Women in Tech Global Conference Voices 2022 Speaker Veena Ramaswamy

    Veena Ramaswamy is a Success & Mindset Coach and is the founder & managing director of Beyoutifully Empower, where she aims to inspire women to become the best possible version of themselves through personal, career, and leadership development. She’s passionate about data science and digital marketing and worked as a senior data analyst.

    Aside from work, Veena's been focusing on leadership development and her mission is to pave the right path for the next generation of girls to break that glass ceiling and create change in the tech sector. She is also an award-winning tech leader at a Silicon Valley startup and got the opportunity to network with industry leaders from top tech companies such as Google and Microsoft as well as senior executives from around the world. 

    Especially for the WomenTech Network, Veena agreed to give an interview, share her story and experience.

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    Tell us about your experience as a Women in Tech Global Conference 2022 speaker.

    It was a mind-blowing experience! I was a speaker at the WTN Conference in 2020, 2021, and 2022 and absolutely loved the energy in every session. It was truly an honor to be one of the panelists alongside inspiring powerhouse women. Kudos to Anna and the WTN team for everything that they do and for always giving me and women all over the world so many opportunities to get inspired by!

    I’ve connected and networked with several amazing women in tech & leaders globally and I’ve learned so much from these wonderful ladies. Super grateful for being one of the tech leaders and founding members at WTN and for the team for always showering me with so much support and love throughout my journey. Thank you so much for always giving me this platform to share my story, add value, and help the next generation of women to use their voices so that they can become the next trailblazers in tech. 

    What is your favorite thing about working in tech?

    Learning is never-ending in this field and it sparks inspiration to keep bringing new ideas to the table.STEM is exciting to work in because it can foster so much creativity, innovation, and curiosity. It’s one of the best fields for people who are hungry to think outside of the box using all of the emerging latest tools and technologies. As I started my career in data analytics, I’ve been witnessing how technology is rapidly evolving every year from cloud to IoT, data science to machine learning, and then Artificial Intelligence. You’re constantly learning and the more you dig for answers, you start to unravel innovative knowledge and concepts. 

    What advice (and tips) would you give to women who want to start a tech career?

    Embrace change and try to step out of your comfort zone. Try to let go of the fear and embrace the unknown as this will foster innovation. It’s so important to find a career that you’re passionate about. Don’t choose something that you’re low-key interested in. Always be yourself and choose a career that works for you and jives with your personality.

    I took the challenge and came out of my comfort zone which invited so many golden opportunities for me. I explored new interests and faced my fears. I wish I had done this earlier, but coming out of my comfort zone made me reach my full potential. I used my knowledge and versatility to my advantage and unraveled my passion which was data science. I didn't give up and fought for what I wanted to so that I can excel in my career. I used the work now, play later approach to step up my A-game and sacrificed pleasure for work for the past 10 years and you know what, it was all totally worth it! Determination, perseverance, and sheer motivation are all significant in being successful in your career and in life.

    Who would you recommend to join the WomenTech Network?

    I would highly recommend anyone from all over the world to join this incredible network of inspiring women. WTN provides such an amazing support system and fosters professional development through insightful talks & conferences, authentic conversations with top female leaders & mentors, and an abundance of resources to gain knowledge. I’ve been super grateful and they have tremendously helped me expand my network, portray my leadership skills, and my passion for women empowerment. Extremely proud of Anna and the team for organizing this amazing platform and for working together to make a positive impact throughout the world for women in tech globally. 

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