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Global Savings Group is a shopping rewards company empowering millions of people to make better purchase decisions.

What makes your company unique?

GSG is Europe’s largest shopping rewards company with an international footprint in more than 20 markets. The company’s goal is to empower consumers to get more out of life by providing them access to best savings, cashback, deals, product inspiration, reviews and more digital services. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Munich, GSG employs more than 700 employees in 12 offices across the globe. The diverse and international team is following GSG’s vision of making the digital shopping experience as satisfying and fair as possible for people, brands, retailers and publishers. 


Culture at Global Savings Group

At Global Savings Group, we want to ensure that all employees can thrive in an inclusive environment. Our company is open to every gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, ability, place of origin, or socioeconomic status. We remain committed to a culture of diversity, equity and belonging, where all employees are welcomed, respected, connected, and engaged.

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Global Savings Group

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