Women in Tech New York

    On June 27, 2024, the vibrant heart of New York City became the stage for an empowering event, "Women in Tech New York City: Product Innovation in Fintech," hosted by TheGuarantors. This in-person meetup, held at the iconic Freedom Tower, brought together an inspiring group of women in tech, including product managers, designers, UX/UI experts, and software engineers, for an evening of insightful discussions and networking. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation as attendees gathered to explore the future of fintech and real estate technology. 

    Unlocking Tech Opportunities   

    The event kicked off with an invigorating keynote by Madona Wambua, Founder and CTO of Jibu Labs, who spoke on "The Intersection of Technology and Real Estate: Opportunities and Innovations." Madona highlighted the transformative power of big data, mobile apps, and AI in the real estate sector, offering new avenues for innovation and growth. Her insights underscored the vast potential for tech professionals to drive significant change within the industry. Madona's talk resonated deeply with the audience, sparking conversations about the future possibilities in real estate technology and how they can be harnessed to solve real-world problems. 

    Innovations in Fintech 

    Following the keynote, Julien Bonneville, CEO of TheGuarantors, shared his personal journey. Julien's story of moving from Europe to the US and the challenges he faced in securing housing resonated deeply with the audience. This experience spurred him to create TheGuarantors, a company dedicated to simplifying the renting process and supporting newcomers in the US. Julien's narrative highlighted the power of personal challenges in driving innovation and entrepreneurship, inspiring many in attendance to consider how their own experiences could lead to impactful solutions. 

    The panel discussion, "Revolutionizing Real Estate through Technology," featured several key members of TheGuarantors' team, including Amanda Knauer (CMO), Amanjot Khaira (Chief Product & Technology Officer), Sibei Mi (Senior Director, Growth Marketing), and Talha Zubair (Senior Director of Product). The panelists delved into the challenges and opportunities in the real estate industry, emphasizing the critical role of AI in enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Their discussions reflected a strong commitment to a customer-centric approach, showcasing how technology can reduce costs and streamline operations for both internal and external clients. The audience was captivated by the team's innovative strategies and practical insights into using technology to address real estate challenges. 

    Networking and Career Growth 

    One of the event's highlights was the networking session, where attendees connected with fellow women in tech and representatives from TheGuarantors, including talent acquisition specialists. This was an invaluable opportunity for participants to explore open roles in software engineering leadership and other positions, fostering career growth and professional development. The networking session buzzed with energy as attendees exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and discussed potential collaborations. The presence of talent acquisition specialists provided a direct link for those seeking new career opportunities, making the event a significant milestone in their professional journeys. 

    Valentina Rodriguez Sosa, Principal Technical Marketing Manager at RedHat and WomenTech Network NY Leader, encapsulated the spirit of the evening beautifully: "Events like these are crucial in fostering a supportive community for women in tech. It's not just about networking; it's about creating a space where we can inspire and empower each other to push the boundaries. Innovation thrives in environments where ideas are shared freely, and support is abundant." Her words perfectly captured the essence of the event, emphasizing the critical role of community and collaboration in driving technological advancement and personal growth. Valentina added, "Empowering women in tech isn't just about filling roles; it's about nurturing leaders who will shape the future of our industries."

    Final Thoughts 

    The "Women in Tech New York City: Product Innovation in Fintech" event was a resounding success, offering attendees a blend of inspiration, knowledge, and professional networking. The diverse range of speakers and their insightful discussions highlighted the importance of innovation and customer-centricity in the tech and real estate sectors. TheGuarantors' dedication to transforming the renting experience through technology was evident throughout the evening. Attendees left feeling empowered, inspired, and eager to apply the knowledge and connections gained to their own careers. 

    Connect with the local WomenTech New York community on LinkedIn and stay tuned for future events that continue to celebrate and empower women in technology. Discover job opportunities at TheGuarantors here.