Talks from Key Tech Summit

    To celebrate Techies Day (October 3rd), we're excited to feature four technical talks from the Key Tech Summit at the Women in Tech Global Conference. These insightful presentations delve deep into the technical aspects of the tech industry, offering a glimpse into the groundbreaking developments and innovations that are shaping our digital future. So, grab your virtual front-row seat and get ready to embark on a journey through the ever-evolving landscape of technology, as we honor the brilliance and dedication of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

    Carole Winqwist is the CMO of GitGuardian, a code security platform catering to the DevOps generation. With a career spanning the software industry, she holds extensive knowledge in BtoB Enterprise and Developer marketing. Carole has successfully crafted marketing strategies for both large corporations and startups, leading teams in Europe and the US. Beyond her professional achievements, she is passionate about sharing her expertise and offering guidance on best practices, actively participating in local and international CMO groups.

    In her session, Carole discusses the critical issue of "Secrets Sprawl" within the context of GitHub, the largest platform for open-source code. She highlights the security threat posed by the inadvertent exposure of API keys, credentials, and other sensitive information in public repositories. Carole presents findings from the 2023 "State of Secrets Sprawl" report, revealing an increase in the number of publicly leaked secrets since 2021 and delving into the types of secrets exposed and the contributing factors behind these leaks. Her presentation also explores recent high-profile security breaches, shedding light on how attackers discover and exploit exposed secrets, the consequences of such leaks, secure methods for storing and sharing secrets, and steps to take in case secrets are accidentally exposed.

    Joyce Chen boasts a remarkable 25-year career in the tech industry, starting as an entry-level programmer and ascending through the ranks to hold positions such as engineering lead, manager, director, and, most recently, VP of engineering at Zalando since March 2022. Her journey in technology is marked by a deep-rooted passion for engineering that has evolved to encompass her love for art and fashion, resulting in a distinctive and innovative approach to her work. Furthermore, Joyce is a dedicated advocate for diversity, inclusion, and belonging within the tech sector, making her a driving force for creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

    Her session delves into the engineering aspects of expanding technology originally built for fashion customer experience to include the beauty customer experience. Through specific examples, she explores how to analyze the desired customer experience and determine the necessary technology building blocks needed to achieve it.

    Madhu Thorat is a Software Architect at IBM with over 18 years of experience in the software industry, specializing in Cloud storage. She currently focuses on High Performance Object Storage for Cloud environments. Madhu has been a speaker at prestigious conferences like the International Conference of High-Performance Computing (HPC) Japan 2022, Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Conference 2022, WomenTech Global Conference 2022, and IBM Regional Technical Exchange (RTE) conference. She actively shares her technical insights through blogging and holds two US patents. Madhu is a passionate advocate for women in STEM, serving as a Global Ambassador for SWE and playing a pivotal role in the "IBM Labs Storage Women Pragathi" group, dedicated to supporting women in IBM India Storage Labs.

    In her session, Madhu Thorat explores the vital role of High Performance Object Storage in addressing the storage challenges posed by modern applications in Cloud, AI, Analytics, and HPC. With an increasing volume of unstructured data generated by these applications, the need for scalable, high-speed storage solutions is paramount. High Performance Object Storage systems provide a cost-effective, scalable, and low-latency solution, making them ideal for these applications. Madhu also emphasizes the simplified adoption of object storage, facilitated by the standardization of the Amazon S3 API. This session offers insights into how High Performance Object Storage can meet the evolving storage demands of today's technology landscape.

    Ruth Yakubu holds the role of Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, with a specialization in Java, Advanced Analytics, Data Platforms, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Throughout her career, she has established herself as a prominent tech speaker, presenting at prestigious conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, O'Reilly Velocity, Devoxx UK, Grace Hopper Dublin, TechSummit, Websummit, and numerous other developer-focused events. Before joining Microsoft, Ruth garnered extensive experience in software architectural design and programming while working with renowned companies like UNISYS, ACCENTURE, and DIRECTV. She has also been recognized as's Most Valued Blogger.

    Ruth Yakubu's session focuses on Responsible AI, addressing the challenges arising from AI's rapid growth. She introduces practical tools for data scientists and organizations to enhance their machine learning processes. These tools simplify debugging, enable confident decision-making, and foster trust among users. Ruth showcases the Azure Responsible AI dashboard, highlighting its capabilities in various aspects, including fairness, inclusiveness, safety, and transparency. The session equips the audience with best practices for creating responsible AI solutions that benefit society.

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