Stop wasting your life

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Recognize Your Passions, Stop Wasting Your Life

It's never too late to shift from idling to thriving. Take it from Sala Mohammad A Wazed, a paramount divisional speaker and chemistry professor. Using scripts from eras forgotten to the significance of invigorating your life towards your passions, he speaks about taking action and manifesting your desires. Here we delve into his profound insights on how to stop wasting life and start living passionately.

Egypt's Golden Parade – The Inspiration Begins

Do you remember the Golden Egyptian Parade that was trending a couple of weeks ago? It was a grand historic event where the remains of ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens were paraded from the Egyptian Museum from Tahrir to Fustat. It was an occasion that captivated global attention. Why bring this up in a conversation about stop wasting life? Read on.

Ever wondered why we still remember these Kings and Queens from thousands of years ago? It's simple. They didn't waste their lives. They discovered their passions, implemented their ideas, and left behind a rich heritage. Today their legacy lives on. They created great Egyptian monuments, built pyramids, and made significant inventions. Their histories are a testimony that it’s not enough to merely live, but to live passionately and effectively.

Turn The Tables – Stop Wasting Your Life

Reevaluate your life choices. Are you in a job or a relationship that you despise? Are you spending too much time immersing in social media or video games without having a perfect idea of what to do with your life? Sala asserts that it is time to stop wasting your life and time to start creating your passion. Recognize your ambitions, set pragmatic goals, and work tirelessly towards achieving them.

The Power of Passion

It all starts with recognizing your passion. Are you a tech enthusiast, an aspiring chef, a lover of literature, or a potential influencer? Having one or more passion is normal, but to truly know them, you need to jot them down and understand which ones truly make you tick. This is an essential step towards achieving genuine fulfillment in life.

You can even use social media to your advantage by focusing on the content that aligns with your passion. For example, if you’re constantly looking for updates in technology, perhaps your passion could be rooted in the tech field. You need to brainstorm, outline what you enjoy, and think about how these loves can be transformed into your passion. Always remember, never fear failure. Even if you stumble one or two or even a hundred times, recall the resilience of Thomas Edison or Michael Jordan. Use your failures as stepping-stones to success.

Succeeding In Your Passion: A Guide

  1. Shift your perspective: Eradicate negative thinking and concentrate on your path. Enhance your skills, embrace the learning curve, and root for your success.
  2. Refrain from making excuses: You know your passion and the road to reach it. Don’t create self-imposed obstacles that deter you from your path.
  3. Create a vision: Keep motivating yourself. Check your progress frequently. Achieving your informative goals is a sign of progression.
  4. Plan realistically: Stop comparing your journey with others. Set realistic goals and work on achieving them.
  5. Manage your time effectively: Time management aids in guaranteeing success. Remember, the most valuable asset you have is time. Use it wisely.
  6. Choose your company wisely: The company you keep influences your productivity. Ensure that your peers encourage and support your growth.
  7. Plan for your future: Consider your passion and come up with a plan for the future. Make sure your plan aligns with your passion and helps you to create a positive impact.

In Conclusion

Sala Muhammad A Wazed's session conveys the essentiality of recognizing one's passion and dedicating one's life to it. Any moment is a good moment to reassess life choices and rekindle the flames of your passion. It's time to cease wasting and commence an enlivened, passionate life.

As you navigate the complexities of life, remember to remain focused and committed to your chosen path. Finally, in the evocative words of Sala himself, "Have faith in yourself every day. Improve yourself every day. I don't care about what anyone says." Confront your challenges head-on and arm yourself with resilience and determination.

It's about time – to stop wasting your life and to start cultivating your passion.

Any questions or areas left unaddressed? We’d be happy to help and assist. Here’s hoping you embrace your passions, live meaningfully, and turn dreams into realities.

Video Transcription

Hi, everyone. I hope you're having a nice day today. Um My session, uh my name is called Salo Mohammad. A Wazed. Um I'm a divisional speaker and I'm a chemistry professor today. Our session is gonna be about stop wasting your life.Um First of all, I'm gonna start a video, I'm gonna play a video and this video was trending in Egypt and it was like from a couple of weeks ago. Did anyone hear about it? This was the uh Golden Egyptian, the Faro of Golden uh Egyptian. If you heard about it, the Golden Parade, it was like transferring the Kings and Queens from the Egyptian Museum from Tahrir to Fat. And the point here, why did I get or start with this video? Does anyone have a point? Why I'm talking about this? The kings and queens that are previous, that already have died from a thousands of years ago? Like does anyone have a point why I, I'm sharing this uh this video with you today. OK. The fuse the Golden, the Golden Parade. Although these men, this king and queen died from 1000 years ago, all the people still watch them and they still um know what they did because they made a really great Egyptian uh civilization and they uh create like they built them in a pyramid. They built, they made a lot of monuments, invented a lot of things. And why is this related to my session today? About stop wasting your life? Because these people didn't waste their life.

They knew where were their passion and they start working on it and they worked on it till they are memorized till today. And this is why I started with it because although these people had died from 1000 years ago, they're still known till today. Remembered. So I want you to be remembered too. So I want you to stop wasting your life. Does anyone have a question about this before I start my session? Ok. I hope it's clear. Ok, so this, this happened from a couple of weeks ago and it was really amazing because as you see everything in the Egyptian traditional and although they died, we still remember them. So my session today is stop wasting your life. And by asking you telling you, stop wasting your, your life, how do I do this? I need to tell myself uh if I've been through a job that I don't like, like, why do I wake up every day doing the same job? I hate um seeing the relationship I've been through. Um I'm like, um having a lot of problems and struggling and I still continue in this um in this relationship. Why am I doing this? I need, I'm wasting my life, let's say, like social media. Although most of us like, um I know most of you don't have a job because of uh COVID or you because you're still a student or stuff like that and you just wake up having no idea about how to start your day or whatever.

You just open your phone on the social media or maybe play video games and wasting your whole time. I'm telling you, you have to stop this. You have to stop wasting your life. You have to start to put like a passion for yourself. Putting a goal. Don't say I failed before. I don't know what to do. I am like I always think about it but I don't find any passion for myself. No, if you put like if you stop and think about it and say, what do I want in my life? Don't say I live life once. No. The only thing that you live once that happens once in your life is that this is the only thing that happens once. But what happened? You every day have a chance in your life. You have a new life. You wake up, this is another life, this is another chance. So you have so you have to start to stop wasting your life in things that are affecting you badly. This, this which is bad influence on you. You have to start doing something that you like and stop being in a relationship that you don't like or it's bad influence on you or makes you feel bad about yourself? So you have to start knowing what to do and stop and tell yourself. I have to stop wasting my life. OK. Um Does anyone have a question in this uh slide before I, any question in this self? How to stop or anything? OK. No questions. OK.

Second thing I have to think about my passion is like um I have to think if there's something I love like OK, there's a lot of things I love maybe I, but they're not related. I have to know like I say, for example, speaker and I'm a chemistry professor. Oh OK. So I love chemistry and I love motivating, I love drawing. But I see where is my passion? Like my passion is like being a motivational speaker. OK? This is my number one. Number two is being chemistry professor. This is number two. So I maybe have one passion or more, but I'm never gonna know them till I write them down. So I have to see what I already love doing like uh every day I wake up, let's say um but I don't consider the video games as a passion because I know there is a lot of you who like spending a lot of hours on uh on them like the Xbox playing games and stuff like that and say this is my passion.

I know there is a lot of uh yeah, that did like I created a youtube channel and they gained a lot of views and subscribers, but I don't consider this as a real job. Actually, I like see your passion is something real that makes you happy. OK. This may make you happy, but I want something to build your personality and build yourself. So you have to see what you love doing and you start doing it for real. Something that helps the uh the society. Like I know that games. Uh yeah, you are, you became famous. You have a lot of subscribers, you're doing stuff and stuff, but you don't help the community. You're making them sit more on the computers and make them uh your eyes side goes uh weaker stuff like this. So I need to find something that makes the people more creative, not fighting and stuff like that. And so I'm against the games which has violence like BBg and whatever. And I have to spend hours uh see what I like. I already spend hours reading something like if I say every day on social media, I open social media, I have a target. I know that you, every one of you have something special that likes watching, like say for example, I uh open when I open my phone, the first thing I search on social media is seeing um any uh any update in in tech technology.

Uh maybe someone else has uh something related to um the new books updated. So I know according to this, my passion, what makes me every day look at this stuff instead of I already love this stuff. What if we say if I don't know, what is my passion. So I start making brainstorming and I start writing down all the things. It doesn't matter if it's like written in a good handwriting or not, I just start writing everything. Uh I know I love it and I start to write them randomly till I know how to put the dots on the letters and know where is my passion? And I have to ask around also to see uh is this good, is this gonna help me in the future and so on? Because not everything you love has a good impact or is gonna be, have a good future. So this is really important to do and of course, never stop or never quit trying or never fear failure. Because although if you felt like we say you failed one or two or say 100 times, Thomas Edison failed 99 times before he invented the lamp. Uh uh Michael Jordan, he failed to get in the hoop 7000 times. So failure is not uh a key that tells you you failed. No, it's like something that helps you to um to get over these steps already. You already know that you fell in this.

So this is wrong. So you don't go in the steps again, you, you pass them, skip them and say, yeah, I made the uh the road closer for me now. So I am not gonna go through these uh mistakes again. Number three, which I'm gonna talk about change the perspective about yourself and the world. OK. So what do I mean, like you have to stop being negative, you have to stop being um like, you know, sometimes you put in yourself and say I can't do this. I um I think if I did this, uh the world would think I'm a loser. I would think I am. I'm not good enough. I am. Why do you put in yourself things that already like how do you know that? Not because your friend failed in it? That means you're gonna feel everyone is a mirror of himself, of his self. Don't say um my friend is more successful than me and I'm a loser. No, everyone been through something and he learned something and he like, um you're not in the same path. You didn't go in the same path, you didn't learn the same thing. So everyone has different ways and you have to concentrate on your own path. If you look on the other side of your friends, you're gonna trip. So you have to look forward and see what you have to do like I need to improve my skills in something I improve. I know that I'm not gonna um get in this field and be successful till I know I improve these skills.

So I start working on this. I know if I like continue thinking negatively about uh my future about everything. I wake up every day. I'm saying I'm a loser. I don't want to live anymore. I know that my friends are more successful. I have to start, I'm not gonna continue. Uh like saying nagging and saying, oh, I can't and I can't start and it doesn't matter if you failed one or two or 100. The most important thing is you're making, you're making succeed, you're successful in something that you are. You felt this, I'm gonna learn from it and then I'm gonna be skip it next time. So I don't fail in it again. So you have to uh work on yourself and stop and you have to change everything you think about. Number four is um, stop coming up with excuses. Um Because you know, you are a victim of your own mindset. You always say I can't, I don't know how to start. I um if I did, uh everyone's gonna laugh, I'm gonna, I'm a big failure. I already did this before. Like if I'm gonna talk about it, Michael Jordan who did the 7000? If you were his friend, you're gonna say, oh boy, you just, you try 1000 times, why would you try even you're a loser, but now he's a famous basketball and a lot of other people. So look at this as an example.

So you don't stop making, coming up with excuses, you already know your passion, you put the lines and you know that if you go through this, you're gonna be the best. So don't make, make excuses for yourself and make it tough on yourself. Number five, create with the vision within yourself. Uh How is that? OK. Stop hanging out with people that like kill you. You wake up in the morning, you look in the mirror di and let's say I'm gonna be what I want. I am strong. I am special. I don't care if I felt one or two or 100. I know that I improved a lot in my skills. I know that I am um strong no matter what happens, no matter how many, there is a lot of obstacles in front of you and a lot of things happen, it doesn't matter because in the end, you're gonna reach your goal a goal because you motivated yourself and you depend on yourself.

Don't rely on others to make you happy, make yourself happy and motivate yourself and don't ever compare yourself with others. OK? Because this is really important and also when you put goals for yourself, make it realistic. Don't put goals that are not related to the like um to the to the reality. Like um I put a goal for myself, like in the end of this year, I'm gonna be so famous, but I just started on myself this year. So I don't put like um high, high things expectation. Even if like I now most of you know, he uh he just came up suddenly he was like a poor guy. He got um uh he was fired from his company and he was so poor and then he made all the world laugh without talking, don't say oh yeah, he became successful in just or 23 months. I'm gonna be like him. No, these like things that come up like you don't know like this is not realistic. Sometimes it comes with someone that doesn't come with the other. So you're gonna feel frustrated if you can be yourself with others, just continue in your path and make it real. And you have to uh also uh manage your own time because if you don't manage your time and you just wake up every day having no. Um you have to look, this is very important, manage your time and make schedule for yourself.

And if you do that, you're gonna succeed, you're gonna have some progress and every day before you sleep, you have to put in your mind. Did I improve any skills in myself or not? And this is very important. Stop spending too much time with people who don't help you. Succeed. Why? Because these people, these kind of people always try to put you down, always tell you you can't do this friends that always tell you hang up with us. You don't need to study. You don't need to go to work, man. This job is so hard. Quit it. Don't look, don't um go to your job. Don't go to your work today. Don't, so all these kind of friends and most of you have this that don't help. You always put you down, never be with them. You could be friends with them only in your free time. But the people who always put you always put you down and don't help you succeed. I suggest not or you're supposed to not hang out with them a lot of time only if you're having fun, something like that. But don't put them in your personal life and your successful life and don't share your own personal um thoughts and goals. Don't tell them. Oh, I have my goal. I want to be the manager. So you're just an employee and you already hate your job. OK?

But if I have my passion, if I already, I know what I wanna do and I, I start working on myself and I don't hear others, I just motivate myself and I um I have faith in myself every day. I improve myself every day. I know what to do. I don't care about what anyone says like um if I'm talking about myself. Um, I, um, in the beginning I, I couldn't talk or give any sessions or anything. Uh, and in the beginning I was, like, speaking Arabic in the sessions too and I was like, um, I don't know what to do, how to talk. I was so embarrassed. I gave my back to the people, the audience when I was, like, in a conference or something. But after a while and a lot of people tell me Sanu stop. You're not gonna, you're not gonna go anywhere with uh your attitude and how you are. I said, but in the end, I just deleted these people from my life. I just continue my path. I said, I have faith in myself and I can do it. And this is the most important thing. The last point is plan for your future. Now, after you heard this session, I want each of you have a plan. I say I, you already didn't start, you didn't start the Corona made you get fired from your job and I'm jobless. I have nothing. I have no passion. I have nothing. I want you. Now with me to start uh planning for your future.

Tell me now, um what do you think? And what do you have in your mind that wants uh like uh we can share it together and help each other. Now you want to be um you want, have you have passion, you wanna have passion what you wanna, what you want. I like drawing. I like uh I like tech technology, but I'm in law school. There's a lot of people in law school and they still uh they teach technology. It doesn't matter which college you are in. So I want you now put your plans for the future plan for the future. Don't say COVID made me. Um I'm not able to put my uh there's no job, there's nothing, no. If I said for example, Google, Google career, Google um put jobs for the people take in not job certificates, you're gonna study for six months. It's called Google career. If anyone has an idea about it, uh you gonna stay for six months and after that, you're gonna take a job, work remotely in Google. So why don't I start in something like that and has a lot of fields in technology, even if you don't have any idea about uh the technology before. And this is gonna be a great, a great certificate.

Uh Say you are, you start doing something and you stopped in it for a while. You have to go back. See where is your passion and start on it again and never fear failure. Whatever happens in your life and stop wasting your life in things that don't help you succeed. Uh I hope the session was helpful and if anyone have any questions, I would be happy to read. No, no questions at all. OK. How, um, you're welcome. I hope it's um, helpful because this, like, made me, um, the problem in the beginning made me, uh, a little bit confused. Ok. Um, you're welcome. Ok. It's called, um, Teresa. It's called If you Search on Google, it's called Google Career. Um, just search on Google site. Say it's gonna be called Google Career Certificates. Yeah, Google Career Certificates. You're gonna find, uh, it, you're gonna find Android development. you're gonna find Uiux design. You're gonna find a lot of fields and you're gonna start on it for six months and you then, and you're gonna take a certificate and work remotely for Google. And this is a really great opportunity. I hope so. I hope that. Yeah, I hope that the session made anything for you today because I feel like it was so fast and I, the problem, I didn't know how to fix it in the beginning anyway. Have passion yourself.

Everyone I want to, to feel so special no matter how time, how many times you felt before it doesn't matter. And I hope you all have a nice day and thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.