Trivia on Technology Trends by Jennifer Glenski

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Exciting Trivia Session on Technology Trends

Hello readers, we recently had an engaging trivia session on technology trends. Our hosts for the day were myself, Jennifer Glens, and our ever-wonderful moderator, Jonah Jones. We used the online platform Kahoot for this thrilling trivia game. The winner walked away with the prize of a one-year premium membership to the Women Tech Network. Quite exciting, right?

Playing the Trivia Game

You might be wondering how we played this trivia. As per the rules decided, everyone was supposed to use two devices- a computer and their mobiles. The participants were asked to join by going to the Kahoot site, and the game pin was then shared with all.

We covered a vast range of topics including:

  • Shortage of skills in cloud native technologies
  • The role of site reliability engineering in food apps like GrubHub during the pandemic
  • Projected growth in the AI market
  • The automation of jobs using robotic process automation
  • Growth of edge computing as an emerging global computing market
  • Contribution of technology trends like quantum computing in preventing the spread of coronavirus and developing possible vaccines
  • Global spending on internet of things devices
  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
  • Role of virtual reality in sectors beyond gaming like army training

Key Insights From The Trivia

We learned about the growing demand for skills like Kubernetes automation and data integration due to the rise of cloud technologies. We discovered how GrubHub managed a surge in food delivery orders amidst the pandemic by expanding their DevOps teams and using infrastructure as code.

Glimpses Into Future Technology Trends

Our trivia also gave us a glimpse of future trends. For instance, the AI market is expected to be a 190 billion dollar industry by 2025, creating more job opportunities. Studies estimate that about 60% of jobs could be either completely or partially automated with robotic process automation.

Edge computing, the emerging global computing market, is estimated to reach 6.72 billion dollars by the end of this year. It serves as a mini data center for remote locations with limited/no connectivity. The spread of coronavirus and vaccine development are being aided by technology trends such as quantum computing.

According to forecasts, we can expect around 50 billion IoT (Internet of Things) devices in use worldwide by 2030. Blockchain technology comes in handy for mitigating risk, fraud detection, and a lot more while virtual reality is becoming an integral part of training in organizations like the US army.


Overall, our session was a fun-filled learning experience with some healthy competition. We extend our heartiest congratulations to our winners and thank everyone who participated. We're eagerly looking forward to our future sessions, where we’ll continue our exploration of tech trends and much more!

Video Transcription

Hi, everyone and welcome to our trivia session for

today. We will be

covering trivia on technology trends.

What I'm

Jennifer Glens and I have with me here today are wonderful moderator, Jonah Jones and we're gonna be using

Cahoot for playing this trivia game. So you should be playing

using two devices. So using your computer and your mobile device to play,


can join by going to cahoot dot it. I'll put that

into the chat right here. The game pin that you see on the screen here, that game P 889918, right? Some folks are

joining. We'll give a few minutes for everyone to

just get logged in. And today we're playing

for the prize of one year premium membership to the women tech network. That's

pretty exciting and it looks like

we've got quite a number of players. They got some competition. That'll be fun.

If you were here

yesterday, we had a fun trivia session on women in

technology since we were looking forward to learning some more on some trends in technology as well. If anyone's, you know, join like the

link and the game are saved in

the chat so you can send one in and also in the QR code and it's all right, ready to get started.

So round one, what modern skill is included in the skills shortage of cloud native technologies that in it employer space

is it DV? Two data center maintenance, cooper, auto maintenance or I have to come in

K Benetti's automation. All right, we've got our initial leaders up on the board there with the popularity of a lot of cloud native technologies such as container orchestration and distributed data management. Employers are looking for pros trained in COTIS automation and data integration so that could be something they'll look into next if you're looking for your next online course or certification. When the pandemic struck Grubhub was able to quickly adjust due

to which a present uptick in food delivery orders during the

pandemic. I know I used

myself too.

That's right site reliability engineering. So they could handle that increased volume. Hello, Samuel jumped up to the top here on our leader board. Despite the massive surge in customer traffic on the food delivery

industry, Grubhub

reliability engineers were able to focus on areas such

as expansion of their DEV ops, teams

use of infrastructures code which really helped them increase and respond to that demand. The A I market is expected to grow to how much

by year towards 25 because 100 and 90

billion dollar industry is what we're expecting in just three years. From now. Congratulations Sarah. Now you're at the top. It looks like SB is our highest climb or moved up 14 places after that last question. Well done. So with cahoot, you're looking for the right answer and also speed. Do you wanna get that answering as quick as possible

to get more points

as you know A I is spreading and growing? There's gonna be a lot more jobs created and the industry is

expected to grow a lot as well.

About what percentage of jobs can be partially or completely automated with robotic process automation. This was estimated in a recent study. How much

do you think it is? That's right. Some

studies estimate about 60% of jobs could be either completely or partially automated with

robotic process

automation. So there's a lot of augmentation going on there too and stares at the top. Samuel and SB are coming in close

behind. So while

robotic process automation won't automate all the jobs, it could be a nice compliment to a lot. So edge computing is a emerging global computing market

that's expected to commerce by 2022. Do you think it's closer to 2 billion or 7 billion? So about 6.72

billion dollars is the estimated market


edge computing. By the end of this year, Sarah is staying on top. We've got a new number three Mars snuck in there and Molly is our new highest climber up 14 places. So edge computing can be used to process time sensitive data in remote locations with limited or no connectivity,

which is

really interesting and really useful for a lot of applications. And in those situations, edge commu edge computing can act like many data centers on their own. This technology trend is also involved in preventing the spread of coronavirus and developing potential vaccines.

Which trend is this analytics, Linux A I system quantum

D MC ram A computer quantum computing, that's

a technology trend helping in

a lot of areas.

Oh We've

got Sarah still on top and then she got to number two, an answer streak of three correct answers in a row.


Thanks to quantum computing's ability to easily query monitor, analyze and act on data regardless of the source. It's quite useful for mitigating risk, fraud detection. And so much more like the other examples we saw in the question. So now we've got true or false global spending on internet of things devices is expected to reach $1.2 trillion by the end of 20

23 reading. This is true or false but oh not quite

1.1 trillion. Oh, Sarah is still number one God bish and Samuel rounding out our top three. So in fact, we're expected to reach $1.1 trillion by the end of this year. Forecasts suggest that by 2030 around 50 billion of these IOT devices will be in use around the world. Which will make a massive web of these interconnected

devices. The five G network will cover what

percentage of the world by 2024.

Sorry to see that roll out already.

That's right. About 40% we're expecting,

let me see would be for item number 11.

So five G services are expected to really revolutionize our lives by enabling services that rely on advanced technologies like A R and VR alongside cloud based gaming services like Google Stadia, NVIDIA GE Force now and much more. So we're gonna see a lot of five G services coming out. I'm excited for them.

Another true or false Blockchain technology is

often often thought of in relation to cryptocurrencies.

We often think of Blockchain with in

relation to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Oops Samuel is holding on to that number one spot Blockchain technology, of course has many other uses outside of Cryptocurrency as it is uniquely consensus driven. So no one entity can take control of the data with Blockchain. You don't need a trusted third party to oversee or validate transactions. It's most commonly been used with relation to Cryptocurrency. Though we're seeing expanded instances of how Blockchain can be helpful while primarily used for gaming. What organization has been utilizing virtual reality as part of their training TNT or the New York Yankees,

right? It's actually

the US Army has started integrating virtual reality as part of their training, virtual ship is a simulation software used to train us Navy, army and coast guard ship

captains. Our national are

winners number, third place is Mars,

second place M

Kawa and first place

is, well, congratulations.

If you're one of the names listed on the podium here, if you can put your full name into a chat, we can put you down for the

price, drop a message in the chat. Whoever you all around here. Thank you. All right, we've got another round for

us to play as well. So we'll have a new game pin generated. So you're still at cahoot dot it. But this is our new game pin.

I know 913 and there's no space in between, right? We're gonna get

started and Samuel if you wanna put your name in the chat just so we know who you are, we can get you

on our list.

All right, ready for round two. Next chance to win a premium membership according to Gartner by 2025. What percentage of organizations will need cybersecurity risk

professionals? 10,

2560 or 98% of organizations, 60%. So, more than half. And congratulations Rachel. You are leading our way. The number of cybersecurity jobs is going three times faster than any other tech jobs right now. Really just shows how strong of a need there is for all those professionals, companies like Google are using what on mobile devices, which can continue learning even

when they're online, the A WF Augmented Reality or the analytic.

That's right. Machine learning. Oh Rachel holding on to the lead. And Mel coming in second, machine learning's ability to learn on its own is reshaping the way businesses interact with their customers in a really big way. One click shopping is

expected to increase 100 and 50%. Here, we are expecting

a large increase in one click shopping making it easier for people to get what

they want straight to them.

So Jen's holding on to the second place spot and Mel's in number three and we still got Rachel at number one, all done after linking payment information to a general account in enabling the future customers are able to buy almost anything with just one touch and the industry is anticipating an increase

in sales directly related to this new touch commerce.

On average, how

much faster is five G internet services than four G. I'm faster than four

G. On average, we've got new number one, Jamie Snuck in there followed by Alex and Rachel. Number three and six players just answered three questions correctly in a row. Congratulations. Five G provides the impetus for further development of disruptive technologies such as the internet of things, self driving cars, you know, robotic surgery even. And so much more global spending on cloud computing has increased by what in 2020

in the millions,

billions or trillions,

100 and

$69 billion increase

for over two

years on global spending on cloud computing. Oh SA is now our number one followed by AJ highest climber is Molly. Business owners realize that cloud migration is an integral part of digital development that brings a range of benefits. And consequently, we're we've seen a lot more increase in spending on that area. What is the spectrum of invasive technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed? What are all


of technology is called extensive

data. You pull out the

number one


reality is prima primarily known for immersive gaming. But nowadays it's deployed across a wide range of industries so true or false in 2020 alone smart speakers.

It was, that's true. You can

believe it. He was on fire with an ancestry of six correct answers in a row. Well done. Businesses are taking note as our interactions with machines become increasingly more intelligent and customers are expecting a lot more with, you know, some sort of A I capability. Neither true or false can chocolate be used as a 3D printing material?

True or false. You can

start eating chocolate in some very cool shapes. Oh Harita is up. Number one seem about knocked from the top these days, the materials used for 3d printing can be pretty much anything plastic metal, even chocolate entire houses can now be 3d printed. Sure. A few people would enjoy a 3D printer in their house for

chocolate gene editing

clinics have been FDA approved to open in 2026. Is this true or

false. That is off. Oh s

back on the leader board at number two, the number one. So while no gene editing clinics will be opening any time soon. Synthetic biology and gene editing tools may drastically alter the way we produce products and fight against disease in animals or in crops. All right. In 2022 what consumer health and wellness wearable devices are expected to be shipped

globally? Or how many 2 million, 320 million, three point

7 million or 300,000? 320 million consumer health and wellness wearable

devices. That's a lot more and more

people are using these devices to monitor their health and seek medical treatment. And the industry includes a variety of devices such as fitness trackers, smart watches, smart patches, and even

smart clothing. All right, for our second

round. Who's on the podium? We've got number three is Rachel Thompson.

Second place with

Alex. Why

in first place? Oh, congratulations.

One of our winners, please drop your full name in the chat so we can write you down and congratulations to everyone. Thank you so much for playing with us

today. Enjoy the rest

of the conference. We've got some amazing sessions this

afternoon, like.