How to grow your career as a woman in tech conference 2023

    Dr. Diana Allen, Senior Technology Program Manager at Google, Vanessa Araújo, Lead Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect for Energy at Microsoft, and Shibani Joshi, National Business & Tech Journalist, Professional Speaker, Lecturer, and Event Host, along with many more speakers will bring their unique and valuable perspectives on women empowerment tactics. Together they possess leadership roles with Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, Mastercard, T-Mobile, and KPMG.

     Attend the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023 and meet experts in Women's Empowerment, Advancing Your Career to the C-Suite, and many more!

    When: May 9-12, 2023
    Where: Women in Tech Global Conference 2023

    How to Get Involved?

    Attendees & Companies:


    “I believe women often elevate into roles and are left to navigate for themselves without adequate empowerment to be successful and thrive in their role.”, highlights Dr. Diana Allen who will share her personal experience and research perspective on underrepresented women at senior positions and strategies for women to earn more support.

    Vanessa Araújo will offer attendees a slightly different angle on women empowerment, placing importance on the inside-out strategy: “Sometimes, the best decision you can make is following your heart and passion – and not just what makes other people happy.”. 

    Shibani Joshi will take us through her tried and tested methods to empowerment and will answer a very essential question: “How can working women redefine success for themselves and create new definitions that include the roles we play as mothers, wives, caretakers, and more without giving up our work and dreams?.

    Key takeaways:

    • How to identify best practices that can be used for your own development and empowerment journeys?
    • How to embrace your uniqueness?
    • How can you rewrite the rules for yourselves in how you work, live, and think?
    • How can you become more empowered across your various roles in life as working women, wives, caretakers, and more?