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At the WomenTech Network, we’re fortunate to have a wonderful, global community of ambassadors who help us spread the word about our work and who helped us make the WomenTech Global Conference 2020 a success and continue helping us on or mission to unite women in tech. We would like you to meet these wonderful people as well; therefore, we’re going to be introducing you to some of our most active members.

Today, get to know Veena Ramaswamy:

Veena Ramaswamy became passionate about Big Data and pursued a career in Data Science. She was intrigued by how data analytics can foster creativity, innovation, and curiosity. She hopes to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place by finding solutions to complex problems through technological innovations. Veena did her master's in Data Analytics at Boston University and currently works as a data analyst at a startup called Brown Girl Magazine.

As a tech influencer at the WomenTech Network, Veena was able to connect and unite with +100K women from 181 countries during the WomenTech Global Conference 2020. As a Global Community Director and Country Leader, Veena also encouraged team leaders and members of superior talent to promote the network and help the community grow.

She was one of the community keynote speakers for the WTGTC2020. Veena has been interviewed and featured for several tech magazines such as GalTalksTech, The Moment for Women Magazine, Women Leaders Magazine, etc. 

I'm a life & career coach and founder of Beyoutifully Empower which is my coaching business where I would like to inspire women to become the best possible version of themselves, instill confidence, and motivate them to unlock their full potential through personal, career, and leadership development. I aspire to show that women are good enough and beautiful and strong just the way they are! I'm a forthcoming author & I will be launching my very first book called Beyoutifully Empower in December 2020.  

In Veena's Own Words:

  • What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the tech industries today?

Women face a lot of challenges due to gender stereotypes that society has created. It’s believed that women are assigned to roles in the household and are seen as the more submissive and emotional gender.

People have underestimated the power of a woman to become an effective leader and to level up in the workplace. Women also experience impostor syndrome in the corporate world where their opinions and ideas are ignored and judged. They are always doubtful of their potential in the workplace which makes them feel like “they are young” and “they aren’t good enough”.

Because of this, they tend to hesitate to voice their opinions which hinders them from reaching their full potential. Women have to realize their competence and talent and their amalgamation of feminine and masculine qualities can make them a great leader in the workplace too. They should embrace self-love and self-acceptance and stand up for what they believe in. Women in tech should never have to feel inadequate and should always be given equal opportunities.  

  • How can women get the right support?  

Women need to challenge the status quo by educating and showing society that they are capable of reaching great heights and success in tech as well as in life. We should empower each other to succeed and grow personally and professionally. We should educate the next generation of girls and young women about the intricacies and the power of technology in this generation by providing coding camps, hands-on labs, and resources in elementary schools.

It’s important for women to spread awareness of women inequality in the corporate world and encourage young girls to tap into their strengths and abilities so that they can reach their full potential. We should empower girls to let their voice be heard and to stand up for what they believe in by portraying empathy, listening to what they have to say, respecting their opinions, and giving them the help that they need to become successful. We should accept them for who they are and eliminate any gender bias, discrimination, or stereotyping at all costs.

Girls should have the right to bring their true self and ideas into the corporate world without having to feel that they are not good enough .We should break the gender stereotypes and give them the moral support that they are capable of becoming a future excellent female leader. We should support them to have the same equal rights as men and always instill confidence in them to manifest their dreams.

Girls are strong, talented, worthy of love and respect, and beautiful in every way and they have what it takes to become a CEO no matter what anyone says! They are also the dreamers, the doers, achievers, and the winners in every aspect of their lives, whether it be in relationships or in career success. 

  • What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the tech industry?

Don’t hesitate at all to let your voice be heard! Be an inspiration and if you can add value to a community or organization, take the time to contribute by sharing your stories, insights, and experiences so that you can help empower others who would like to make a difference.

Showcase your talents and knowledge by putting yourself out there, and it’s totally ok to seek assistance if you need help with anything so that you can reach your full potential. Motivate yourself to stand out from others because you all have worked really hard and you deserve to have your efforts be recognized and rewarded!

It’s also important to alter your thoughts and use the growth mindset by being open-minded. Strive to keep learning something new every day. Acknowledge your competence and versatility and build resilience as you work towards achieving your career aspirations. Assess what your core strengths are and take the time to develop several IT skills to become successful in the tech industry.

Embrace intellectual curiosity in attaining knowledge in concepts that are new to you. Try to let go of the fear and embrace the unknown as this will foster innovation. Step out of your comfort zone and try new career paths that interest you. It’s so important to find a career that you’re passionate about. Don’t choose something that you’re low-key interested in.

So for example, within the tech industry, you have so many options to choose from: you can go into software programming, data science, cybersecurity, etc. If you don't see yourself doing this job from 9-5 and you feel like you dread it then it's definitely not the right one for you. Always be yourself and choose a career that works for you and jives with your personality. 

This is your time to make your mark in this world by being an amazing leader. Never give up no matter what obstacles come your way, even if it takes years to accomplish your dreams. Listen to your heart as it will pave the right path to where you are supposed to be. Always remember that you are capable of amazing things and it’s your turn to make a difference through your originality. There is light at the end of the tunnel and this is your chance to outgrow yourself and manifest your dreams. Don't forget that every one of you is strong and powerful, so don't let other people dull your sparkle!

Meet more of our most active Global Ambassadors here or become a Global Ambassador by becoming part of WomenTech Network. As a Global Ambassador you can help us spread the word about the upcoming WomenTech Global Awards 2020, so we can celebrate women in tech, minorities in tech and their allies. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 By WomenTech Editor