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At Convert, We Strive to Be Reliable, Transparent and Human.

We're a niche optimization software market leader, that focuses on providing a tool that’s Privacy focused to customers that align with our values. We’re also 100% carbon neutral

What makes your company unique?

1. Remote Team.

We’re a 100% pre-pandemic remote team. This means we KNOW how to excel at working remotely. We work with trust, transparency and communication -- not micromanagement, zoom meetings and screen tracking.

2. No Hierarchy.

We’re powered by Holacracy not a “top down” management structure. This means that your role(s) is/are defined around the work you do. They don’t give you status and they provide clarity into who does what. This translates into autonomy and transparency.

3. Be Yourself.

We’re in 19 countries (and growing). With that kind of diversity we don’t shy away from discussing issues like structural racism, gender equality, environmental issues and whatever’s on your mind. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

4. Relaxed.

Yet excited and ambitious. We take the work seriously, but not ourselves. Join Coffee &Tea Time to chat. Have a buddy call. Interact in casual slack channels. Building connections IS foundational to better remote work, and you’re paid to do just that!

5. Perks for everyone.

No matter if you’re part-time or full time. Everyone brings value! You’ll have access to premium courses and tools, a monthly productivity allowance, up to 14 days of paid leave, health and wellbeing stipend after 6 - 12 months, unlimited unpaid vacation (without the guilt trip) To name a few!


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