women in tech sofia the coca cola company event

    There was an air of inspiration, empowerment, and camaraderie at the Women in Tech Sofia event titled "Code of Resilience." The event was a brilliant amalgamation of thought-provoking discussions, uplifting messages, and networking opportunities. Let's dive into the details.

    The event kicked off with welcome drinks, providing the attendees an opportunity to connect in an informal setting. During the opening remarks, our WomenTech Network team was elated to share more about our mission, ongoing programs, and future initiatives while also discussing ways to get more involved. The joy of meeting several of our Global Ambassadors from Bulgaria in person added a special touch to the gathering.

    The luminary of the evening, Behavioral Scientist and Digital Strategist Jenia Lazarova, graced the stage with her keynote on "Resilience, Emotional Maturity and Leadership." Lazarova provided a deep dive into the integral role of resilience and emotional maturity in our professional lives, demonstrating that resilience is less about never stumbling, but more about harnessing our strengths to rise amidst challenges. A dynamic Q&A session followed, allowing the audience to delve deeper into the aspects of resilience and leadership.

    Then the spotlight turned to a thought-provoking panel discussion titled "Code of Resilience," featuring accomplished women in STEM from our Network Partner and Sponsor, the Coca-Cola Company. Their candid and insightful experiences painted a vivid picture of resilience in action in their professional journeys, empowering the audience with their stories of tenacity and determination. The panelists highlighted the importance of bouncing back, work-life balance and  the power of support systems and mentorship. They also discussed how to stay true to our values while taking risks, and the possible rewards that come with it.

    In conclusion, resilience is not just about conquering obstacles – it’s also about learning from struggles,  staying positive in difficult times, and believing in ourselves and our abilities. We hope that by hearing these stories of resilience, everyone present was inspired to keep pushing forward with their own goals and discover the power of resilience within themselves. 

    The closing remarks set the stage for an unforgettable networking experience. The event moved to the rooftop bar, offering a stunning view of Sofia's summer skyline. The atmosphere was buzzing with energetic conversations over delicious cocktails and bites, as attendees exchanged experiences, insights, and laughs. 

    We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our Network Partner and Sponsor, the Coca-Cola Company. Their valuable support made this enriching event possible, and their commitment to advancing women in tech and promoting resilience aligns perfectly with our mission at WomenTech Network.

    In summary, the Women in Tech Sofia event was a splendid combination of learning, sharing, and networking. It underscored the pivotal role of resilience in our professional journeys and left us all feeling invigorated for the challenges ahead.

    Stay tuned for more captivating narratives from future Women in Tech events. Together, let's continue to foster and uphold resilience within our thriving tech community. Check out the Coca-Cola Company profile, career opportunities, and follow-up WomenTech Network on LinkedIn for more events, news, and updates.