Women in Tech Global Conference Voices 2022 Speaker Tara Rezvani at Wing

    Tara Rezvani is the UTM Engineering Lead at Wing, Alphabet’s drone delivery company. She leads a team that builds a family of products and services to support the Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) Ecosystem, which enables air traffic management of the future. Her work at Wing involves working with regulators and industry partners globally to build technology to support safe, scalable, and integrated airspace for everyone.

    Tara is passionate about creating solutions that can help safe and easy access to the skies. Prior to Wing, she was the Google Photos Partnerships Technical Lead working with OEMs around the world to build and launch mobile integrations.

    Especially for the WomenTech Network, Tara agreed to give an interview, share her story and experience.

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    Tell us about your experience as a Women in Tech Global Conference 2022 speaker.

    What a great experience to be able to connect with so many inspiring women in tech! 

    I enjoyed the opportunity to share more about the future of aviation, a topic that I am so passionate about. There are so many interesting areas in tech to explore and it was an honor to be able to share some of the strides we’re taking at Wing to create an open, integrated and safe airspace for a diversity of applications. I hope people learned some principles behind building a collaborative ecosystem - this scales to many other industries beyond aviation.


    What is your favorite thing about working in tech?

    Solving hard and impactful questions with a passionate team. Hard problems require creativity, grit, and, most importantly, a team collaborating together. I love going to work every day and thinking about how we can build systems to support a new era of aviation that will have millions of aircraft in the sky doing a broad set of activities. The team works through new ideas and prototype solutions for how we can help design this new ecosystem to support uncrewed aviation at an unprecedented scale. I love that the questions we ask and solve are both new and challenging.

    What advice (and tips) would you give to women who want to start a tech career?

    Find an area where you want to make an impact and build a career around that. Think beyond traditional career paths and anchor your career journey on what types of problems you want to solve. 

    I’ve found that I learn and grow the most when I’m working on problems that I am passionate about solving. For me, this is working with my team, regulators, and the broader industry in building and designing Uncrewed Traffic Management Systems that allow pilots to share the sky safely. Drone delivery and other drone applications have a huge potential for positive change in our world by improving both the safety and efficiency of our society. 

    I encourage you to reflect on what questions you’re passionate about solving and use that to guide how you navigate building your career. To help find your passion, I’d encourage you to try new things - internships, research, conferences, classes, meetups - and see what piques your interest. You’ll know you’ve found it when you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to get to work on the problem. 

    Who would you recommend to join the WomenTech Network?

    Anyone interested in meeting and connecting with some of the amazing people behind the cool technology in our world.  WomenTech is a great network of both women and allies who love to connect, learn and share with each other. 

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