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Our mission: Give Power to the Patient! Zocdoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience for millions of patients every month. With Zocdoc, you can see doctors’ open appointment times and book instantly online – no more phone calls, and no more month-long waits.


Culture at Zocdoc

Zocdoc's culture can be described in 3 words: caring, collaborative and ambitious! We have 6 core values which we live by:

  1. Patients First
  2. Together, Not Alone
  3. Important, Not Immediate
  4. Progress Before Perfection
  5. Adaptable, Not Comfortable
  6. Learners Before Masters

These values encompass how we do work, and how we interact with eachother on a daily basis. We not only care about our patients, and the solutions we build to give them power over their healthcare experience, but we also care about eachother and that into our other core values! We lend a helping hand to each other, we help eachother make progress, we are curious and we try new innovative ways of doing things with eachother! It makes for an environment where you are encouraged to innovate, along with a group of other diverse, innovative people!

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Women in Tech Conference 2022 Virtual & Global

Virtual Global Conference

Jun 7th 2022 / Virtual & Hybrid Locations

Women in Tech New York (NYC) 2022

In-Person Networking Event

Jun 30th 2022 / New York

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