Women in Tech Sofia Bloomberg

    In the dynamic world of technology, opportunities for success abound, and with the right guidance, the possibilities are limitless. We recently witnessed a remarkable event, made possible through the collaboration of WomenTech Network and the visionary support of Bloomberg. In this article, we will provide an insightful overview of how this event unfolded, shedding light on the significant impact it had on up-and-coming tech professional.

    Diverse Voices, Profound Insights:

    This event was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of shared dreams – the dream to launch tech careers in the bustling hub of London's vibrant tech scene. With an audience brimming with enthusiasm, our distinguished speakers, Petia Davidova and Eliza Jonauskyte, both hailing from Bloomberg, shared valuable insights and experiences that resonated with many attendees.

    Petia Davidova, 

    a Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg, dazzled the audience with her holistic perspective on how candidates can rise above the competition in the dynamic tech industry. She offered hands-on advice, unraveled the intricacies of the application process, and emphasized that solving technical design tasks is not merely about finding the perfect solution but showcasing one's passion through active participation in projects and hackathons.

    Eliza Jonauskyte,

    a Software Engineering Team Lead at Bloomberg discussed the idea of internal mobility, talking about opportunities to grow within the company and sharing insights about the dynamic work environment at Bloomberg. Her passion for technology was evident as she explained how to advance in the tech world, leaving the future tech professionals inspired and more informed.

    A Journey to Tech Excellence:

    The event extended beyond a passive learning experience; it fostered a dynamic and interactive atmosphere. Attendees seized the opportunity to connect, network, and explore the vast array of job opportunities at Bloomberg. Engaging discussions with speakers and other industry professionals provided valuable insights into the diverse career paths within the tech sector. 

    Demystifying Relocation and Celebrating Diversity:

    The occasion also featured feedback from the audience, with attendees lauding its role in demystifying the process of moving to the UK. Eliza Jonauskyte shared her experiences of leading a remarkably diverse team. This diversity led to an environment where team members found joy in exploring both the distinctions and commonalities within their backgrounds, ultimately creating an inclusive and collaborative workspace. 

    As an added bonus, Petia and Eliza showed a video unveiling Bloomberg's sleek and modern London office, shedding light on the excellence of Bloomberg's workplace environment and affirming its status as a great place to work. The shared passion for coffee emerged as a recurring topic, fostering a sense of camaraderie and lightheartedness among attendees, with Bloomberg's reputation as one of the most caffeinated companies. 


    Looking Ahead

    As the event came to an end, the tech enthusiasts left not just with fresh insights but a renewed sense of direction. The path to a successful tech career became clearer, and the connections made were nothing short of invaluable.

    WomenTech Network, in collaboration with Bloomberg, continues to be a leading force in the tech industry. We look forward to hosting more women in tech events and providing opportunities for individuals to further their tech careers in the future.

    A Heartfelt Thank You to Bloomberg:

    Our profound gratitude goes out to our sponsor and host, Bloomberg, for their unwavering support and dedication to fostering diversity and innovation in the tech realm. Your partnership not only made this event possible but also elevated the aspirations of recent and upcoming Computer Science graduates.

    Stay Tuned for More:

    We encourage you to stay connected and engaged with WomenTech Network and Bloomberg for more exciting tech events and initiatives. Together, let's continue to nurture resilience within our thriving tech community, crafting a future that's brighter, more inclusive, and brimming with possibilities.

    And don't forget to explore the remarkable opportunities that Bloomberg has to offer. Keep tabs on WomenTech Network's LinkedIn for more exciting events, news, and updates. Your tech adventure awaits, and the story continues!