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Kristina Kushner
Program Manager | Delivery Manager

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Short Bio:
Kristina Kushner works in STEM in delivery and managerial roles. She started with her sole passion for Technology. On her own merit and with no coding background, by now she got globally recognised professional certification (PMP) and the position of delivering projects and leading teams all over the world. "Having a diverse background I understand how challenging it can be to start a career in STEM from scratch and with no guidance. Now I want to help people to succeed in this field too."

Professional Experience (IT/Tech):
5-7 years
Primary Skills:
Confluence, JIRA, Other
Mentor Role: Management Leader
I can help mentees to grow in:
My ideal mentee:
A person who is interested in IT and want to join this professional community, but does not know how to code or do not have a Computer Science education.
Someone, how is considering project management, but do not know how to start a career in this field.


Junior Project Manager who wants to learn how project management works and need guidance in professional skills development


Middle Project Manager how have professional background behind but wants to level up the skills and is looking for the professional development opportunities