Technology and Humanity in Times of War

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Empowering Humanity through Blockchain: An Insightful Discussion with Binance

Within the realms of technology, industry leaders have recognized one cardinal principle - the ultimate goal is to serve people. In the fireside chat hosted between honours, Anna and Helen, blockchain technology is extensively discussed with respect to its potential to revolutionize philanthropy, alleviate poverty, and empower women.

Blockchain & Philanthropy: A Blend for Efficiency

Blockchain technology, according to the insightful Anna from [insert company name], plays a crucial role in philanthropy by amplifying the transparency and efficiency of donations. Raised with the belief that help should be extended without discrimination, Anna is the founder of the largest food bank in Slovenia that has helped over 300,000 families.

  1. Sustainability: Her journey from Silicon Valley to blockchain is fuelled by the need for creating sustainable models of philanthropy that can overcome system issues prevalent in the traditional models.
  2. Efficiency: With the technology, they have managed to digitize food banks ensuring 100% of donated food packages make it directly into the hands of those who need it.
  3. Transparency: Implementing blockchain allows for every donation to be tracked, adding an added layer of accountability and transparency to the donation process.

Shaping Governance Through Blockchain

Echoing her sentiments, Helen from Binance talks about her time in Africa, the inefficient traditional donation systems, and how the blockchain comes into play to shape governance. Despite the intentions of the those involved, the system often sees donations whittled down, with only a portion of the aid actually reaching the intended recipients.

  1. Empowerment: Beyond improving philanthropic efficiency, Helen discusses the potential of blockchain technology to empower women. The empowerment of women, she states, is crucial for the future as the world heads into challenging times.
  2. Education: Through the use of blockchain technology and crypto-assisted initiatives, it's possible to provide women with the knowledge, education, and tools they need to realise their independence.

Blockchain & Women Empowerment

As two women leading within their respective technology-focused companies, both Anna and Helen see the immense potential blockchain holds in empowering other women. Despite often being minorities in their meetings, they encourage women not to be deterred by the male-dominated industry.

  1. Confidence: Believing in oneself and one's vision is key. Resilience, confidence, and the relentless pursuit of purpose is what drives true change.
  2. Support: It is also significant to maintain a spirit of mutual support among women, pushing each other towards achieving their goals.
  3. Tech Knowledge: Equipping women with the knowledge of blockchain and crypto technologies serves as an enabler, allowing them to partake in the technological revolution and make a meaningful impact.

To conclude, Anna and Helen's insightful discussion paints a crystal-clear vision of the potential impact blockchain technology can have - transforming the world philanthropy, and empowering women at its core. Now more than ever, we must stand together and take full advantage of the opportunities this technology provides to better serve humanity.

Video Transcription

Maybe I start this session with the famous code. The essence of human civilization is that people are the ultimate goal, all of our science and technology, ideology and culture, public service and all the modern civilization is to serve people and make people live better.This has always been the cardinal principle of Binance and also Binance charity. That's why it's also our great pleasure, you know, talking to you today because I believe we share the same vision and mission.

Yes, Helen, you are so right. Uh Thank you so much for this kind intro. Um uh I totally agree with what you described. I have one short sentence that I always use and it's um to give is to really live. Um I really think that we should all look out for each other and uh talk about what's going on in the world and at the same time, use technology that is surrounding us. Um And it's being developed so fast in order to help faster and in a transparent way. And as you said, we share, you know, so many values and I think Blockchain is one of the technologies that is crucial in these times right now and in the future.

Great. So, Anna, I want to ask you, you know, why don't you share your journeys, you know, um your childhood, you know, your upbringings and what make you relieving in Blockchain. Crypto.

Yes. Um I was first of all raised by my family to always help others, you know, and never make a distinction. Like I was raised that we're all the same and we should all just really respect each other. And um I was lucky enough because I was born and raised in Slovenia. But when I was 18, I got a full scholarship for tennis to go to Silicon Valley and study at San Jose State University. That's when I got really in touch with, you know, the, the center of innovation. Uh So I've been living half of my life in Silicon Valley, uh always being present in entrepreneurship. But at the same time, my heart and my passion and uh purpose was always in philanthropy in helping others. So, almost 13 years ago, I started the largest food bank in Slovenia. Um And we've helped uh over 300,000 families and it was, it, it was really simple um bringing together the basic necessities by, you know, individuals, families, um different campaigns, uh different uh companies um and just packaging it and bringing it directly to those in need.

It's become so huge. Uh It's a, it's a great side project and the distinction is also we don't collect any money. Uh It just, everything is just in, in uh in uh in foods. So, um but then I said, you know, I wanna do something bigger. And in 2016, I started learning about Blockchain and I said, ok, this is the perfect way of how to digitalize the food banks as we know. Um So I established Tru Homa. Tru Homa stands for true and honest mankind because I think that we as human beings can achieve our highest potential when we are being true and honest. First of all, with ourselves and then with everybody else. So, you know, Tru Homa is just the next step, the next vision for me. Um It's actually we're bringing to the people, the, the platform where people can come donate, their donation is used in 100% in order to purchase food packages and those food packages are then directly delivered into the hands of people in need. And the entire uh donation is being then um uh tracked on Blockchain. Um So that's, that's the whole kind of point, you know, bringing basic necessities directly to people, uh 100% donations, making it very efficient and of course, uh the full transparency for the donors.

That's really amazing. Um You know, I'm so excited, you know, seeing women from all over the world, like you, you know, we share exactly the same passion and also maybe I like to share, you know, like I spent eight years in Africa before joining Binance. And I think I was able to see through those eight years, seeing the highest and lowest form of human nature, you know, in that land. And I'm seeing people, you know, committed their lifetime, you know, trying to make an impact. But one of the thing tricked me is the system. You know, I think human beings has been searching for good society, whether it's a communist socialism, capitalism, you know, even the war was going on, we're talking about a good governance. But the question actually is, well, good people when they get in power, whether whatever kind of governance, there's always the problem of human nature because that's how things started getting wrong. This is why, you know, I think why we truly believe in technology because we think we believe engineering in a year. Actually, human need to learn how to work with technology for the new form of governance. And that's something we're trying to shape. One of the things we did, you know, four years ago in Africa, you know, in terms of charity donation today, if I'm today in Paris, if I want to donate €100 to someone in Latin America or in Africa, only 25% of my €100.

And in the hand, you know, of and beneficiaries, this is not fair, right? You know what the 21st century, that's not fair. This is why the technology can play a major role. So four years ago when Binance Charter launch, we actually use the technology doing 100% point to point donation. So where the first charge donation, we charge zero administration fees because we want to ensure, you know, the good initiative, like what you mentioned is going to be received 100%.

But and beneficiaries is not just being taking advantage of intermediaries because there is a system issues. You know, that's something we truly believe we actually working with you. We're trying to shape also the way the governance, you know, to shaping the system. I like to hear, what's your thought on that?

That's a very good uh example and question look, I I've been having so much experience and with uh governance and with the system that we know now and also certain big nonprofits that exist until this day, I don't believe in their model anymore because it's not sustainable, it's no longer sustainable.

So usually when you bring in new technologies, when you disrupt what is existing, uh there is a huge um how do you say they wanna say no at at first, right, they, they don't want to use that. So I think it's very important that for people like us, for organizations like us, that we do a lot of showcases to show them how much more effective, how, how much more efficient, how much more money we save that we can use them for other things. Um Such technologies bring, I think our project when you donate it to a home for Ukraine is a perfect example because you donated €40,000 with this €40,000 we bought exactly what 1000 food boxes that were then directly delivered from Slovenia to Ukraine into the hands of the civilians.

And this was all tracked, you know, with social media and also on Blockchain. And I think with showcasing and with creating pilots like that, um in the short time, they were no longer uh they will no longer resist, they will have to start using such technology because it's time. And you know, from what I've seen all over the world, um it's very simple if you want to donate something, if that's a bag of cookies, you don't wanna take five cookies out, you want to get a whole bag and nobody in the intermediaries, everybody that is involved, they should not get any money or they should not even make any money.

Because I have to be brutally honest. In many cases, philanthropy has become quite a business. We have to be fully transparent here and I really dislike that. That's why I think you and me and what we're doing, sharing the 100% efficiency is very crucial and that's the way to go.

I cannot agree more with you. I think we're totally fully align on that. And I really like what you said, you know, we need to make a successful example, because that's the best way to bring inspiration, leadership and confidence, you know, to the industry, people can talk about principles. But what is truly lacking is people actually being there and then it, and then actually our great pleasure working with you as shapers pioneers, you know, trying to shape a successful example, bring the industries, uh you know, moving along. And actually we, I love to see more female, you know, joining the, the risk in this because I think we're also into a year. Technology can empower more women, you know. Um Yeah, I love to hear your thoughts about that as

well. Um You know, I've been very present also in uh the start up world uh raising money, you know, in Silicon Valley with the V CS with the angel community. And still now today, most of my meetings, wherever I was, it was basically many times, just me among uh male, right? Um You have to, I think women should not be concerned uh about the fact that many times they are just in the meetings with men because I believe if you have a vision, if you believe in yourself, don't bother with these things just, you know, move forward, go forward because you will find uh same minded people, even even with men and they will support you, but you have to really uh show the energy that you believe in yourself.

Uh I think that's really important and I think it's very important that women support women uh and push each other forward. You know, that's why for me, it's an honor Helen that, you know, I, I had the opportunity to work with Binance Charity because you, you've achieved so much and you're such a good trendsetter. Uh And I think that, you know, you giving me an opportunity to, you know, do certain things with you and be on the stage with you. That's a lot. And I'm gonna do the same for other women. You know, I'm always here for anybody who, who wants help, who wants support. If their vision is um I would say uh in the right direction. So they're good doing something good for the humanity. I think that's very important.

I really like what you said and it's our great honor, you know, to working together, hand to hand, you know, um with you. And then like I like what you said, we need to help women because I think women need empowerment and also need support. And that's something actually, I want to give a lot of respect for this forum is actually giving the opportunity to empower women. What women can, can, can, can do. I always remember, you know, what was 20 years something. Um you know, that I felt there's a tiger inside of me but immediate stage. So I think that kind of empowerment, you know, it's so important now, I think um it's our great honor. You know, we can empower more women joining this. It also remind me of project we did actually in Afghanistan with women because you know, as we know there is the Taliban takeover, there are a lot of young women that feels so hopeless but then lost jobs. And but what we think empower women, knowledge and education is so important because that's the best weapons equipment, they can actually empower themselves. So basically what we did is to open crypto wallet, you know, convert the US D to local currency. So we actually use technology to empower them. They can afford food deals and basic living expenses. At the same time, they were able to study. I think this is so important.

I really want to, I think it's our common goal, you know, we want more women to get more educated, you know, to be equipped with the knowledge of technology and also to shine to, to, to make differences. Yes,

I think this is really important and you know, we have to be aware, I mean, the crisis is here, what's coming in the next month in the next year is going to be huge, more and more people in poverty, prices are going up. So with technology, I think we can really optimize so many things, not just in philanthropy, but you know, in in many industry sectors, empowering women uh giving them education, bringing them on board. So they understand the technology, they can grow with it and find other solutions that can help the world. And I think right now it's time to stand together more than ever, you know. So I think through women because we have this sensitive side of us, I think we understand more what's going on and we need to really pull through together

totally. And this is something I actually love to continue working with you. Also women in tech, if actually of this conference as a concrete, you know, thing we can do together is actually to do some Blockchain, crypto even NFT education, you know, to empower women because we've been, if those the best technology, you know, we can give, you know, letting people to be equipped with the knowledge.

So, Anna, before we leave on the stage, is there anything you like to share with? You know, that the many women watching on this talk, anything you, you want them to remember?

Yes, I think it's very important that, you know, we all find our purpose because once you find your purpose, you, you actually live your dream and never give up. And I think as I mentioned before, the times are quite tough uh bringing new technology learning about them, finding how to use them in the best way that's really important. Um And always really respect each other because uh I think sometimes many people are, you know, in their ego stage and this really doesn't do any well. So I always believe, acting out of heart and connecting with everyone. That's, that's the way to go.

That's amazing. And I want to end this session maybe with something Nelson Mandela once said it's always impossible until it's done. It's our great pleasure working with you. And also I really want to use that one to empower the people are watching here. You can do it, you can make it. You are the diamond. Thank you.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Bye bye


Thank you so much, Helen. Thank you for being with us. Thanks for this fantastic chat. Thanks for sharing your experience and thanks for everything that you do at Binance Charity.

And thank you again for organizing this. I think it's really important. You empower millions of women through this conference. Thank you so

much. Thank you. Thank you so much, Helen for your kind words. It means a lot to us and let's give a virtual round of applause to Helen. But this fantastic chat, I will also now show us on the screen some really great comments and yeah, they're asking for your linkedin profile. Make sure to share so you can follow or drop a note to Helen. Great, so many thanks from our amazing people from all over the world. It was really a great honor to have had you today with us Helen. Thank you so much. Bye bye.