7 Powerful Quotes by Women in Tech

    Women have made incredible contributions to the tech industry throughout history. Despite this, women are still underrepresented in tech companies and professions. This is why it is so important to celebrate and share the words of tech women who inspire diversity in the field. Here are seven powerful quotes from women in tech that will motivate you to change the status quo!

    1. "It used to be that you worked until you were 60-65, that's the stereotype, and then you got on boards. That's gone. Now people are making it happen. I know people who got on boards in their mid-30s. There's no one way to do it. Just know that if it's a passion of yours, it is there for you." - Shannon Nash.

    Shannon Nash's unique message at the WTGC 2022 was that there is no single way to get ahead in your career and that if you're passionate about something, you can make it happen. Her presentation left many women feeling both motivated and equipped with useful tips to achieve their professional goals. Watch how to move beyond the c-suite.

    2."Diversity recruiting efforts cannot be done in isolation and it cannot be the only one thing that you do." - Daniela Herrera.

    Daniela Herrera noted that recruiting women for tech jobs is insufficient. Companies need to also focus on making their environment more welcoming and inclusive for women if they want true progress. Seeing someone puts effort into this issue will truly make underrepresented groups feel supported and empowered.

    3. "Every single company on the planet is becoming a digital company, and the ones who can adapt to change and embrace tech intensity the fastest are the ones who are gonna thrive and the ones who are gonna remain relevant in a rapidly changing world." - Kate Maxwell.

    In her talk, Cultural drivers for digital transformation, Kate explained that the most important thing companies should do in digital transformation is to get the culture right so that they can get the buy-in of their people because digital transformation is a people story. It is indeed reassuring to know someone is out there talking about your importance as a part of the tech industry and its transformation; knowing that as your company transforms, you will always be a key resource.

    4. "Who you are will define the rest of your career and if you do not do the work to understand who you are and therefore understand what brings you joy, and what doesn't bring you joy, you are actually not building a career for you and therefore, you are not building the story that you deserve. You have one life to live. So understanding who you are is quite important" - Alexandria Butler.

    The WomenTech Global Awards 2020 Speaker of the Year winner, Alexandria Butler, shared that you don't have to lose yourself in order to succeed. On the contrary, in order to achieve sustainable success, it is crucial to stay true to who you are at your core. Hence, you have to do the work to know who you really are so you can build a career for yourself and create the story you deserve.

    5. "The thing to understand about unconscious bias is that merely being aware of its existence is not enough to overcome its effects." - Siri Chilazi.

    Siri shared practical, evidence-based strategies to level the playing field in tech recruitment and create inclusive and diverse organizations. Having someone do this effort is truly encouraging for women who want to be part of the tech industry.

    6. "When you look at it in your life, stop giving everybody what's inside you, give them what comes out. Take big sips of your own." - Lucinda Cross

    Lucinda talked about activating your life by knowing what works for you and what doesn't in terms of Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, and Fitness. You will feel more at ease after watching her talk; she reassures you that it is perfectly normal to not do things that work well for others but don't suit you. Instead, she encourages you to do things your way.

    7. "Diversity is like being asked to dance. Inclusion is actually being asked to dance when you get there, and acceptance is dancing like no one is looking." - Nicole Scheffler.

    In her talk at the WomenTech Global Conference 2020, Nicole shared proven business and societal benefits from increasing ratios of women in technology, hence indicating empowering women in technology, and those considering a tech career path, with tools to guide their own success is important. She also shared how to build successful women in tech and the Super Woman Success Formula.

    Despite the challenges women in tech face, they continue to be trailblazers in their field. They are constantly innovating and pushing boundaries, and their contributions are invaluable. As these quotes show, women in tech are powerful, determined, and passionate. They are an essential part of the tech community, and they will continue to make a lasting impact for years to come. Thank you for reading! We hope this article has inspired you to pursue your dreams.