Meet Extraordinary Women in Tech in New York

    In the bustling heart of New York, a dynamic and thriving tech scene is home to some of the most remarkable trailblazing women who are shaping the future of technology. From pioneering startups to established tech giants, these extraordinary women are not only breaking barriers but also inspiring the next generation of innovators. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to a diverse group of female tech leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators who are making an enduring impact on the technological landscape of New York. Join us as we celebrate their accomplishments, delve into their stories, and uncover the unique perspectives they bring to the world of technology in one of the world's most vibrant and influential locations. 


    Ariane Schiereck, CIO, Hollister

    Ariane Schiereck, CIO at Hollister, is a visionary leader in digital transformation. With a strong record of driving growth and innovation, she shapes the future of businesses by leveraging digital, data, and technology. Ariane excels at building agile IT teams, fostering employee engagement, and setting strategic value agendas, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital era. She's known for her inspirational leadership and focus on creating agile cultures and developing future leaders. 

    Bhuva Shakti - Chief Sustainable Innovation Officer, Wallet Max

    Bhuva Shakti is a Sustainable Tech Consultant, Fractional COO, and Angel Investor, dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) without compromising business success. With a 25-year Wall Street career, she has a proven track record in financial risk management, regulatory compliance, and digital transformation. Bhuva is on a mission to empower startups led by women and non-binary individuals to excel in fundraising while integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. Her expertise spans ESG compliance, sustainable tech, AI, blockchain, and more, ensuring businesses thrive while staying true to their mission. 

    Christy Schumann - Chief Customer Officer, Toptal 

    Christy Schumann, the Chief Customer Officer at Toptal, is a global business operations and strategy leader with over 15 years of experience. She excels in management consulting, P&L ownership, and data-driven decision-making. In her current role, she focuses on enhancing customer relationships and delivering exceptional experiences. Christy's impressive career spans Bain & Company and Rackspace, where she served as General Manager of their cybersecurity business. Her expertise lies in building strong cross-functional relationships and improving organizational performance. 

    Cindy Goldberg, VP of Silicon Alliances, Canonical 

    Cindy Goldberg, VP of Silicon Alliances at Canonical, is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience in AI hardware, semiconductor technology, and open-source infrastructure software. She has a remarkable track record of setting industry performance standards and leading global teams. With extensive experience at IBM and STMicroelectronics, Cindy is a recognized expert in building strategic partnerships and fostering innovation in cutting-edge technologies. Her leadership drives exceptional engagement and results. 

    Cory McCruden, Managing Director, Wealth & Asset Management, EY 

    Cory McCruden is a global digital product and marketing leader with a remarkable track record in business growth and digital transformation. With experience across various industries and companies of all sizes, she's excelled in P&L management and executive leadership. Cory's expertise spans leadership, AI, digital marketing, data analytics, and more. She's driven significant achievements, from building a $100MM platform business to improving profitability and driving organic growth. A Yale University graduate, Cory is also an active member of the alumni community, contributing as a Board Member and Entrepreneur in Residence with Yale Ventures. 

    Dara Sanderson, CEO, 

    Dara Sanderson is a seasoned digital media leader with 20+ years of experience in tech, entertainment, and ad tech. As CEO of, she excels in cross-platform product development, digital media strategy, and team leadership. Dara's impressive career includes roles at Marvel Entertainment, theSkimm, and The Walt Disney Company, where she led projects for major networks and brands. Beyond her professional success, she's a dedicated advocate for children in the foster care system, serving on the board of CASA for Essex County of NJ. 

    Elaine Montilla, CTO, Pearson 

    Elaine Montilla, the dynamic CTO at Pearson, is a visionary leader with a 20+ year career in higher education tech. She drives digital innovation and champions diversity in tech. As a TEDx speaker, Forbes Technology Council member, and founder of 5xminority, Inc., Elaine empowers underrepresented communities and advocates for inclusive STEM education. Her exceptional leadership and commitment to equal opportunities have earned her recognition as a Top 100 LGBTQ+ Executive and a Top 100 Women in Tech, cementing her undeniable impact on the industry. 

    Hillery Hunter, CTO and GM of Innovation, IBM

    Hillery Hunter is the CTO and GM of Innovation at IBM, also holding the prestigious title of IBM Fellow. With nearly two decades at IBM, she has consistently driven technology and innovation. Her career showcases expertise in cloud, cognitive infrastructure, and energy-efficient computer systems. Hillery's work exemplifies her commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and optimizing systems for greater efficiency. 

    Iris Yung, SVP for Product, Citi 

    Iris Yung, SVP for Product at Citi, is a seasoned product manager with 10+ years of expertise in financial services and fintech. Her innovative approach shapes products across retail banking, capital management, global markets, and wealth management. From building trade reporting platforms to a diverse financial knowledge, she's a PMP and CSM-certified professional. Iris, a lifelong New Yorker, balances her career with diverse interests, from website creation to jewelry design, all while advocating for technology through awards like the Women in IT Young Leader of the Year. A true multifaceted talent. 

    Jenn Clevenger, VP of Engineering, Etsy 

    Jenn Clevenger, VP of Engineering at Etsy, has a diverse career ranging from financial software to data analytics. Beyond her professional success, she's a versatile individual—designing websites, writing children's books, playing the drums, and rollerblading. Passionate about fostering a culture of learning and inclusion, Jenn's leadership style embraces creativity. Her unique perspective extends beyond the professional realm, reflecting a commitment to both personal growth and diverse interests. 

    Jennifer Perrotta, CTO & CPO, WeWork 

    Jennifer Perrotta, WeWork's CTO & CPO, brings over 20 years of experience as a technology and sales executive. Her expertise lies in innovation, transformation, and high-performing teams. Jennifer's career spans from infrastructure to IBM, where she held key leadership roles. Her passion for driving vision and strategy, fostering innovation, and always striving to do the right thing sets her apart as a compelling technology leader. 

    Jessica Lavas, PMO Manager, Shake Shack 

    Jessica Lavas, PMO Manager at Shake Shack, is a skilled professional known for driving continuous process improvement and delivering solutions that fuel successful business initiatives. With a strong communication prowess, she excels in building robust relationships, bridging gaps between teams and stakeholders, and ensuring alignment of goals across projects. Her dedication to removing obstacles and fostering accountability makes her a proactive problem solver and a valuable asset to her organization. 

    Kelly Jura, VP, Brand and User Experience, ScreenPal 

    Kelly Jura, VP of Brand and User Experience at ScreenPal, is a visionary leader in design, marketing, software, and user experience. With a career spanning healthtech and edtech, she's known for her empathetic problem-solving and strategic mindset. Kelly's innovations in healthtech have led to patented design processes. Her achievements are widely recognized, including features in industry publications and invitations to speak at prestigious conferences. As a mentor and leader, Kelly actively contributes to the design, UX, and technology sectors, making her a driving force in nurturing the next

    Kaoutar El Maghraoui, Principal Research Scientist at IBM Research AI 

    Kaoutar El Maghraoui is a distinguished Principal Research Scientist at IBM Research AI, specializing in the intersection of Systems and Artificial Intelligence. With a wealth of experience at IBM and a background as a Research Assistant at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, she is a leader in AI engineering, performance optimization, and hardware-software co-design. Her passion for advancing AI is evident through her multiple awards, including the IBM Research Eminence and Excellence Award, and her commitment to increasing diversity in science and technology. 

    Maia Benson, Managing Director, Forum Ventures 

    Maia Benson, Managing Director at Forum Ventures, is a seasoned SaaS product builder, investor, and SMB market expert. With over two decades of experience, she has a track record of founding, scaling, and launching award-winning products. Notably, Maia played a pivotal role in defining and scaling shipping and fulfillment solutions at Shopify, achieving significant merchant adoption. She's a dedicated founder champion, entrepreneur, and angel investor, known for her expertise in eCommerce and logistics technology. Maia's contributions have left a lasting impact on the industry. 

    Mamuna Oladipo, VP, Product, Shopify 

    Mamuna Oladipo, VP of Product at Shopify, is a seasoned tech product executive known for building and scaling products to millions of users. Mamuna specializes in aligning product strategy with organizational needs, standardizing user-centered design processes, and implementing successful Go-To-Market strategies. With expertise in data analysis and agile development, she pioneers compelling customer experiences and manages high-performing teams, making her a driving force in product innovation and development. 

    Nikki Vinayan, Senior Software Engineer, GIPHY 

    Nikki Vinayan is a Senior Software Engineer at GIPHY, specializing in designing and coding scalable services for enhancing search experiences, reaching millions of users worldwide. With over nine years of experience, she leads projects involving natural language processing, computer vision, and user engagement data analysis. Nikki is also adept at implementing ML-based content moderation and recommendations. Committed to diversity and inclusion in tech, she actively contributes to Women in Tech initiatives, serves as an ERG lead, and has a track record of volunteerism and leadership in various tech-related organizations and conferences. 

    Pooja Malpani, Managing Director, MSCI Inc. 

    Pooja Malpani is a dynamic leader with a strong technological background. As the Managing Director at MSCI Inc., she continues to drive innovation. Previously, she served as the Chief Technology Officer at Bloomberg Media, overseeing web and mobile applications and technical infrastructure. Pooja's extensive experience also includes roles at HBO and Microsoft, where she excelled as a Senior Software Design Engineer and Lead, Program Manager, and Software Developer. Her remarkable journey is marked by a commitment to technical excellence, team leadership, and fostering diverse talent. 

    Pooja Varshneya, Engineering Leader, Lyft Maps  

    Pooja Varshneya, an Engineering Leader at Lyft Maps, drives innovation in routing and data engineering. With a background at Etsy and J.P. Morgan Chase, her expertise spans machine learning, agile methodologies, and leadership. Pooja's journey is marked by a commitment to improving user experiences through AI and efficient algorithms. Her strategic role at Lyft showcases her dedication to shaping the future of transportation and maps. 

    Rashmi Srivastava, Engineering Manager, Zocdoc 

    Rashmi Srivastava, an Engineering Manager at Zocdoc, is a seasoned leader with a track record of successfully managing cross-functional teams to deliver complex projects. With over 15 years of experience, she has excelled in various roles at financial institutions like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, demonstrating expertise in portfolio management, technology solutions, and team leadership. Rashmi's career showcases her ability to drive innovation and meet aggressive project deadlines. 

    Rina Sakhuja, VP of Software Engineering, MetLife 

    Rina Sakhuja, VP of Software Engineering at MetLife, is a seasoned tech leader with 20+ years of experience. She excels in technology leadership, product transformation, and fostering engineering excellence. Her expertise spans across diverse roles, from Ericsson to Telcordia Technologies, displaying her commitment to driving successful transformation and delivering complex initiatives. She is known for her strong communication skills and high-performing team building. 

    Ruth Yakubu, Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft 

    Ruth Yakubu, a Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, is a tech expert specializing in Java, Advanced Analytics, Data Platforms, and AI. She's a renowned tech speaker, gracing conferences like the Women in Tech Global Conference, Microsoft Ignite, O'Reilly Velocity, and many more. With a background that includes UNISYS, ACCENTURE, and DIRECTV, Ruth brings a wealth of experience in software architectural design and programming. Her contributions have earned her recognition as's Most Valued Blogger, making her a prominent figure in the tech industry. 

    Sandeep Nagra, Head of Tech, Cyber, Data & Resiliency Risk Management, Capital One 

    Sandeep Nagra is a results-driven leader specializing in technology risk management, currently serving as the Head of Tech, Cyber, Data & Resiliency Risk Management at CapitalOne. With a rich background, including roles such as Global Head of Technology Regulatory Risk at AIG and Director at EY, Sandeep is a recognized expert in overseeing compliance with cybersecurity and privacy regulations. As a Chief member, she remains dedicated to partnering with businesses, solving key challenges, and advancing risk management practices, making impactful contributions to the industry. 

    Saskia Steinacker, SVP, Bayer 

    Saskia Steinacker, SVP at Bayer, is a digital transformation and AI strategist with a global footprint. Her career includes leading digital initiatives in healthcare, serving on AI expert groups for the European Commission, and driving tech advancements at Bayer. She is dedicated to enhancing digital innovation while contributing to associations and boards to shape the digital landscape. 

    Tendü Yogurtçu, CTO, Precisely 

    Tendü Yogurtçu, the CTO at Precisely, is a pioneering technology executive known for her leadership in data management and innovation. With a focus on empathy and transparency, she leads high-performing teams and fosters growth, having achieved remarkable accomplishments, including significant revenue and talent growth. Beyond her work, Tendü is a STEM education advocate, striving to bridge the gender gap by empowering girls and women in technology. Her extensive experience and thought leadership make her a sought-after speaker in the industry. 

    This blog post highlights remarkable women who have emerged as influential figures and trailblazers within the technology industry. They've not only conquered obstacles but also redefined the limits of what's possible, leaving an indelible mark on the field. Their journeys serve as a wellspring of inspiration for anyone harboring aspirations of a tech career. 

    As technology rapidly progresses and transforms, the demand for female leadership is more pressing than ever. These exceptional women are at the forefront, actively shaping the landscape and facilitating opportunities for future generations of women in tech. We invite you to join our vibrant community of extraordinary women in the tech sector and be part of this inspiring journey.