Career Advancement in Tech - Balancing Vertical and Horizontal Expertise | Monthly 1:1 Networking Event

Hosted by WomenTech Network


December 06, 2023




Virtual Event

For this month's networking event we have invited Eva Cruz, Decision Analytics & Predictive Modelling Leader, who will be speaking on the topic of “Career Advancement in Tech - Balancing Vertical and Horizontal Expertise”. Drawing from her experience as a mentor, Eva will share personal stories and examples on how to navigate the tech landscape.

Eva will kick off the event with a short 20 minute keynote including Q&A before the 1:1 networking begins. WomenTech Network is hosting every month premium 1:1 networking events to get to know each other. Our goal is to create an environment where each attendee can connect with like-minded individuals and grow their professional network. We invite people from various backgrounds, industries, and experiences to join us for a fun evening of networking. Our networking events are designed to foster meaningful conversations, encourage knowledge sharing, and build connections that will last even after the event ends.

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Keynote by Eva Cruz


Eva Cruz

CEO, Principal Consultant at QuantDI

Eva is a seasoned leader in advanced analytics and data science, with a strong track record in Fortune 500 companies, excelling in predictive model development, team management, risk governance, and business communication, while also contributing to the startup ecosystem and actively participating in nonprofit initiatives.