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Old infrastructure makes markets difficult and expensive to access. We're fixing that.
We started with prime brokerage, an industry that has struggled to see any real innovation in decades. Our tech-first platform has redefined what it means to work with a prime broker - access, speed, and service for our clients.
We want to continue that change across all capital markets, for every type of investor - institutions, active traders, market-makers, and fintech apps. Our platform is built directly on the ground floor of capital markets. We’re integrated with central clearing houses and exchanges. We’ve agonized about our data model abstractions, created horizontal scalability, and crafted thoughtful APIs. All so we can create better product experiences.

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It’s all about the people

At Clear Street, our top priority is our people. We’re continuously investing in a culture that promotes collaboration. We help each other through challenges, and celebrate each other's successes.

Our workplace philosophy

Modern workplaces succeed by virtue of having high-performance workforces that are diverse — in ideas, in cultures, and in experiences. At Clear Street, we put in the effort to make such a workplace a daily reality.

A great place to work

We offer competitive compensation packages, 401k matching, and full medical, dental and vision insurance. Enjoy generous vacation time and opportunities for professional development. In-office benefits include lunch stipends, fully stocked kitchens, happy hours, and amazing office views.

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