Thursday, February 23, 2023 Written By Anna Radulovski
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Claudia Marquesani, the CIO at Petz, Patricia Mayers, Senior DE&I Manager at Seismic, and Elizabeth Williams, Product Owner at NBCUniversal, along with many more speakers will bring their unique perspectives on the importance of diversity in tech to discuss the future of the sector. Together they possess leadership roles with AmBev, IBM, Sodexo, LDC, Santander, and Liberty Mutual.

In the ever-changing landscape of tech, understanding how to create an inclusive product is essential for product & service providers to better serve users’ needs. The key strategy to provide seamless usability to individuals is to utilize the DE&I lens to gain a deeper understanding of various customers’ needs. Attend the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023 and meet experts from NBCUniversal, Petz, Seismic, and many more. Hear from top innovators as they discuss best practices and frameworks for staying competitive in the market whilst combining technical expertise with customer needs. Learn how to leverage DE&I as an indivisible part of the organization's culture and gain insight into successful product strategies. 

When: May 9-12, 2023
Where: Women in Tech Global Conference 2023

How to Get Involved?

Attendees & Companies:


“As a Tech C-level, the question I always faced was: how did you get there? Why do so many of us women drop out along the tech career path? Why so few women in this segment?”, highlights Claudia Marquesani who will share her exciting career journey and how she withstood the challenges she got confronted with as a woman in tech.

“The cultural environment in the workplace will either inhibit or advance DE&I elements throughout the organization. These elements are systems, processes, behaviors, values, mission and vision.," shares Patricia Mayers. Her session will dive deep in the value of DE&I and the reasons why changes related to it are justified.

Key takeaways:

  • How to drive inclusion & belonging at the workplace?
  • How will DE&I benefit the organization strategically?
  • How to cope successfully as women in tech with gender biases?
  • How to treat each other with kindness, curiosity, humility and human-centered behaviors?