Our core values are authenticity, community, grit, and ownership. These guiding principles show us the path to fulfilling our mission and vision.

Life at Full Script

From clubs and committees to programs and events, we aim to make Full Script a dynamic and fun place to work. Our Engagement Committee is dedicated to creating a welcoming and enjoyable work environment. We also emphasize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and comfortable. We have forums for employees to engage in open and honest conversations about these key principles.

Job Opportunities and Benefits at Full Script

With various roles open, we are looking to add talented individuals to our team who are passionate about making a positive impact in the healthcare industry. In return, we offer significant perks such as flexible paid time off, customizable benefits packages, and opportunities for professional development.

Reaching Out

Pragati invites tech enthusiasts seeking a fulfilling career to reach out via LinkedIn or Full Script's booth at the conference. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for regular updates.

With Full Script, find an exciting environment shaped by diversity, progress, and innovation.

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Video Transcription

Hello, everyone. My name is Pragati and I am a technical recruiter at full script. Um I'm so excited to be here at Woman in Tech Global Conference and today's session, I'm going to cover what full script is about our culture and about the job opportunities.And as a technical recruiter, I have the privilege of working with some of the most talented and indo inno innovative individuals in these industries. And uh it's an honor to be part of this community and to have the opportunity to connect the top talent and at Full Script. I'm helping our engineering data it product team to grow by bringing in the best talent out there. And I have got a solid background in the computer engineering and I am all about exploring latest and greatest, greatest intake and how it's changing the game nowadays. And I use my knowledge to find the right people for the right job. Um So, you know, our client can succeed. And my goal is to build a diverse and skilled team that can bring a new ideas and help our company to grow in health care industries. So, uh I think you all are curious to know what is full script. Um I would say um I would say full script is a disruptive health tech company changing the way health is prescribed. Um We are all about making it easy for practitioners to prescribe and manage the use of top notte supplements all in one place. And our online prescribing platform gives access to over 20,000 practice nurse, great product from over 300 tons.

And that allows practice nurse to create personalized uh plan for their patients. And the best part is we focus on quality and convenience so our patients get best practice possible. And uh another thing is that we have a B to B to C business model uh which has allowed to support 70,000 health practitioners and more than 5 million patients. And we are so proud of impact we have made on the health and wellness journey here and we are always looking for new ways to innovate and improve. So here you can take a uh take a look at the quick video of our plan.

Ours is a tale of progressive pioneers

powered by 25 years of trusted natural health leadership. Our innovative platform for practitioners and patients has changed the industry as we know it dedicated to the dedicated, we're committed to being on the leading edge of health care. We're

changing the way health is prescribed.

Our vision is to be indispensable for progressive practitioners and patients everywhere. We're builders at heart. We build with determination, fearlessness and grit. We're authentic, open minded and respectful. We have a healthy habit of questioning convention, but we don't always have to break things to make them better.

We build as a community for the community. We believe you can't just ingest your way to wellness. Good health is a matter of habit.

Full script is a secret weapon for progressive health care practitioners. We build software that helps them get better at utilizing natural health products to treat patients and grow their practice.

It's a calling for practitioners. It's personal. Their work is truly a way of life. They give more than they get a lot of important but unpaid work goes into delivering a quality patient outcome

experience and evidence. Good practitioners rely on both medicine is creative. Each patient is a new puzzle.

Practitioners are seeking stickiness. They're looking for ways to keep patients committed.

They're trailblazers with a bigger mission, but that comes extreme confidence and extreme self doubt. Full script is a caring creator. We are building the tools our practitioners need to excel. We are not the hero, but we play a heroic role like you to bond. We're here to empower people and help them unlock their full potential. We truly care and it shows people should always feel better, smarter and taken care of. After speaking to us, we're credible without being clinical. We speak in a way that's encouraging and supportive and a tad bit clever. Our confidence is contagious. We give practitioners the courage to be gritty to persevere.

We're not the same full script. We used to be. We're so much more than pills in a bottle, more than just a dispensary together, together, together, together. We are

indispensable. Thank you all for watching the video and I hope you got a better understanding of what full script does. So, in a nutshell, we are trying to simplify the path to lifelong wellness. So what's that? Uh Right now, integrative medicine takes a time efforts and money that practice and simply can spare. That says they are starving for something better. They want to create a partnership with their patients. They want a simpler way to uh deliver integrative plans and that's where we come in.

It's our duty to show practitioners that our integrative care delivery platform, max integrative medicine is possible and profitable. So, yeah, this was all about the full script and let's now talk about our growth. Um So what's it's like being in the hypergrowth? Well, in short, it's an exhilarating ride. Our culture keeps us together and it's on our team to uphold it and our team makes us great and holds the key to our success. And we have seen lots of success over the years and here you can see the full script at the lens. Um as you can see in this picture, it is a fast growing company that has a significant milestone over the past few years. Uh We have been three rounds of uh funding to the date and our last investment was 240 million that reflects the confidence that investors have in our vision and the value we bring to the health industries. In addition to the funding, we have also undergone two acquisition uh including our us best competitor, Emerson Ecologic. This acquisition have allowed us to expand our, our reach and enhance our capabilities. And uh we are so proud of our growth and excited about the future.

We are continue to innovative and drive positive change in this industry. And I am pleased to announce that in 2022 we have generated over 600 million revenue and uh um uh we are on track to achieve annual revenue of 1 billion. So, yeah, um this was about our growth and if I, if I give you an idea about our team, uh we have currently um have a team of more than 780 employees across the North America and we embrace flexible work arrangements including hybrid, remote, fully on site work. And additionally, we have our own five distribution centers and states and we have 53 PLS in Canada as well. So this was our growth story and uh let's uh let's talk about our mission and vision. So full script, our uh mission is helping people get better. This is not just a mission statement. But our purpose and our obsession as the leading platform for prescribing integrative health products. We are so proud to positively impact millions of lives every day. We understand the importance of providing high quality health products and personalized care to our patients, which is why uh we strive to deliver the best possible service through our platform and what's our vision? So our uh vision is to be a trusted uh care delivery platform that simplify integrative medicine. Our work is guided by our mission of creating meaningful change for the future of our healthcare system. And uh we have our core values as well.

At fri we hold our core values very dear to our hearts. They define who we are, how we work. Our values start with authenticity where we encourage everyone to embrace an independent thinking and be the truest version of themselves. We also value community where we deeply care about each other and do what's best for our team as a whole. And the greed is the another core value that we hold in high regards. We operate like it's a day one every day of the week. And lastly is ownership is a value that we believe uh drives the result and growth. And uh we, we take all the results to the heart, not just our own and the strive to create an environment where everyone feels responsible for the company's success. And this core values help us guide us towards achieving our mission and vision and we are so proud to have them as a part of our culture. And uh this is the life At Full Script, as you can see in the picture, life at Full Script is all about celebrating success ring together for a cause and having fun as a team, our unique culture ensure that there is something for everyone, you know, from clubs and committees to program and events.

And we are constantly working to make full script an amazing place to work. Uh Whether instead, uh whether you are interested in fitness and volunteering or just connecting with the colleagues, there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved and make an impact. And here we, we believe uh that a happy and engaged team is the key to our success. And we are committed to providing an environment that foster growth, collaborations and fun. And uh thanks to our engagement committee, we do have engagement committee and that plays a vital role in uh making our place fun and inclusive. The committee consists of a representative from various department and all of whom um uh work towards the creating welcoming and enjoyable work environment here. And they organized uh some of our uh signature events such as the hackathon Gett Dundee um year and celebrations and via uh various contest uh and the trivia events and both in person and virtually as well. And uh along with the signature events, the committee also host uh a regular monthly celebrations for product launches, uh awards, uh biweekly town hall productions that are for all employees.

And uh we have a team uh such as a dodgeball team in British Columbia, uh softball team in Ottawa and uh hiking club in Arizona. So we have the Depart and also we have a department of sites uh that are organized once a year, so that brings employees together and the fostering a sense of a community. So, yeah, um thanks to our engagement committee for their hard work and our workplace is not just a productive, but also full of fun and engaging activities that create a positive and inclusive um environment for all. And uh at full script, uh we have a deep community. So it's a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging community. Um That works um that works to make sure everyone feels uh welcome and uh included and we believe that having a different people with the different ideas uh makes our company stronger and better able to help our community.

And I would say like we, we uh we want to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable and we are uh we are always trying to do better. We hire for a culture uh not a culture fit. Um And uh and we treat everyone fairly and equally and here are always working to make uh make our team more diverse and inclusive. Uh On top of that, we do have our select channel as well that allows our employees to engage in open and honest conversations about diversity, equity inclusion and belonging. And this channel is way for employees to connect with other uh who can uh you know, share their uh similar values and experience and learn from one another and uh contribute to uh creating a more inclusive and welcoming space for a welcoming workplace culture. And the last year, we have launched two employee resources group uh woman at Full Script and the neurodiversity at Full Script uh which were met with the great excitement uh from a team and er GS uh really foster a sense of belonging as a as as uh you know, they help people feel connected and empowered and uh as they uh connected with others.

And uh being a part of er G is also a great way to make an impact as they typically take uh education initiatives, volunteering, fundraising and more. And it's also a great way to meet a new people. So these are some of the pictures uh of our team that, that reflect our culture pattern. And yeah, and these are our hub locations as well as where our teammates live and we hire for. So in USA, we have 18 states that we are legally uh set up there. And uh in Canada, I can see a five including uh back NCR and uh we also have a physical location in Ottawa and New Hampshire along with five distribution centers. Uh Those are located in Arizona, Pennsylvania, California, Kansas and Virginia. And you all are curious about the hiring. So, yeah, we are hiring right now for a couple of roles and uh full script is growing and we need talented people to join us in making a difference in health care industry. We have open positions and we want to find the right people to join our team and working with us means that being a part of a group that cares about helping others and is uh always looking for new ways to innovate something.

And we offer a supportive and collaborative work environment here if you're patient about making uh making a positive impact and want to be part of a great team, uh check out our job openings and apply today and the best part is uh always people curious to know about the benefit, what company offers.

So uh here we believe in taking care of our team members and offering a comprehensive benefit package. So, uh some of our key perks include uh flexible paid time off, uh customizable benefit package, stock options. We also offer RRSP and 401K for uh plans for retirement saving and at full script, we care about our team members work life balance and offer flexible workers uh both at home and in the office. And uh we have uh flex Fridays and well as Wednesdays to support the our team's well being as well. And uh we do have a peer to peer uh recognition platform where employees can recognize each other's uh achievement and we can uh reward them with the script coins. And uh we, we really believe in continuous learning and offer opportunities for professional to development like uh through conferences, courses and our microlearning platform. And uh yeah, our team member also received the discount on full script products, which is home to thousands of medical grade supplements and vitamins.

So they, you know, they can uh prioritize their uh health and wellness too. And here we have a work when you work well approach. Um So we, we really believe in uh working whenever the works best for you. We have a team members uh all across the North America and we don't limit our teams by location, whether you work from office or distribution centers or your home. Uh We value your country distribution equally. We uh we really uh flexible, like our flexible work policy, let you finish uh like find the work, work life balance and that suits you best. And our um our virtual first approach means that promote participation is always welcome. So our divers uh and the distributed team has helped us uh make us successful. And yeah, so feel free to uh follow us on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and linkedin. So, yeah, I would like to thank you all for your time to learn more about full script and our culture. I look forward to any questions and comments you might have. So I'll take a look at the chat window right now. And uh yeah, feel free to also connect me on the full script booth and linkedin as well. I'm happy to answer all those questions you have and here the career website link. So if you can, if you want.