European Blockchain Convention

The European Blockchain Convention (EBC) is the leading blockchain technology event in Europe that brings together the main players in the blockchain ecosystem: tech leaders, corporates, regulators, investors, developers and entrepreneurs. The 4th edition of the event will be held Online on the 21st and 22nd of September 2020. The event is multisectorial, covering the use of blockchain in finance, supply chain, health, social impact, and more. 

The EBC will bring together more than 1,500 attendees from all over the world and include panel discussions and presentations from over 100 industry experts, entrepreneurs and other bright minds, including names such as Pēteris Zilgalvis (European Commission), Thomas Moser (Swiss National Bank), Dean Demellweek (BNP Paribas), Jorge Ordovás (Telefónica), Heather Leigh Flannery (Consensys Health), Nadia Hewett (World Economic Forum), Emmanuel Delerm (Carrefour), Marc Taverner (INATBA), Giovanni Franzese (Ericsson), Clarisse Dias de Mota (Novartis), Harry Behrens​​​ (Daimler Mobility) and Joshua Klayman (Linklaters). 

European Blockchain Convention Founders: Daniel Salmeron and Victoria Gago
EBC Founders: Victoria Gago
& Daniel Salmeron

The event will cover topics such as the application and use cases of blockchain in the finance, logistics, shipping, public sector, energy and insurance, as well as the opportunities and consequences of the creation of a blockchain-based digital identity and the impact of Central banks digital currencies will be discussed. Other panels will address the regulatory legal framework of blockchain.

The EBC has been on a mission to get more women into blockchain since 2018. That is why the 4th edition of the Convention will feature 50% females speakers. 

Further Information:

Find the full Agenda here.

You can get your ticket here. The EBC is committed to diversity, that's why WomenTech Network members and followers can receive a 40% discount on their ticket with the code: WOTECH40 till August 28th.


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