In the ​​Merchant Experience area, we deal with all the processes which relate to our Sellers. From acquiring new customers through the process of registration, verification and account configuration, listing and editing offers and products, order management, providing sales statistics, handling settlements and price lists, and ending with API integrations. Every day we face challenges related to the enormous scale of traffic, data volume, and scaling of solutions to meet customers and business needs.

Why is it worth working with us?

  • We create a front-end based on our own style guide - we care about the consistency and quality of our websites.
  • We are not afraid of new technologies - we are happy to use pure JS, but also we use React, Angular, Vue, and we serve everything using Node.js. 
  • We create large-scale micro frontends (400+ components), microservices (900+), and we work on big scale (60k + rps on business data bus)
  • We use the latest versions of Java (from 8 upwards), Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Go, Python, Spring, Reactive Programming, Spark, Hadoop, Mesos, TensorFlow
  • In our company, Big Data is not just a buzzword. We have a few petabytes of data, and Machine Learning is used for production purposes
  • We use Code Review, Continuous Integration, Scrum / Kanban, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming depending on the team
  • We have an internal ecosystem based on self-services and widely used tools such as Marathon, Docker, Consul, Bitbucket or Bamboo. Thanks to this, in the first days of work you will be able to create software in the language, architecture and scale that will be limited only by your imagination
  • You will have technological autonomy: you choose the technology that suits the problem. Then you are responsible for it
  • We have an environment combining our two private Data Centers (10,000 servers) and a Public Cloud (Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure)

We are looking for people who:

  • Expect work that has a deeper meaning and want to enjoy its results and want to be proud of the code they create. 
  • Eagerly accept comments and share their knowledge during Code Review.
  • Can look for effective solutions to meet the needs of users
  • Use data to support their decisions.
  • Are constantly developing and updating their knowledge and are familiar with the world of the web frontend
  • Have experience in working with React or Vue.js frameworks as well as TypeScript and JavaScript languages
  • Are looking for new frontend solutions that make the code high quality and well testable
  • Understand performance issues and techniques, their use and implications for the end user

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Allegro is the most popular shopping platform in Poland and one of the largest e-commerce websites in Europe. We operate a marketplace model which means that customers can buy whatever they need from...

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